Ironclad Raid Shadow Legends Champions

Ironclad Raid Shadow Legends

If you want to dominate in Ironclad Raid Shadow Legends, then you need a champion who can tackle the most daunting bosses head-on. Listed below are some champions that will help you out in the Raid Shadow Legends. With the help of a champion, you can let your party members focus on other aspects of the raid. In addition, these champions can take on a large amount of damage without causing too much trouble for other members of your party.


Stubbornness is a critical attribute of the Ironclad. Ironclad’s Unbreakable period gives him a certain amount of time to recover from a critical hit. This time can be utilized to foil a critical strike with Shadow moves. Characters with good range and fast attacks can intercept an Ironclad’s attack. In addition, characters with high speed and range are great candidates for foiling Ironclad.


Ironclad is a great choice for players who want to overwhelm opponents. Its defensive and hand-to-hand abilities are very effective against newcomers, and it has a passive called Stubbornness that improves your defenses as you take damage. You can also take advantage of the Shadow Form’s powerful attacks, which close the gap between you and your target. The fast uppercut also grants you Unbreakable status during animation.

Legionary Jumps

One of the most notable features of the Legionary is the way they jump in Ironclad raid Shadow Legends. These elite commandos are equipped with jump jets and the splinters of darkness, which can damage enemies in a variety of ways. They are also proficient at using Stasis, and can use their Frag Detonator to unleash an entire arsenal of Stasis grenades.

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Mystic Hand

The Mystic Hand is a Dark Elves faction champion. This champion is of the Force affinity, and is useful for killing mobs. This champion is useful for players with higher levels of Force affinity, because it can make the difference between death and victory. Here is a list of his special abilities. You may also want to consider other heroes in the game. But you should also consider their level and overall power before choosing a Mystic Hand.


As with any other MMO, there are many great Champions in Ironclad: the Arbiter, the Big’Un, and the Tormentor. While the best Champions are very beneficial and give you immense payoff, the A-tiers are also good. While the B-tiers are good in some aspects of the game, they’re not worth using as primary characters. Rather, they’re useful as companions for higher-tier units.


If you’re a new player, you should learn more about Kael in Ironclad raid Shadow Legends before diving in. His powerful damage spells and artifacts will help you survive the grueling raid. His special ability, Dark Bolt, will cause a Poison debuff on a single target, which is particularly useful if you’re battling champions with high defense. This attack deals damage based on the target’s max HP. You’ll want to focus on Attack and Critical Damage for maximum damage output.


The Sorceress in Ironclad raid is a Rare Attack Force champion in the game. She can be obtained by using Ancient Shards or Mystery Shards. She applies a debuff on enemies that crowd control your allies and helps them deal more damage. She has a low success rate with Crystal Bolt and Magic Arrows, but they both deliver high amounts of damage and are used mainly against enemies with high health.


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