Ironmouse – The Most Subscribed VTuber on Twitch

A Puerto Rican VTuber was recently the most-subscribed streamer on Twitch. He has more than 1 million followers. Ironmouse is his animated character. His real-life creator provides the voice. Ironmouse’s YouTube videos were so popular that they helped propel him to the top of the Twitch charts. Learn more about him. Here are some basic facts about this popular VTuber.


The Ironmouse is a bizarre YouTuber and virtual streamer who enjoys playing video games. It’s fun to see her quirky personality and high-pitched voice. She started her career as a freelance streamer and now works at VShojo. Flanctos and Ironmouse are two of her aliases. She is a demon, but she is an outgoing creature who loves geeky junk and the internet.

Ironmouse is living in a world that has many diseases. One of them is a rare type of cancer that affects her immune system. Although her real self is healthy, Ironmouse suffers from a rare disease that leaves her unable and unable for social interaction. Ironmouse’s illness has significantly impacted her life, despite her success in her career and her enviable personality.

Ironmouse’s personal life is not revealed in her Ironmouse bio, aside from the fact she is Puerto Rican. Ironmouse’s actual age is not known, since she kept her private life from the general public. She is currently 24 years of age and 50 kilograms in weight. Her body measurements are still unknown. She is black with brown eyes and has dark hair. She is a YouTube sensation and has an enormous fan base on several social media platforms.


Ironmouse is a Puerto Rican digital YouTuber. She is known for her distinctive voice and high-pitched voice. VShojo is her streaming company. Despite her unique talents and personality, she is not comfortable sharing her real identity on social media. She is certain to be a hit among the community if she decides to show her true face.

The character, unlike her human counterparts has not revealed her age. Although her age is unknown at the moment, she celebrates 11 January as her birthday. She is Hispanic and Puerto Rican. Although her real name is unknown, she has managed to attract a large fan base with her mysterious nickname. We do know her age, which is still unknown. She weighs approximately 50 kilograms. She is a brunette with black hair.

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Ironmouse’s age is unknown. It is believed she is now in her six-sevenths. Her zodiac sign is Capricorn. Ironmouse measures in at 147cm and is a self-confessed anime lover. Rumours have it that Ironmouse is Puerto Rican and was born in January. While the YouTuber’s true name isn’t yet known, it is known that her height is 147cm.

Streamer ironmouse wears magic bells to regulate strength. When she takes them off, her full demon-queen form is revealed. Ironmouse is unmarried and single. Her height is unknown as well as her weight. Her body measurements are unknown. This information is also based upon a rumor. She is best known for her entertaining and witty videos but has not revealed her true identity to the public.

Ironmouse is a popular virtual streamer despite her small size. She has been streaming Twitch since September 2017 and has many followers. She is part the VShojo agency, and has more than 800,000. She announced recently that she was joining VShojo’s new VTuber agency. It is based in Puerto Rico. Zentreya and Anthony Padilla interviewed the newest member VShojo, which specializes in nurturing young talent.


Ironmouse does not reveal her weight. The model prefers to keep her personal life secret by using a demon-queen character. Ironmouse is currently single and has never married. Ironmouse is 5’1″ tall and 49kg. Her body is slim and has dark brown hair. Below are her body measurements. These can be used to calculate Ironmouse’s weight.

Ironmouse is a body fetishist, but she has other hobbies than gaming. Ironmouse’s favorite pastime is going to the amusement parks. She often compares it to changing her clothes. She is also a huge fan of musicals, especially Wicked. She is a gamer and a fan of all things art. She enjoys watching new models and honoring artists with her videos. She is not known for her weight as she doesn’t have a social media account to show it.

Although her age and real name are not known, fans have speculated that she is Puerto Rican. Other names include Mousey, Satanas and Mad Loli. Her height is 147cm. Her zodiac sign of Capricorn is Capricorn and she has thousands on social media. It’s safe for us to assume that she is at the least seventy one-three years old.

Measurements of the body

Here’s the scoop on Ironmouse’s body measurements. Ironmouse, a Puerto Rican virtual YouTuber with a loud voice and crazy personality, is Ironmouse. Ironmouse’s body measurements may not have been known at all, but her bed is often in bed and she is housebound. Before she became viral, the YouTuber was part VShojo.

Ironmouse was approximately 6,669 years of age in 2022. Ironmouse is so self-conscious of her age that she dug up dinosaur bones from all over the globe in the past. She’s a joker, and her body measurements may have changed over the years she has been streaming. Ironmouse is able to look different in multiple universes. She will eventually return with the new seasons.

She is a perfect height. Ironmouse is 5 feet 1 inch tall. She is 49kg in weight. She is slim with dark brown hair, brown eyes and a slim body. Despite her low fame, she is a very popular YouTuber with a lot of fans. Check out the video below to learn more about her body measurements. There are four levels of Patreon membership. You have more access the higher up you go.

Relationship with boyfriend

Ironmouse has not disclosed his relationship status. The American YouTuber and Twitch streamer Ironmouse has kept his family life secret from the internet. Ironmouse, a 24-year-old male, is approximately 50 kg in weight and has never been married. Ironmouse’s real name and educational background are not known. Since he started streaming video games on Twitch, the YouTube star has become a huge success.

The nickname “Ironmouse”, which is a joke on the word iron, is given to this mouse. It’s a pun about Maou, the demon-lord. Animal Crossing is his favourite game. His birthmark on his thigh is a heart-shaped one. He has won several awards for his work, thanks to his obsession with the female body.

Ironmouse’s relationship status is unknown. Although he isn’t known to have a boyfriend he does make some money from his fans. VShojo signed him up for a contract. He is also Puerto Rican and his girlfriend has not been with him for a while. He isn’t married but sings high.


There are many similarities between Ironmouse’s VTuber and the religious practices in the human world. Ironmouse is the ruler of both nations. Their people are hardworking, compassionate and respect civil rights. They view business and rich people with suspicion. This is why their government is so small and must manage competing demands in areas like Education and Culture. The government is located in Mouse Home, the capital city. The average income tax rate for this area is 17.0%.

Ironmouse, while a demon, is not a god. Although her demon form has changed over time, Ironmouse still has a strong interest in human culture. She gradually loses her power as she spends more time far from her homeworld. The power of the community in video games was evident in her most recent collaboration with VShojo member, hololive. The collaboration between the artists attracted large numbers of fans on both sides.

Ironmouse’s private life is kept secret from the public, too. She is 6670 years old, which is evidence of her self-consciousness. Ironmouse also joked about burying dinosaur bones in the world. She has many universes in which she lives, and each universe is unique because of her increasing age. This has become a running joke in her community.

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