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Illusion Connect Codes 2022 September – Free Diamond

How to Redeem Illusion Connect Codes 2022

To get free game items in Illusion Connect, you’ll need to redeem a code in order to play the game. You can find this code on the redeem menu button on the game’s lobby screen. Look for the character avatar in the upper left corner of the screen. Then, go to the text box area on the redeem menu button and type in the code into the provided field. Make sure to enter the code separately, and include the # at the end.

Illusion Connect Redeem Codes

Illusion Connect is a gacha RPG game. It is published by Superprism Technology Co., Ltd. You can build your own radiants, meet other players, and even make friends. The game offers you the opportunity to win items and even more prizes by redeeming codes. Here’s how to redeem codes. You’ll need to know how to enter the codes correctly and keep track of when they’re released.

Illusion Connect is a popular RTS RPG mobile game that lets you develop your own team of Radiants and compete against other players in battles. The game features more than 50 characters. You can also build your own companions, which will make your game more fun and entertaining. There are no levels to pass – you can even train your companions to improve their abilities. In the end, you’ll earn experience points and use them to buy more items and level up.

Illusion Connect Redeem Codes 2022

Illusion Connect is a game where you use coins to hire radiants to renovate your states and gain advantages. You can also protect your states by hiring heroes. When you are not busy renovating, you can earn more coins by sending your opponents’ radiants to them. Illusion Connect developers have released codes and gift codes for Illusion Connect. These codes are the most convenient way to earn extra rewards and save your money.

To receive a new code, you must use the link below. You must enter the code exactly as it appears on the list. Otherwise, you will receive an error message. If you don’t get any reward, you can report it in the comments section. Codes are released on special occasions, such as big updates, holidays, promotions, and content creators. Make sure to check back regularly as we update our list on a regular basis.

Redeeming Illusion Connect Redeem Codes

Redeeming Illusion Connect Redeem codes is very easy. You can find them on the lobby screen in the upper left corner of your character’s avatar. Next, click on the ‘Redeem’ menu button and enter the code in the text field provided. Make sure to type the code separately, and you must include the # symbol. Once you have entered the code correctly, you will receive a reward.

There are many ways to redeem Illusion Connect Redeem Codes 2021 and 2022. Some codes are released on special occasions or social media sites. Check back often to find the most recent codes available. You can also check out this page periodically for new codes. Once you get a code, you can build a Radiant to use in battle. In the meantime, you can socialize and build your dream home for your Radiants to upgrade them.

image 122 illusion connect codes

Illusion Connect Codes 2022 List | September Redeem Codes

In recent years, strategy-based gacha games are gaining popularity. Genshin Impact bringing the genre to an entirely new general audience, they aren’t likely to go away anytime soon. Illusion Connect, a new addition to the genre, adds a romantic dimension to the mix. It allows you to build relationships with other members of your party and engage in strategic battles. Illusion Connect Game is based on the currency.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of Illusion Connect codes to help you keep your party up to date and in the best fighting shape, but also to help you get more summons and bring even more characters into battle.

Active Illusion Connect Codes 2022

Here’s the active redeem code for illusion Connect. These codes are not expiring because nobody knows when they will expire so you can redeem them quickly and receive free crystal, stamina or gold, diamonds, summon tickets and gift box.

Expired Illusion Connect Codes List – 2

  1. #ICJOSH
  5. #ICFG
  6. #ICMEME100
  7. #ICBD
  9. #ICFG3000
  10. #ICJAMES
  12. #ICSTORM
  13. #ICSPACE
  14. #icmuge
  15. #ICCY
  16. #ICCONG
  17. #DC20000
  20. #ICYDCB
  21. #mustplay
  22. #ICKUN
  24. #ICBorkono
  25. #ICKHOR
  26. #ICVK12
  27. #IC777
  28. #mander
  29. #ICAC

What is Illusion Connect Gift Codes, (Wiki).

Illusion Connect Codes

Gift code illusion connect is like a free bonus that the game’s developers provide to all illusion connect players. These codes offer free crystal, stamina and gold, summon tickets, gift boxes, and other rewards. This code can be used to unlock almost all features in the illusion connect gameworld. Be sure to check our all illusion connect coupon code so you don’t miss any new codes for illusion connect.

How To Simply Redeem Illusion Connect Promo Code?

You don’t know how to use codes for illusion Connect? So it’s easy, here is the process to how you can use the illusion connect code quickly:

  1. Open the illusion connect first.
  2. Tap on the avatar’s picture and look in the top left corner.
  3. Next, take a look at three boxes. This is the middle of the redeeming box.
  4. Now click on Redeem & enter your code to get the rewards.

Game Wiki – Description Of Illusion Connect Game

IllusionConnect is a real-time strategy game that lets you create your own partners (known as radiants) in the game. Local battles take places in a small arena that is divided into sections so that all units can meet.

Each team has a King, which can be either a magician or wizard. However, the most important aspect of this role is its function. If they don’t defend it, the king will eventually die and the defeat will be counted. You must place many waifu on your battlefield to avoid this fate.

Superprism Technology Co. Ltd/Chameleon Games published Illusion Connect as a Role Playing Game. Its android file size is 1.60GB, and its IOS size 2.00GB. This game can be downloaded from the Play Store and App Store. If you want to choose the best units in Illusion Connect game so check the Illusion Connect Tier List.

How To Get More Valid Illusion Connect Codes

Illusion Connect Codes

If you want to get more code redeem illusion connect, then you need to follow 2 simple points. Firstly, you can follow the illusion connect developer’s social media accounts like – @ConnectIllusion. The benefit of following illusion connect social accounts on Twitter, Fb Discord,And Reddit is that they will launch any kode redeem illusion connect on their social media platform so that if you are following them you can get all new illusion connect codes once they have become available on their social media.

Second, make sure to check out our blog. Our blog will keep you informed about the latest updates and illusion connect redeem codes.


In this post, We’ve gathered a list of the most current gift code illusion connect that you can use to get free crystal, stamina, gold, diamond, summon tickets, gift box, and more rewards. This post will be updated as soon as new promo codes are available for illusion connect.

Finding Illusion Connect Redeem Codes

If you’re looking for Illusion Connect Redeem Codes 2021, you’ve come to the right place. The codes can be found in the game lobby screen, with the character avatar in the upper left corner. In the text box, you can type the code. If it is an invalid code, it will say Invalid Pack Code. To find expired codes, check the comments section below the code to report it.

Illusion Connect is an online multiplayer real-time strategy game in which you use the power of a radiant to fight against other players. The game enables you to create your own companions and train them to attack the enemies and protect the lands. There are more than 50 radiants to choose from, and you must select the best ones to build your dream city. You can also earn EXP, Gold, and Diamonds by using these codes in the game.

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