image 183 is elden ring capped at 60 fps

Is Elden Ring Capped At 60 FPS? Easy Way to Remove It?

Is Elden Ring Capped At 60 FPS? How to Remove it?

If you’re frustrated with the 60 FPS framerate cap in Elden Ring, then you need to know how to remove the limit. The uberhalit mod is available on Github, and it will help you play the game at higher speeds. This mod also allows you to change the FOV and enable widescreen support.


Elden Ring is a PC game that has some issues with framerate and stuttering. While the creator of the game has said that he is working on fixing these issues and adding new features, some users are still experiencing problems. Elden Ring has 14 individual settings and four presets, but does not use ray tracing. The developer also recommends upgrading the GPU drivers to the latest versions for the best performance.

Elden Ring is currently locked at 60FPS. However, PC modders have been working on removing this limitation using an FPS unlocker mod. This tool allows you to play the game at any framerate you want, without having to buy a new game.

Limitations of mod

The Elden Ring co-op mod was created by Sekiro co-op designer Luke Yui. It aims to remove the multiplayer restrictions in the game and allows players to reconnect to each other even if one of them dies. In addition, it allows players to skip the re-summoning process. You can download the mod at Nexus Mods. Luke Yui also posted a video showing off the new features. The mod also allows users to choose between different places of grace, allowing them to travel faster.

“Elden Ring” is an open world game developed by FromSoftware, which has borrowed from its Dark Souls series. The game’s lore is set in a mythical world and features a custom protagonist. The goal is to advance through the game world and defeat enemies. The game is available for both single and multiplayer play, and it features a co-op system similar to Dark Souls. However, due to the game’s limitations, the co-op system does not see much use.

Performance issues with mod

Is Elden Ring Capped At 60 FPS

There are some performance issues with the Elden Ring mod on PC. Specifically, the game struggles to maintain 60 FPS on Xbox Series X and PS5. The game has two graphical modes: performance mode and quality mode. However, neither option is sufficient for optimal performance. If you experience problems with framerate, you should try reinstalling your game drivers. In addition, you may have to disable the in-game overlay in order to improve performance.

The Elden Ring mod is notoriously demanding, so it’s a good idea to install a performance mod to increase your FPS. For PC players, you can download a mod by K4richard. To install the mod, you must install the Mod Engine 2, which is available at github.

Requirements for mod

Elden Ring is a game where you can create and use modifications that will change how the game works. These modifications can change everything from how you attack to what items you can use to level up. It can also add new features like the ability to pause the game. To install Elden Ring mods, you must have a PC copy of the game.

The first step to install Elden Ring mod is to download the Elden Mod Loader. This small program is available on the official website. Once you download it, you must run the game in offline mode in order to avoid conflict with the game’s anti-cheat system.

Is Elden Ring Capped At 60 FPS? How to Remove it?

image 105 is elden ring capped at 60 fps

Is Elden Ring Capped At 60 FPS? Players who wish to remove the Framerate Cap that’s set at 60 FPS in Elden Ring can download and install the mod by uberhalit on Github. This will allow you to: FPS Unlocker mod, you can Reduce frame rate limits, increase FOV, add widescreen suport, change Game Speed and more.Go to Github and scroll down to the end. Download this sectionClick here to go to the “Get the latest release here” link.

Also, there’s a risk factor.Although we aren’t sure, FromSoftware could ban playersif they discover that you have used external mods. In case you forget to remove the add-ons and begin playing online, there’s a chance that you might get flagged. Consider these risks before you make a decision.

Here are the features as listed on the mod’s page:

Here are some things to keep in mind when using the Elden Ring FPS Locker Mod

  • Play the You can also play offline.
  • You must be sure EAC (Easy Anti Cheat), is currently not in use.
  • Nvidia: Use Nvidia Control Panel to set ‘Preferred Refreshrate’ to ‘Highest available’ on a Elden Ring Profile, if you aren’t using GSYNC/FreeSYNC then set ‘Vsync’ to ‘Off’.
  • AMD: Use Radeon Settings to set ‘Wait for Vertical Refresh’ to ‘Enhanced Sync’, ‘Fast Sync’ or ‘Always Off’ on a Elden Ring profile.
    Every time you use one of its features, start the patcher.

The creator recommends a few troubleshooting tips if you have any issues with this mod.

  • Disable Fullscreen optimization by right mouse clicking on eldenring.exe > Compatibility > check Disable fullscreen optimizations.
  • You can enable the Elden Ring FPS Unlocker to be enabled in your Antivirus Software.
  • Deactivate Steam Overlay
  • Close any streaming overlays or apps.
  • Reinstall your graphics drivers.

Ways to unlock 60+ FPS in Elden Ring

PC gamers may be frustrated with the game’s 60 FPS limit, but there are ways to unlock the game’s framerate. The game has PC-specific settings that can increase your FPS and help prevent stuttering and frame drops. These settings can be found in the NVIDIA control panel. By setting the global shader cache to unlimited, you can override the 60 FPS limit and enjoy the game at full framerate.

If you’re having trouble hitting 60 FPS on the game, one of the ways to unlock the game’s framerate is to use a game mod. These aren’t official Elden Ring modifications, but they can unlock the game’s frame rate with some interesting features. Another way to get high frame rates in Elden Ring is to install a driver updater called DriverFix. This software can help fix various PC errors and update outdated drivers.

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