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Inazuma Regional Animals Map Location In Genshin Impact 2022 Helpful Information

Inazuma Regional Animals Map Location In Genshin Impact

Inazuma is a fantasy RPG based in Japan. The game offers 16 different creatures to hunt. Players must find these creatures and take their pictures to complete the Irodori Poetry Part 2 event quest. This article outlines how to find the creatures and their locations in the game.

Inazuma is based off of Japan

The land of Inazuma is filled with Japanese-inspired architecture and scenery. It also features a vision hunt decree, several new mobs, and many cultural connections. Here are some fun facts about Inazuma that may surprise you. Read on to learn more about this new region in the game.

The Inazuma people are incredibly literate. They love reading books and novels. One of their favorite books is “A Legend of Sword” by Liyue. Although they did not know the author, they held it in great esteem. They believed that it would bring good luck to the reader.

The name “Orobashi” came from the name of a giant serpent. Inazuma’s “other god” was a giant serpent named Watatsumi Omikami. Though he was banished to the Dark Sea, he later returned to the land of Inazuma. The skeleton of this serpent can be found in the third island chain in Inazuma. The skeleton is very similar to that of Liyue monsters.

The world of Inazuma is heavily based on Japan. The Sakoku Decree that isolated Inazuma from the rest of Teyvat mirrored the isolationist policies of the Tokugawa shogunate. During the Edo period, the Tokugawa shogunate imposed a series of strict regulations on foreign nations. This isolationist policy lasted 264 years until 1867. The Raiden Shogun’s second story quest also contains spoilers for the upcoming Act II, Imperatrix Umbrosa.

There are 16 different animals in Inazuma

Inazuma Regional Animals Map Location

The Inazuma region of the game consists of six major islands, each with its own unique landscape and history. Visitors will find many places to visit in the Inazuma region, including the Grand Narukami Shrine, Sacred Sakura, and Tenshukaku. They can also explore the desolate coastline, secluded underground areas, and mysterious ruins.

Inazuma is home to many different types of animals. These include the Decorated Unagi, which is a pale blue eel. There is also a Red Finned version, and the Azure Crane, which has a dark plumage and amber eyes. The animals are found throughout the Inazuma region, and the player can use them to craft various items.

The Mihoyo Interactive Map provides general locations for the animals in the Inazuma region. The Sunny Loach, for example, can be found on the western shore of Watatsumi. Another rare animal, the Violet Ibis, is a tall bird with a dark head and a single white stripe on its throat. These animals can be found in four different locations within the Inazuma region.

The Inazuma region includes seven different islands. These islands can be unlocked by completing the Inazuma quest chain. The first of these islands, Ysurumi, is completely covered in fog until the Inazuma quest chain is completed.

The place to Discover Inazuma Regional Animals in Genshin Influence (Map Places)

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Listed here are a few of the distinctive animals/creatures in Inazuma and the place to seek out them on the map. This may assist you full the Ode to Friendship poem.

  • Bake-Danuki
  • Pink-Finned Unagi
  • Electro Crystalfly
  • Adorned Unagi
  • Violet Ibis
  • Sunny Loach
  • Sundown Loach

One of the simplest ways to seek out their places is through the use of the Genshin Influence interactive map. All you must do is choose the creature you’re searching for (from the choices on the left), and it’ll mark all of its places on the map, making issues fast and simple. Simply hover on the picture to disclose its title and discover its location on hte map. When you attain the place, bear in mind to slowly method the realm close to the animals as a result of they’ll run off in the event that they really feel threatened.

The way to Take a Photograph of Inazuman Animals

  • To take a photograph, open up the Paimon menu by urgent Esc (Don’t use the Kamera Gadget for this goal).
  • On the left facet, there might be a digital camera icon that it’s essential click on on.
  • As you see the digital camera UI, goal the digital camera at your goal. On this case, it is going to be a singular Inazuman animal.
  • Press Enter to click on a photograph.
  • If it’s the proper animal, the hunt progress will replace!

After getting taken all of the photographs, go to Lenne once more. Now it’s time to assist him with the Ode to Friendship poem.

Players need to take four pictures of them to complete the Irodori Poetry Part 2 event quest

The Irodori Poetry Part 2 event quest requires players to take pictures of Inazuma regional animals in order to advance to the next event quest. In order to complete the quest, players must take pictures of four Inazuma regional animals. The four pictures must be taken in locations that are found throughout the Inazuma region. Players can access these locations through the Paimon’s Menu in the top right corner of the screen.

The fourth picture must be of a Violet Ibis. This animal is found on the northwestern portion of Seirai Island. This Teleport Waypoint is located south of Byakko Plain and north of the Inazuma Fishing Association. Taking more pictures of these animals will unlock new options for the poem, but will not change the poem itself.

Taking four pictures of Inazuma regional animals will unlock new rewards. The rewards are a variety of items, including rare pets and unique recipes. Players can also obtain event-exclusive Furnishings and Primogems. The event quest requires players to be at least Journey Rank 30.

Irodori Poetry Part 2 is the second quest in the Irodori Poetry questline. In order to complete the quest, players must take four pictures of Inazuma regional animals. To do this, players must talk to Lenne and Ootomo in Ritou. Players should be able to talk to them from 8 AM to 12 NN.

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