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How To Upgrade Safe House Payday 2?

How to Upgrade Safe House in Payday 2

How To Upgrade Safe House Payday 2? Payday 2 is a popular heist-planning video game that allows players to customize their safehouses with a variety of upgrades. The safehouse in Payday 2 is your base of operations where you can plan your heists and prepare for the next one. The game has been out for almost a decade and has a huge fan following. It can be played with up to four players and features four main characters: Hoxton, Dallas, Wolf, and Chains.

Trophies in Aldstone’s Quarters

How To Upgrade Safe House Payday 2?

Trophies are challenges that are added alongside each new safehouse, and are similar to achievements. To unlock a Trophy, you must achieve a specific feat. Some Trophies are copied from the achievement list, while others are completely new. Once completed, Trophies award 6 coins that can be used to purchase upgrades for your safehouse or static decorations. Trophies are one-time-use items, so they are not recommended to be collected repeatedly.

The trophies are named after different people, and there are many different types. There are Chinese characters, like Ji noShang ni, and American names such as Jimmyha. Some of them are based on real people, while others are based on characters from anime.

Using Continental coins to upgrade safe house

If you’re looking to upgrade your safe house in Payday 2, you’re in luck! You can use your new in-game currency, Continental Coins, to make this happen. For every 50,000 XP points, you earn one Continental Coin. There are also recurring ways to get coins, such as Safe House Raids. By defending other people’s safe houses, you can earn six continental coins every week. You can also let your crew do the raid for you.

In Payday 2, you can upgrade the safe house in two different ways: by performing Safe House Raids or by spending money on weapon mods on the blackmarket. You can also buy new weapons by using Continental Coins. While these methods may not be the most convenient, they can make it easier for you to unlock more powerful weapons.

If you want to upgrade all the rooms in your safe house, you should collect 828 Continental Coins. You can also use these coins to unlock trophies in Payday 2. The best way to collect Continental Coins is to perform Safe House Raids and Daily Safe House Side Jobs. You can also perform a Crime Spree, which gives you 135 CCs.

How to Upgrade the Safehouse at Payday 2

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Upgrade the SafehouseIn Payday 2By using Continental Coins or CC. Continental Coins, or CC, are a Form of in-game currency resourceThis can be done through many methods. These steps will allow you to obtain a lot more CC for your Safe House in Payment 2.

  • For every 500K XPYou will receive 1 CCOther than Crime Spree
  • By Safe House RaidsYou will receive 6 CCs.
  • By Daily Safe House Side JobsYou will receive 6 CCs.
  • Claim RewardsYou can progress through the Crime Spree.
  • Complete Achievement Milestones.
  • Progressing & completing the Storyline missions. The total will be 135 CCs.
  • Unlock Trophies & get 6 CC per (This is applicable for the ones that do reward the player with Continental Coins).

After you have earned the necessary amount of Continental Coins you can upgrade your Safehouse. A total of 828 Continental CoinsTo completely Maximize your Safe House. Payday 2 is a learning experience. The more you learn, the more content and faster you’ll progress.

Benefits of upgrading safe house

Upgrading safe house is an important step in Payday 2 to get the best rewards from the game. Upgrading will not only give you more resources, but it will also increase the level of the safe house. Upgrading will also unlock more special features, such as daily missions, which reward you with trophies and rewards. Upgrading the safe house also allows you to invite friends to play with you, which is a great feature that will give you more options.

To upgrade your safehouse, you’ll need 828 Continental Coins. You’ll need these to upgrade every section of the safe house. Each room will give you different rewards. Upgrading your safe house will help you advance in Payday 2. You’ll get more content by upgrading your safehouse, and you’ll need 828 Continental Coins to complete this task.

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