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Jormungandr Tattoo Meaning 2023

There are many meanings for the Jormungandr ink. For example, if you believe in Big Bang Theory, it could signify that you believe the universe is a continuous cycle that expands and contracts like a metaphorical Ouroboros. It could also represent your love for the Vikings or your belief in the afterlife. To personalize your tattoo, add a Vegvisir sign.

Jormungandr Tattoo Meaning

Jormungandr Tattoo

The Jormungandr tattoo sign is actually a serpent turned into a circle. This symbol is also known as the Ouroboros symbol. It depicts a snake eating its tail. Robotos is Greek for “eating” and Oura was named by the Greeks. The tattoo depicts the cycle of life with the circle representing each stage. You can keep this design forever if you choose.

The mythological Jormungandr is a legendary serpent from Norse mythology. It is said to be the son of Loki and guarded the city of Midgard. Loki, Thor’s father is the inspiration for the beast’s name. According to legend, the Jormungandr represents the reincarnation or the God of thunder, Thor. It also symbolizes hope for an afterlife where the world can regenerate.

The Jormungandr is a beautiful and intricate piece of art. It also has special symbolism. This tattoo represents the end of life, and the beginning of a new chapter. It is often accompanied by an image depicting the vegvisir (reincarnation of mythical snake). The Ouroboros, an ancient Celtic symbol meaning ‘guiding stick’, is also available. It is believed that it has the ability to protect and guide us throughout our lives.

Jormungandr Tattoo

A Jormungandr tattoo is a great option if you are looking for something unique. The Viking sea serpent is commonly depicted as a dragon who engulfed the Earth and then snapped its tail. A Jormungandr tattoo has a more specific symbolism. This image can be used for anyone of any age or gender. A Jormungandr Tattoo depicts the whole of life.jrmungandr tattoo

Jormungandr in Scandinavia is also known as the World Serpent (or the Midgard Serpent). Legend has it that Jormungandr is so big that he can wrap himself around the entire planet and eat it. There are many legends and superstitions about death, including the fact that he eventually kills everyone. A Jormungandr tattoo can be a wonderful way to pay tribute to the legends of this mythical creature, and also show your Nordic heritage.

The Jormungandr is sometimes called a vegvisir. This refers to a guidepost. The ouroboros is represented by the hammer, which represents our life and our death. The tattoo may have different meanings depending on the runes that were used to create it. This ancient dragon is believed to represent the afterlife in Scandinavian culture. It can also be used to bring about reincarnation.




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