Jormungandr Tattoo Meaning 2022

The Jormungandr tattoo can have many different meanings. If you believe in the Big Bang Theory, for example, this could mean that you believe that the universe is a perpetual cycle, expanding and contracting like a metaphorical Ouroboros. It can also symbolize your love of the Vikings and your faith in the afterlife. If you have this tattoo, you can add a Vegvisir symbol to make it more personal.

Jormungandr Tattoo Meaning

Jormungandr Tattoo

The Jormungandr tattoo symbol is actually a serpent twisted into a circle. This is known as the Ouroboros symbol, a snake eating its own tail. The Greeks named the snake Oura, while Robotos means “eating.” The tattoo represents the cycle of life, with the circle representing the transformation in each stage of life. If you have this type of design, you can have it forever.

The Jormungandr is a legendary serpent in Norse mythology. It is the son of Loki, and was said to guard the city of Midgard. The name of the beast is a pun on the name of Thor’s father, Loki. The Jormungandr is said to be the reincarnation of the God of thunder, Thor. It is also the symbol of hope for an afterlife, where the world will regenerate.

The Jormungandr tattoo is an intricate and beautiful piece of art, and has special symbolism. The tattoo is a representation of the end of life and the creation of a new one. It often comes with an image of the vegvisir, which is the reincarnation of the mythical snake. The Ouroboros is also an ancient Celtic symbol that means ‘guiding stick.’ It is said to have the power to protect and guide us through our current lives.

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Jormungandr Tattoo

If you’re looking for a unique tattoo idea, you may be interested in getting a Jormungandr tattoo. This Viking sea serpent is often depicted as a dragon that encompassed the Earth and snapped its own tail. The symbolism behind a Jormungandr tattoo is more specific, and you can get this image for any age and any gender. The dragon symbolizes life in its entirety, and a Jormungandr tattoo shows your life as both beginning and end.jrmungandr tattoo

In Scandinavia, Jormungandr is known as the World Serpent or the Midgard Serpent. According to legend, he’s so large that he can wrap around the entire globe and swallow it. He eventually kills all of humanity, which leads to a lot of myths and superstitions about death and the afterlife. A Jormungandr tattoo is a great way to honor the legends behind this mythical creature and show off your Nordic heritage.

The Jormungandr tattoo is often referred to as a vegvisir, meaning a guidepost. The hammer represents the ouroboros, which is a circle that links our life with our death. Depending on the runes used to create the design, the tattoo can have various interpretations. In Scandinavian culture, this ancient dragon symbolizes the afterlife, and it is believed that it can lead to reincarnation.




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