Ig_malc Gta V

Ig_malc Gta V – Malc in Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V’s Ig_malc Gta V character is a member the Uptown Riders motorcycle club. In the beta version, Malc was supposed give Johnny missions. Malc’s avatar in the game does not come with the helmet, but the jacket that Johnny can buy is. Malc’s contact went missing from Johnny’s telephonebook. Malc’s contact disappeared from Johnny’s phonebook at a later time. This update to GTA Online was the Import/Export.

Johnny and Malc met as Johnny was servicing Malc’s bicycle. Johnny thought DeSean was with a girl. Malc and Johnny set out to search for DeSean, but Malc got a call from Malc stating that he had been shot in a bicycle race. Johnny and Malc found out that DeSean had not been hit, but was actually shot with sawn-off pellets from a shotgun.

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