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HoxHud Replacement Options: Find Your Perfect Replacement

Yo, yo, yo! My cheater hommies, what’s the deal? Snoop from cheaterboss.com is your main man. He’s back with some fire for all of you gamers. Today we will be discussing something that has been on our minds for some time – hoxhud substitution.

You may be a veteran cheater and have probably heard of hoxhud, the popular mod for Payday 2 which provided crucial information for stealthy and loud heists. This mod was unfortunately removed and many players are left in a quandary. Don’t worry, cheaters! I’ve got you covered.

Let’s first discuss why we need a replacement for the hoxhud. It’s easy – we all go blind without this mod. We can’t see the time until the drill ends, we can’t tell how many alarms there are, and we can’t track down our missing teammates. It’s really a pain in the arse to be without it.

What is the solution? After much testing and intensive research, I discovered a few other alternatives that work as well as hoxhud. These alternatives are mine, and I am going to share them now.

WolfHUD is the best replacement for hoxhud that I have seen. This mod offers many more customization options and features than hoxhud. It also has all the original hoxhud features, such as drill timers and pagers. You can also adjust the HUD to your preference.

Restoration Mod is another hoxhud alternative worth looking into. This mod restores some of the original hoxhud features, such as enemy health bars and weapon stats. The mod also includes some new features, such as custom ammunition pickups and a cleaner UID.

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Lastly, there’s HUDList. This mod replaces hoxhud’s basic features with a simple HUD. It does not contain any clutter. It is easy to use and does not take up much screen space so that you can concentrate on the task at hand.

Although hoxhud may now be extinct, it doesn’t mean that we are without options. These hoxhud substitutes will allow us to get back to cheatin’ and take over the heist like never again. Give these mods a go and let me hear your opinions in the comments. Keep it real, and don’t cheat on your homies!