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Pet Simulator X – Merch Huge Cat Codes (September 20,22)

Check out this huge cat code for Roblox! You can use it to get a huge cat in the game. Just enter the code and you’ll be able to spawn a huge cat whenever you want. It’s a great way to get an edge on the competition.

Many users have been wondering how to get the Huge Cat in Pet Simulator X Merch Codes. We will be looking at these codes, the new pet, and other details such as pet stats. So without any further ado let’s jump right into it.

What are the Merch Codes For Pet Simulator X

The Pet Simulator X Merch Codes (or merchant codes) are unique codes for anyone who has bought real-life pets “Cat Plush”Starting at Big Games Online Store. Every Cat Plush came with one unique code on it’s tag, that can only be redeemed by a single player. You will get an exclusive Huge Cat and Rainbow Hoverboard by redeeming the Merch Codes.

image 1 huge cat code

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How to get a huge cat in Pet Simulator X

The only way to get the Huge Cat in Pet Simulator X is by using the Merch Code from Big Games’ “Cat Plush” toy. Once redeemed, Huge Cat will show up with the unique enchantment “Best Friend” like other Huge pets. It also has the “Strength V” enchantment. You can also get the exclusive Huge Festive Cat pet. You can purchase the merch from this website, not at pet.Egg of many giftsAnd the Amazing Christmas Egg. The Christmas World offers Egg of Many Gifts for 1.25M. Insane Christmas Egg is available in the “Exclusive Shop” for 1,200 Robux.

Huge Cat Enchantments

These are the enchantments available with Huge Cat Sim X

The Cat Plush was available for purchase on the following dates

  • 5 September 2021(49.95 USD) (only 5,000 plushes)
  • 22 September 2021For $49.95 (only 51 Mores), please call 11pm CST
  • 10th October 2021(1pm CST) $69.95 (only 1,500 plushes)

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