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How To Jump Attack Elden Ring 2023 & Increase Damage?

How to Jump Attack in Elden Ring

When you play Elden Ring, you should know how to use the Jump Attack Elden Ring. It’s a great way to quickly get a head start on your opponents. There are a few ways to make your jump attack more effective. The first is to focus on positioning your character correctly while jumping. This is crucial for hitting targets that are far away.

Claw Talisman

The Claw Talisman for jumping attack in the Elden Ring can be found halfway inside Stormveil Castle. The upper balcony has wooden platforms that lead to the rooftop below. There is a broken pillar you can use to reach the ledge below. Once you reach it, you will be able to use the jumping attack to reach the rooftop below.

Upon equipping the Claw Talisman, you can increase your jumping attack by 15%. This is a great benefit for just about any build. This item stacks with the Raptor’s Black Feathers chest piece, increasing your jump attack’s damage.

Jump Attack Elden Ring

Once you equip the Claw Talisman, you can quickly jump and use it to perform a jumping attack. You can perform this attack by leaping into the air and pressing the heavy attack button. This attack is very effective and can take out a lot of damage.

Raptor’s Black Feathers

One of the best ways to increase your jumping attack in Elden Ring is to use Raptor’s Black Feather. These soaring feathers are worn by assassins of Ravenmount, and they greatly enhance their jumping attacks. They also improve your defense against spells and magic.

Raptors Black Feathers can be obtained from Sage’s Cave. These feathers increase your jumping attack by 10%, and they can also be used in the Elden Ring. This item is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

The Claw Talisman can also be used to boost the damage output of your jumping attacks by 15%. This buff is particularly useful for dual-wielded Claw armaments, which are known to increase jumping damage. Additionally, the Claw Talisman can stack with Raptor’s Black Feather chest piece for an additional 25% boost to your total damage.

Raptor’s Black Feather is an armor set that allows Raptors to jump higher and deal more damage. It also has a unique R2 moveset and deals high damage when combined with the Golden Order Seal. Raptor’s Black Feathers also increase a character’s jumping attack by 10%.

Curved Sword weapons

Curved Swords are a very important part of the Elden Ring combat system. These swords have a Curved Edge and are used as jumping attack weapons. The Scavenger’s Curved Sword is one of the best options to use for this purpose.

This weapon deals 141 Physical damage and has a very fast attack speed. It also has a backward somersault skill that allows you to avoid damage from enemies and deliver a powerful attack. This weapon can be obtained from the Bloodhound Knight Darriwil in Elden Ring and Limgrave.

The Curved Sword is a very powerful weapon that can be obtained in a few ways. One of these is by finding it on a corpse. The Creature in Volcano Manor drops it on occasion, but you have a chance of getting the Curved Sword from it if you kill it. Another place to find a Curved Sword is the Temple of Eiglay. This temple is located north of the Volcano Manor.

Curved swords are also a good option for dual-wielding. These weapons are fast and light, making them ideal for dual wielders. They are also useful off-hand melee weapons.

How to jump attack in Elden Ring

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You must have the following skills to perform a jump attack:Jump by pressing X (PlayStation), or A (Xbox).By default, and then Then, press RT/R2 for immediate attack.You want to jump and move mid-air. At the right moment, you can press the heavy attack key. This won’t work if you press both buttons at the same time, they need to be pressed back to back and at the correct moment.

How to Increase Jump Attack Devastation (Claw Talisman Location).

  • You need to increase your jump attack damage. Claw Talisman.
  • It’s present in Rampart TowerThis is to the North-West CaelidYou can find it on the map. There is fast travel.
  • You are still in Stormveil CastleHead out and walk along the ledges. Then climb the ladder to get to the top. Top to locate a corpse Place the remainsYou should also get a Claw Talisman. As its description says, it’s a ‘talisman depicting a claw and an assassin and it enhances jump attacks.’

Godrick the Grafted

Godrick the Grafted has a unique jump attack in Elden Ring that is both devastating and frustrating. Unlike his regular jump attack, this one is aimed at your character’s location while he’s in mid-air. The shockwave is delivered in three waves. Once it hits your character, you’ll be vulnerable for about 2 seconds.

Godrick’s fire attacks are his strongest weapons, but you can still take close ranged damage with melee characters. The best way to avoid this attack is to move back and wait for it to finish. Another good tactic is to attack Godrick from behind if he’s close to you.

Godrick the Grafted’s attacks are both powerful and slow, which makes them great for doing combos. It also allows you to use spells and fire arrows. You can also dodge Godrick’s second wave by jumping over it or slicing the boss while in mid-air. You can also use Godrick’s axe to deliver a heavy blow to enemies.

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