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Jade Statue Forza Horizon 5 – The Well-Known place To Discover Jade Statue in 2023

Jade Statue Forza Horizon 5. – How do you find?

Forza Horizon 5 has a green statue called the Jade Statue. This statue is available by completing the Tulum Expedition Chapter of the game. This statue can also be used to earn Accolade Points in Horizon Adventure. Other statues can be collected in Forza Horizon 5 to become trophies.

Jade Statue at Forza Horizon 5

You’re likely wondering where to find the Jade Statue if you’re new to Forza Horizon 5. You will find the statue in the northwest corner of Tulum near two large wooden poles that surround them. You will need to snap a picture once you locate it. To do this, press the A button on the Xbox controller or P on your keyboard.

First, visit the Tulum Expedition. This area is located southwest from the El Estadio Horizon. You will receive an Accolade achievement for completing the Jade Statue mission.

Alternativly, you could visit the Golden Statue which is located in the southeast corner on the map and travel south from there. To get closer to Jade Statue, you can climb up to the monument.

Jade Statue Forza Horizon 5 objectives

jade statue forza horizon 5

First, you need to go to the Tulum area in the northwest corner of the map. To locate the Jade Statue Forza Horizon 5 The area is surrounded with poles and contains two large structures. You must cross them to see the statue. To complete the quest, you will need to snap a photo of it once you’ve reached it. You can take the picture by pressing A on your Xbox controller or using the keyboard to pressP.

Once you’ve taken your photos of Jade Statues, you can move onto the Golden Statue. This statue is located slightly further away from the Jade Statue. It is located a little further away from the Jade example.

Five optional objectives can be completed in the game. These objectives are linked to the main storyline. To access various items, you will need to visit Tulum’s locations such as the Golden statue or Barn Find. After completing these objectives, you will be able to move on to the Jade Statue, located in the northwest corner. You can begin taking photos after a few seconds.

How to identify the Jade Statue Forza Horizon

Take a picture and complete the quest “Identify The Jade Statue”. This task is easy and takes little effort. You also get Accolade points.

The Jade Statue can be found at Ek’ Balam in the Tulum Expedition. The statue must be photographed in order to continue the mission. The statue is a side goal in the Tulum Expedition.

You can earn accolade points and achievements by identifying the Jade Statue. The statue can be found in Ek’ Balam, during the “Tulum Expedition.” The statue can be found southeast of El Estadio Horizon. It is marked blue on the map.

You can now take pictures of the Golden Tlaloc Totem once you have it. If you are able to take a photo at the correct place, you will be given credit for completing this mission. You can move on to the next task once you have completed the mission.

Where can you Discover Jade Statue forza Horizon 5 (FH5)

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The Jade Statue will be in the direction of nordwesternA part of TulumIn the Tulum Expedition, FH5. You can follow the street that runs across the expedition website to reach the statue. You can find the statue quite a distance from the street. Cross the street and you’ll see the statue. Two large structures.

It’s easy to find the Jade Statue within Forza Horizon 5. The statue is just surrounded by a few. Picket polesIt will stabilize it. It will likely be at On the grass, floor stageAfter you find this statue, it is necessary to walk over into ImageYou can take a photograph of the statue by switching to portrait mode. You will be able to efficiently complete the hunt goal.

To activate Photographmode, all that is required is to press the Xbox D-pad?, and PYour Keyboard for your PC. Next, use the stick on your Xbox controller to place the lens where you want it to be. Press AYour Xbox controller or EnterYour Keyboard to take {a photograph}.

You could get it. That is all you might want to do to efficiently {photograph} the Jade Statue in Forza Horizon 5 (FH5). Doing so could help you achieve one of the many Tulum Expedition goals.

Photographing the Jade Statue Forza Horizon

In Forza Horizon 5By taking a photo the jade statue, you can complete the Taking a Picture of the Jade Stature’ task. This is the easiest activity in the game. It will also earn you an Accolade points. It can be found in the southeast corner of your map near a large monument.

To take a photograph of the Jade Statua you will need to drive to a specific location in the game. A star icon indicates the location. Once you’ve reached the location, take a photo at the Jade Statue to unlock it. After completing this objective, you will be able to move on to the next quest.

The Tulum Expedition is where you will find the Jade Statue. This statue is located to the southeast on the map near the wooden sticks. You must first take a photo of the statue to unlock the Tulum Outpost.

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