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How To Upgrade Spells Elden Ring 2023? Easy Method

How to Upgrade Spells Elden Ring

How To Upgrade Spells Elden Ring? Using your Elden ring to cast spells is a great way to improve your overall power. Using a casting tool comparison calculator is a great way to make sure you’re using the right catalyst. You’ll be able to determine which catalyst is best for your class and level.

Comet Azur

One of the most powerful spells in Elden Ring is Comet Azur, which fires a gigantic comet projectile that deals massive magic damage from a great distance. This spell requires 60 Intelligence and takes 40 FP to use. As it is found in the Elden Ring, you can use Hidden Cerulean Tear to cancel the FP cost of the spell, which can be a useful option if you want to save some FP.

To use Comet Azur, you must first find the Site of Grace, which is just beyond the demi-human mini-boss. Once you get there, you’ll notice a statue made of green crystals. Talk to the statue to obtain the Comet Azur spell.

You can also equip a unique outfit, the Snow Witch Skirt, to enhance your defensive abilities. This outfit focuses on protecting you from elemental damage, and it can increase your personal defense and protection.

Rock Sling

How to Upgrade Spells Elden Ring

The Rock Sling is a glintstone sorcery used to launch rocks from the earth. This spell is powerful and can last for a long time. You can find the Rock Sling near the Street of Sages Ruins, which is south of the Sellia Crystal Tunnel and northwest of Redmane Castle.

In order to cast the Rock Sling spell, you need to be in Caelid. The Swamp of Aeonia is a dangerous area plagued by Scarlet Rot. You can choose to use Torrent to get the ring, or you can go underground to find the Rock Sling spell.

Rock Sling is an excellent spell to use against enemies who dodge spells. It deals decent damage and is a good choice for a mage. It also has a decent range, and its damage is high enough to cause staggers. It is easy to get and doesn’t require high intelligence stats. But it does take some time to cast, so a co-op friend is recommended.

Swarm of Flies

Swarm of Flies is one of the Incantation spells available in Elden Ring. It releases a large swarm of bloodflies and inflicts a significant amount of Blood Loss on your enemies. The spell requires 14 Faith Points and 24 Stamina to cast. Swarm of Flies is also available for PlayStation 4 and 5 consoles.

To cast this spell, the player needs to be in the Elden Ring, near the Mohgwyn Dynasty Mausoleum. This location is inside a short cave and is guarded by two red Albinaurics. Once inside, the player should approach the corpse of an Albinauric and cast Swarm of Flies.

In addition to Swarm of Flies, Elden Ring spells can also be cast with a seal, allowing for better spell effects. These spells are different than standard Sorceries, and some scale with certain stats. For example, Clawmark Seal scales with Strength, while Dragon Communion Seal scales with Arcane. This makes them more versatile and flexible, but can be difficult to track. You may need to respec your character to try out all of them.

How to make Elden Ring Incantation Spells stronger

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  • You can make your incantations more powerful by upgrading the Sacred Seal you already have.
  • Other Sacred Seals can be used for additional boosts or buffs.
  • You can use, for example, the Dragon Communion SealIt will. All Dragon Communion Incantations Boosted by 15%.

These are the points that were mentioned below All types of Sacred Seals, and all groups of IncantationsThey boost:

  • Golden Order Seal: This Seal can boost the effectiveness of your organization. Golden Order incantations10%
  • Gravel Stone Seal: This Seal can be equipped to improve the functionality of your computer. Incantations of the Dragon Cult15%
  • Giant’s SealThis seal is a great way to boost your credibility. Incantations for Fire Monk and Fire GiantTake 15% off
  • Godslayer’s Seal: Incantations for GodslayerThis Seal can provide a 10% boost.
  • Clawmark Seal: This seal may give an extra boost to your Bestial incanations10%
  • Frenzied Flame Seal: This seal can boost the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. Frenzied Flame incantations20%

These Sacred Seals can also be used to strengthen magic spells.

How to make magic spells stronger in Elden Ring

Below are some items that can be used to enhance your magic spells.

Primal Glintstone Blade

  • It is a talisman which reduces the cost for Focus points (FP), used in sorceries or incantations.
  • Primal Glintstone Blade reduces FP costs by 25% and increases health.
  • Magic will seal the entrance, so summon the Jellyfish spirit ashesTo unlock the barrier

Terra Magicus

  • This is a form of sorcery which creates a zone that increases magic damage.
  • It is one of Glinstone’s sorceries, which boosts the magic strength for those who remain in that zone.
  • This sorcery can be used during multiplayer to grant buffs to your friends.
  • Terra Magicus can be found at Academy Cyrstal CaveLocated to the west Raya Lucaria Academy.

Magic Shrouding Cracked tear

  • It is a type of Crystal Tear that can be mixed with the Flask of Wondrous Physick.
  • This will increase your magical spells and attacks by 20 percent when you use it.
  • Once you have it, take it to a Site of Grace.

Azur’s Glintstone Crown

  • This is a type of Helm that increases the magic damage of all the Azur’s spells.
  • It is an additional 15% to the cost of all magic spells.
  • After you’ve completed the questline, go to the Primeval Sorcerer Azur to see his body.


  • It’s a type Talisman which increases magic damage up to 8%
  • To increase its damage, you can stack it with Grave-school Talisman.

Rennala’s Fullmoon

There are two upgrade spells in the Elden ring: Remembrance of the Full Moon and Rennala’s Fullmo Moon. Each spell requires 70 Intelligence to cast, and both require two Memory slots. Therefore, you will need to carefully plan your stats when using them. Nevertheless, these spells are well worth learning, and they are quite useful in PvE. Moreover, they are also useful in PvP because they can be used as an opening attack.

Rennala’s Fullmoone spells increase your spells’ power and can be obtained in a variety of ways. The full moon spell can be acquired by equipping the Carian Regal Scepter, which increases your spells’ power. This upgrade spell also increases your Intelligence attribute.

The Fullmoon spell is the most powerful upgrade spell in the Elden ring. This spell can be used to upgrade a variety of items, including your weapons. Moreover, it can be used to keep yourself alive for longer periods of time. In addition, defeating Queen Rennala will give you 40,000 Runes, the Remembrance of the Full Moon Queen, and the Great Rune of the Unborn. Both of these items can be used to change the look of your character, reset your stats, and more.

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