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Best the Kaeya X Reader Review in 2023

KaeyaX Reader begins When a girl is kidnapped and taken away, all she can do is call a friend and ask them for help to get her back home. She suffers a mental breakdown when her kidnappers arrive at her apartment and threaten her with taking her away. She is unable to hold back tears when he rescues the girl and takes her home. However, he comforts her with a kiss on her cheek. The moment is relived as she falls asleep.

Kaeya X Reader Book Review

Kaeya X Reader

She realized that her friend had entered the library only after she returned to her bedroom. She assumed she knew him but he hadn’t come in. Although the librarian claimed she heard Kaeya tell her he was going to library earlier, it turned out he hadn’t. After a while, she turned her back to see Kaeya sorting books on a bookshelf.

kaeya x reader

Kaeya arrived in the library and asked Amber where Amber had seen her friend. Although the librarian informed her that he had not been there, she was surprised as she had been in library earlier that day. She was sorting books from the shelves while the poet remained evasive about their relationship. The librarian says that her friend isn’t serious, and that she doesn’t believe him.

KaeyaX Reader Smut (Movie Review).

“Kaeya X Reader Smut” is a story in which a blonde man lies on top of a man who is sixteen years older than him and a man who is six years younger. The white linen sheets are covering the tablecloths at the library tables, which hang from the ceiling. The blonde can feel the albedo on her thighs and hear the suckling of his tits. When he is pulled closer, the blonde’s tit also becomes arched. The nsfw characters doesn’t know what has happened to him and should’ve left. But he can’t leave, because he is treated disrespectfully.kaeya x reader smut

Kaeya is a girl but can still be a man. She is happy to let a man touch her. She will press her bottom lip even though she knows she’ll fall over. You can’t even say “no” because she will keep flogging your face. A girl who is a little mean can be hard to say no. She is so adorable, it can make you weep.

Kaeya, as she fucks into the half-folded form, looks down at her bottom lip and licks it. She tries to wipe her eyes with her hands, but her hand is stuck in her mouth. She is not listening to the boy, who clearly wants to seduce her. She will crumble and become disoriented if she doesn’t follow her lead.

Kaeya X Reader Lemon Episode 2.

Kaeya X Reader Lemon’s episode features the women meeting in a coffee shop. The coffee shop is quiet as candlelight flickers down the hallway to the bedroom. She could have carried Kaeya up to the bed, but she was unable to do so. Instead, she wraps her arms around Kaeya’s midsection and pulls against her chest, asking her if she can join her.

kaeya x reader lemon

They have been hanging out together for several hours. After exchanging a warm kiss, Kaeya grabs you by the sleeve and pulls it towards her. He fucks you until your eyes are covered in tears after he’s done. He pulls at your arm while you clutch his genitals and moan in fervor.

They then slip into one another’s arms and grab their hands, kissing for a passionate kiss. Then, she takes off your clothes and pulls them towards you. She is so full of oil and moisture that her lips are almost greasy and will get down to business with you. After a passionate kiss, Kaeya presses your face against his genitals. After a passionate kiss, Kaeya turns you into an aggressive cock and rubs the back of your neck.

She closes her eyes, laughs, and turns away from your face. She starts to hum, humming and then swathes your neck using her fingers. Then, she will cumming and twitch her lips. You are left gasping in air. Her cock tickle and gills twitch when she licks. Then she applies a sticky liquid to your throat, which she then adjusts. It will be hard to resist this sensation.




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