Ig_malc Gta V – Malc in Grand Theft Auto V

Ig_malc Gta V

In Grand Theft Auto V, the character known as Ig_malc Gta V is a member of the Uptown Riders motorcycle club. In the beta version of the game, Malc was supposed to give Johnny missions. The game’s version of Malc does not feature the helmet that the player can buy, but his jacket is modeled after one that Johnny can purchase. However, at a later time, Malc’s contact disappeared from Johnny’s phonebook, with no explanation. It was only later in the game that he reappeared in the Import/Export update for GTA Online.

Johnny and Malc met while Johnny was tuning up Malc’s bike. Johnny mistakenly thought that DeSean was spending time with a girl. Johnny and Malc went looking for him, but when they arrived, Malc got a call saying that he got shot during a bike race. Later, Johnny and Malc discovered that DeSean wasn’t actually hit, but had been shot by sawn-off shotgun pellets.

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