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Elden Ring – How To Use Bloodflame Blade? Helpful 2022 Guide

How To Use Bloodflame Blade in Elden Ring

How To Use Bloodflame Blade? It is one of the most powerful weapons, but you need to know how to use it properly. It only takes a second to apply and emits a flash of red fire. To make the most of your Bloodflame Blade, use it before you approach enemies.

Incantation scaling

One of the most important things to remember when playing Elden Ring is the scaling of Incantations. The more Faith you have, the higher your Incantation will scale. Faith is a vital investment in Elden Ring and is used to maximize the Healing bonuses. In addition, you can use your Elden Ring as a tool to get stat boosts in support and defense.

One of the best ways to maximize your Incantation scaling is to equip a Bloodflame Blade. Not all enemies in Elden Ring bleed, so it’s important to get a weapon that can deal blood damage. Another useful item to use is a godslayer’s seal. The godslayer’s seal can help your character survive early game. You can also equip a Green Turtle talisman, which has a higher stamina regen rate than the normal one.

Weapon properties

How To Use Bloodflame Blade?

The Bloodflame Blade is a powerful weapon in Elden Ring, but it can have its drawbacks. The weapon is quite expensive, and the skill to use it requires 10 Stamina. However, there are ways to make this blade more powerful. You can cast Incantations on your weapon to increase its damage. You can also buy a Finger Seal, which costs 800 Runes.

This weapon’s properties can help you beat bosses. It can also be used to cast spells. The spells are also available in Elden Ring. This spell can be used as a weapon, and it can also be used to cast magic spells.


One of the most effective builds for Elden Ring is the Bloodflame Blade. This build features a metallic mech that can fire endless missiles at enemies. These powerful weapons can cause massive havoc on enemy players. However, it’s important to know which build is right for you.

This build is based on Arcane and Dex. It uses one of the best weapons in Elden Ring. It also requires a Sacred Seal which allows the character to cast Incantations. Another great advantage of this build is its dual wield ability. It allows you to use the weapon as well as the seal simultaneously.

The Bloodflame Blade is one of the most powerful weapons available in the game, but it requires a lot of faith and intelligence to be effective. This type of build is good for people who are looking for a high level of protection. This weapon can withstand significant damage and has decent dexterity. This weapon is also excellent at keeping enemies at a distance.


If you are looking to improve your damage in Elden Ring, you should learn how to use the Bloodflame Blade Incantation. This spell will enchant your right hand weapon with fire damage and bloodflame. This ability is useful against big bosses. In addition to using this spell, you can also use it to enchant your character’s weapon.

When used properly, Bloodflame Blade will grant the Hemorrhage status to any weapon you wield. However, this ability is only effective when used on a weapon that buffs its stats. For example, this weapon is great at dealing with Hand and Giant Hand enemies, as the Hemorrhage effect causes them to explode, dealing a great deal of damage.

The place to Get the Bloodflame Blade?

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  • You may encounter a number of Albinauric enemies over there.
  • As you attain there, head a bit west in the direction of the Lake.
  • Lock onto a Teardrop scarab and destroy it to get Bloodflame Blade.
  • However as not all of the Teardrop scarabs drop Bloodflame blade spell, make certain to strike most of them till you get the spell.

How one can Use Bloodflame Blade in Elden Ring?

  • Go to Enia, the finger reader, to purchase a Finger Seal.
  • Then, head to a Website of grace closest to you.
  • Choose Memorize spell choice to equip the incantation spell.
  • You may depart the location of Grace to take a look at this incantation.
  • Ensure that to equip a Finger seal when utilizing a Bloodflame spell.

Builds for Bloodflame Blade

Bloodflame Blade builds can be quite versatile. They can focus on Arcane or Dexterity. These builds make great use of the most powerful weapons of Elden Ring. In addition, they’re ideal for dual-wielding, as they can cast Incantations as well.

These builds are best used with a right-hand weapon that bleeds. These builds will help you keep your bleed status up, which is an excellent benefit if you are playing a faith-focused build. You can also use this build to buff your off-hand weapons, such as a Katana or a Sabre.

The first thing you need to do is choose what weapon you want to equip. This will determine your other choices, such as armor sets. In addition, you have to decide if you’d like to concentrate on PvP or bosses.

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