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Kamehameha Tier List 2022 – Epic Kamehamehas

Dragon Ball Z Kamehameha Tier List 2022

The next level of Kamehameha is available for the Saiyan Gods in Dragon Ball Z, and it has never been easier to unlock! Listed below are the best units in each tier. You can read up on each of them in this article! Getting them to level 100 is the most important thing to do, because the more you have, the better your deck can be! So get your deck built today!


SSJ Goku is a great tier for a CC build, especially in Kamehameha. He buffs the Super ally Ki, ATK and DEF, and has the ability to stun when he reaches 12 Ki. His Link Skills are excellent as well, and he provides great defense as well as a great attack. This builds is also ideal for Team play, as Goku and Vegito share the same +4 Ki.

The team has been the most dominant in Dragon Ball Z. Super Saiyan Goku leads the team and shows exorbitant results. The team also has two other strong members – Super Saiyan Gohan and SSJ Goku. Goku is the leader of the Representatives of the Universe 7, which is the strongest team in the game. The members of this team are all super powerful, and their combined powers can deliver massive results.

SSJ Goku LR TEQ is a decent CR, but is not as good as Goku Black. He only gets Kamehameha when he transforms, so he requires a lot of time to get to the top level. LR TEQ Vegito is the best all-rounder Kamehameha card, but you can use LE TEQ Vegito as well. The links-set of LR TEQ Vegito is exceptional, as he can link to many other Kamehameha cards.

SSJ2 Caulifla & SSJ2 Kale

Super Saiyan 2 Caulifla and SSJ2 Kale are two of the strongest heroes in the Dragon Ball franchise. While they’re both strong, their strength isn’t matched by their other abilities. Caulifla and Kale have both been used by the Super Saiyan Gods in the Dragon Ball franchise. While they’re largely similar in appearance, Caulifla’s attack is more powerful. In the manga, Caulifla uses her fingers to fire a stream of red ki waves at her opponent. While Kale uses her fingers to attack, Caulifla focuses her energy on her opponent with an outward strike, similar to Atomic Kamehameha.

Caulifla, meanwhile, can deflect Kale’s energy blast, and has greater potential than Renso. Both of them are Super Saiyans and can combine their abilities with Cabba to create an explosive explosion. As a Super Saiyan, she can beat Cabba with her power.

SSJ2 Caulifla / SSJ2 Kale are decent cards. However, they lack the power to compete with high-tier Kamehameha characters. Unlike their S Tier counterparts, SSJ2 Caulifla & SSJ2 Kale are also weak compared to LR TEQ Vegito. Vegito also has a great links-set and is very versatile.

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Here’s our Kamehameha Tier list 2022. For the Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle, you can choose the best Kamehameha. Please note that the Dragon Ball Z Kamehameha Tier List was compiled based on our opinions and can be modified in the future by new Kamehameha.


The SSJ2 Kale LR TAQ Kamehameha Tier List 2022 features the following five cards: Goku Black, Caulifla, Ribrianne, and Vegito. These units are Base-Breaking Characters, and they’re all pretty good. However, Kale is more popular amongst players for a few reasons. Firstly, his APT is through the roof, and he’s a great tank. And his ability to transform is another big plus, because he’s a great unit that will give you a breather against difficult events.

SSJ2 Caulifla & Kale are decent all-rounders, but they’re not as good as top-tier Kamehameha units. LE TEQ Vegito is an insane all-arounder, and he can tank well. Vegito also has a fantastic links-set, and he can be linked to many other Kamehameha units.

The LR of Gohan and Goten has been combined. The LR of Kale is now separated from that of its upgraded counterpart. The LR of Trollhan, a INT-type, is confusing because it can be mistaken for Angel Goku and Day of Destiny. Baditz, the worst Dokkan Festival unit in modern times, is also very powerful.

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