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InjectBoss DLL Injector

We have designed the best and safest DLL injector for cheaters. We will introduce you to InjectBoss today. With this DLL Injector, you will be able to inject DLL files in many games in many games. I wanted to share this initiator with you in the beta next time. After Bossloader, we wanted to share it immediately in this initiator. There are several features to be installed at this time but we will update the recently.

InjectBoss DLL Injector

The subject we give the most important issue when designing this program was the user security, this injector only downloads the VacBypass app if you want to use if you want to use it and keeps no data or information from the user. The connection with any server of the Injector is absolutely absolutely, and other injectors do not collect and collect the IP address of your computer or HWID address and any information, such as other injectors. If you want to use the VACBYPASS file we add functionally is downloading. In this Injector, we have designed the most important detail and designed the most secure injector of CheaterBOSS members.

In order to secure how secure, antiviruses are injector or unsafe file or malware that says this file, as we did not make any covering or blocking for it, we just obfuscate the file to keep it safe from cracking and let hackers infect.

This is a DLL Injector and we can actually say that the only difference is not a difference from other infectors. The use and codes are currently working as other Injectors.

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How to use InjectBoss

  1. Download InjectBoss from download button downbellow.
  2. You can run and start using it but we will show you the interface to give you a basic tutorial


Injector is the DLL Injecting section and VacBypass is Downloading VacBypasser from Github. Settings not avaible in beta version at the moment.

injector boss

You can select CSGO or Teamfortress games from clicking the logos, this is beta interface we will do some changes on here. There is no Process Selection at this version so you need to type the .exe of the game you trying to inject. You can select DLL from folder button on right and select Injection method from 2 buttons on bottom. Process Selection will be added soon.

You can download this BossInject Beta rightnow and start using the safest injector. Also give us comments and suggestions to make it better, we will consider your suggestions.

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