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How To Get & Use The Infinite FP Tear Elden Ring 2023? Helpful Guide

How to Get Infinite FP Tear in Elden Ring

The Infinite FP Tear Elden Ring is one of the most useful Tears in the game, and you can get it from your Elden Ring. However, you must be careful to not use this tear as a cheat, as it is not permanent. This tear is also known as the Cerulean Hidden Tear.

Crimson Crystal Tear

In Elden Ring, you can find Crimson Crystal Tear in the Third Church of Marika. These powerful Tears can be used to heal yourself, restoring your HP to 100 percent. They can be found throughout Elden Ring, although they are generally well-guarded. Some places to find these Tears include the Minor Erdtrees, near the Minor Erdtree mini-boss, or from powerful bosses in late-game areas.

The Crimson Crystal Tear can be used in PvP and PvE, and is an excellent healer. It heals the player by 30% of their total HP, and it also reduces FP consumption for 15 seconds. It is also useful when fighting bosses and in PVP.

You can obtain the Crimson Crystal Tear by defeating the Erdtree Avatar. The Tear increases the speed of stamina recovery, which is vital in Elden Ring. The Green Turtle Talisman is another item that provides a stamina recovery buff. Both of these items can be equipped as a permanent buff.

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Infinite FP Tear Elden Ring

The Crimson Crystal Tear can be obtained from a few locations in the Elden Ring. It is also possible to obtain it from the Third Church of Marika in Limgrave East. The other places to find it are the Third Church of Marika and the Minor Erdtree east of the Outer Wall Battleground Site of Grace in Lyendell.

Intelligence Knot Crystal Tear

The Intelligence Knot Crystal Tear is found on a cliff in the southwest part of Caria Manor. It is a useful item, as it helps you convert damage into health. In order to obtain it, players must defeat the invader Bloody Finger Eleonora in the Second Church of Marika. The crystal tear can also be obtained from Mohg, one of the Elden Ring bosses.

The Intelligence Knot Crystal Tear is a very important item in the Elden Ring. It increases a player’s Intelligence by 10 points for a short time. This makes it an essential item for any spellcaster who wants to boost his Intelligence. The tear can be obtained early on in the game, which is advantageous for players with low levels of Intelligence. The higher levels of the Tears will be unlocked later on in the game.

Obtaining the Intelligence Knot Crystal Tear is a very difficult task. The reward for acquiring it is a temporary boost to Intelligence, which is useful for spellcasting. This item is found in the midst of the Lands Between, east of Minor Erdtree.

The Intelligence Knot Crystal Tear in the Elden ring has a few different effects. First, it’s a great weapon for the offensive team. The second one is the Dexterity Knot Crystal Tear. It’s great for damage mitigation and HP regeneration. It can also be used on the defensive side as well.

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How you can Get Infinite FP Tear in Elden Ring

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  1. Quick Journey to the Street of Iniquity. In case you don’t have this web site of grace unlocked comply with the beneath path.
    1. Head to the Altus Plateau and hold going north and barely to the west, it’s best to attain the Erdtree-Gazing Hill web site of grace.
    2. Preserve heading northwest and it’s best to attain Wyndham Catacombs and Gelmir Hero’s Grave, websites of grace.
    3. Subsequent, go north and switch west in direction of the bridge. After crossing the bridge go south and activate the Seethewater Cave web site of grace. This step is elective.
    4. After crossing the bridge go northwest and use the Ninth Mt. Gelmir Campsite web site of grace.
    5. Lastly, go southwest and it’s best to get to the Street of Iniquity web site of grace.
  2. Go east from the Street of Iniquity and you’ll discover the Ulcerated Tree Spirit.
  3. Defeat it and it should drop the Cerulean Hidden Tear.

How you can Use Cerulean Hidden Tear

  1. Relaxation at any web site of grace and select Combine Wondorous Physick.
  2. Now add the Cerulean Hidden Tear to the flask with one other Tear of your alternative.
  3. Once you use the Wondrous Flask with Cerulean Hidden Tear in it FP gained’t get consumed for a short time.

Cerulean Hidden Tear

The Cerulean Hidden Tear is a powerful item that can be found in Elden Ring. Once used, it will temporarily eliminate all FP consumption. It is a type of potion that can be used with Flask of Wondrous Physick. Consuming this item will allow the player to cast spells and execute weapon skills indefinitely, without worrying about recharging their Focus Power.

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To obtain the Cerulean Hidden Tear, players must first defeat the Ulcerated Tree Spirit. It spawns in the Minor Erdtree area, near the Road of Inquiry Site of Grace and the suspended giants. Once defeated, this tree spirit will drop the Cerulean Hidden Tear.

Cerulean Hidden Tear is a Wondrous Physick item that allows you to consume unlimited FP for 15 seconds. This item is especially useful for one-cast kill mages using Comet Azur Sorcery. Using this item, you’ll be able to laser beam to kill nearly any Great Enemy with minimal FP.

In addition to fixing bug issues and making gameplay improvements, Cerulean Hidden Tear was reduced in duration in Elden Ring. Previously, the effect would eliminate FP consumption for 15 seconds. But after the patch, the duration was reduced to 7 seconds. This was unintentional and the developer plans to fix the bug in an upcoming minor patch.

After the release of the last major patch, there were several complaints about the length of the Cerulean Hidden Tear. In order to fix those issues, FromSoftware has released a hotfix for the game. Besides fixing the Cerulean Hidden Tear, this patch also addresses the Malenia, Blade of Miquella boss fight in Elden Ring multiplayer. It also fixes bugs with some boss deaths and Elden Beast.

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