Jerry Banfield

Jerry Banfield Reveals His True Identity

Jerry Banfield, an internet entrepreneur since the 1990s, uses his experience to help others make more money online. He has worked with many customers from over 20 different countries and managed millions of Fb ads. He’s also an expert at driving large volumes of natural traffic to his websites. He is an active member of the MENSA society and holds degrees from two universities. On Fb you can see his inspiring videos on relationships and learn how it can help you reach your goals.

Jerry Banfield: His True Id.

Jerry Banfield revealed his true identity through his livestreams. Although many cannot confirm his identity, he has a history of identifying himself as black while being Caucasian. Udemy has also published programs. Fb removed him from all official applications and monetization options. Others social media platforms have spoken out against him. Nonetheless, his content material stays well-liked on different streaming platforms.

image 522 Jerry Banfield
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