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Elden Ring 2023 – Join Volcano Manor Or Not? Helpful Guide

Elden Ring – Join Volcano Manor Or Not?

Join Volcano Manor Or Not? Joining the Volcano Manor is one of the late-game options in Elden Ring. This strange cult worships a powerful being that invades other realities. You can choose whether to join the cult or not, based on the NPC quests. The benefits of joining the Volcano Manor cult outweigh any disadvantages.

Assassination rewards in Volcano Manor

There are several ways to earn Assassination rewards in Volcano Maner. First, kill targets, and they’ll drop a reward when defeated. Second, defeat the final boss, and you’ll be rewarded with unique weapons and spells. Third, if you want to complete all Volcano Manor assassination quests without killing any of your targets, you can bypass the quest by killing a fellow Tarnished. This method will also lock out the Bernahl, Patches, Rya, and Rya as well as the Inquisitor Ghiza.

Assassination contracts are a good way to earn extra gold in Volcano Manor. The first reward you receive is a gold bar, which you can spend on a weapon or armor set. You can also purchase a Vial Talisman that can be used to stealthily infiltrate enemy locations. The second reward is an armor set that you can wear while you’re attacking an enemy.

The third reward you can get from an assassination is a legendary armament. It’s also possible to get a piece of legendary armament by killing Tanith. However, remember that defeating Malekith will cancel the questline. Luckily, the game’s patch 1.03 fixed this issue. The final reward you can get is a unique, rare hammer.

Whether you should join Volcano Manor

Join Volcano Manor Or Not?

If you’re a new player to World of Warcraft, you may be wondering if you should join Volcano Manor. The manor is a very imposing building on the peak of Mt. Gelmir, and you will soon encounter an NPC who asks you if you would like to join. While the choice of whether or not to join is not immediately clear, the NPC will explain to you the consequences of accepting the invite.

Volcano Manor is located in the Elden Ring, accessible via the Fallingstar Beast and Spiritwind. There are several quests you can complete at this manor, including the one for Rykard, the Lord of Blasphemy. It is also a good place to access unanon and a boss known as Rykard, the Lord of Blasphaery.

Volcano Manor is a late-game choice, which may not be worth joining. It’s a strange cult that worships a powerful being that invades other realities. However, the leader will ask you to join their cause, and joining them will grant you access to a number of quests and rewards. In addition, Volcano Manor has a lot of advantages over the Covenant.

Getting to Volcano Manor

Getting to Volcano Manor is an important part of the game, as it will give you access to several other locations. The manor is accessible by teleportation, which can be used early on in the game. The first step in getting to Volcano Manor is to talk to the NPC Tanith, who will ask you for permission to enter the manor. Once inside, use the Drawing-Room Key to unlock the doors on the right side of the hallway. Then, go through the second door on the left, and you’ll find two more NPCs. The second NPC will give you a Letter from Volcano Manor.

The questline in Volcano Manor is relatively short, but it does require you to visit earlier areas and bosses to complete it. The main goal of the questline is to kill the big boss, and you’ll get new weapons and armor to help you defeat it.

Ought to I Be a part of Volcano Manor in Elden Ring?

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Sure, it’s best when you be part of Volcano Manor. There are two most important penalties of this selection:

  • Should you select to hitch, you get the Drawing Room Key which unlocks the questline.
  • And when you select to not be part of, effectively nothing a lot actually occurs. We’ll get to this half in a bit however for now, allow us to examine why it is best to be part of.

As defined earlier than, if you be part of, you get the Drawing Room Key. This unlocks the Drawing Room the place yow will discover letters for the questline and completely different NPCs. On this questline, you decide the letters and defeat the NPCs the letters ask you to:

  1. First, defeat Previous Knight Istvan at Limgrave.
  2. Subsequent, go and speak to Knight Bernahl. This step is non-compulsory however you should buy Ashes of Conflict from them.
  3. After that, defeat Rileigh the Idle at Altus Plateau.
  4. Subsequent, you need to beat Juno Hoslow, Knight of Blood at Mountaintops of the Giants.
  5. Spoilers Forward: These three assassinations mean you can get direct entry to Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy boss combat.

What Occurs when you Don’t Be a part of Volcano Manor?

Nothing actually occurs when you don’t be part of Volcano Manor. You gained’t get the drawing-room key till you be part of so that you mainly lock your self out of the questline. Thus you additionally miss out on all of the rewards from the above assassinations. And as an alternative of getting a shortcut to Rykard, you need to discover the opposite strategy to get to him.

Defeating Elden Ring

Defeating Elden Ring means defeating the evil cult that runs Volcano Manor. Volcano Manor is a large Legacy Dungeon located in the Atlus Plateau. It contains two bosses and a shardbearer. You can choose to defeat the bosses or not, but you will have to face several difficult encounters to get what you want out of the game.

Volcano Manor is part of a questline that involves the two NPCs Rya and Patches. It also contains a number of assassination missions, which can earn you nice items and sets of armor. The downside of not joining Volcano Manor is that you will not complete Bernahl’s quest.

The first phase of the Volcano Manor quest will take you to a hidden prison town under Volcano Manor. You can meet Recusant Bernahl here before you proceed to the second assassination. The reward is a HP-restoring talisman. There is also a corpse in a corridor. Despite the dead body and fake wall, you will find a secret pathway around the perimeter of Volcano Manor.

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