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KEKW Meaning – Wonder What Does KEKW Stand For & Full Form In Twitch Chat in 2023

What does KEKW stand for in Twitch Chat

KEKW, which stands to represent “Kiku”, is one of the most used emotes on Twitch. This emote can be used to exaggerately respond to funny chat comments. Although it is very similar to LUL, it has a different origin story. The KEKW emote replaced the LUL emote in World of Warcraft.

KEKW is a very popular Twitch emote

KEKW is a popular Twitch Chat emote. It evolved from LUL, which was used by streamers across different genres. The emote is expected to replace the LUL in the near future as it gains popularity. Streamers also use unique versions of KEKW such as KEKWow and KEKWWhat.

KEKW, an emote in Twitch Chat that symbolizes laughter, is called KEKW. While it is commonly used by gamers to express laughter, it has recently become a popular Twitch emoticon. Each Twitch emote is linked to a specific picture. Juan Joya Borja, a comedian and actor from Spain, was the first to link the KEKW emote to the image of Juan Joya Borja. Streamers use the KEKW emote to express their laughter and hilarity.

KEKW was first introduced by FrankerFaceZ on September 19, 2019. It was quickly adopted by the community. After streamers like AdmiralBulldog and xQc began using it, it gained popularity. KEKW is now the most popular emote on Twitch Chat, slowly replacing LULW and LULW.

It stands for Kik-u

kekw meaning

The Spanish acronym KEKW emote means “kik-u” in Spanish. It’s the European equivalent to the “LOL”, and the North American “LOL”. People use it to share their laughter in live streaming. It is simple to say and has been a popular Twitch chat emote.

Another popular Twitch chat emote is “Kiku”. This is a distortion of the word “pepe”. It is used in chat to express a person’s stupidity. It is used to indicate confusion or difficulty understanding a problem.

“Kappa” is another popular emote. This is Twitch’s equivalent to “LOL,” which means “laughing out loud”. To troll people, the Kappa emote can be used. It can also be used in competitive gaming to express joy or excitement.

It stands for “Twitch Chat”

Twitch chat can be overwhelming, especially when hundreds or even thousands of people are spamming simultaneously. But this is not all that KEKW can be used for. This acronym can also be used in Twitch chat to indicate funny or embarrassing behavior. The KEKW acronym allows you to have fun with other chatters.

The KEKW emote is very popular and even used as a stand in for LOL and ROFL. The emote is now a staple on Twitch, and many streamers have made it their own. This emote allows gamers to communicate their emotions and to respond to one another in a unique way.

The revival of Twitch emotes led to the creation of the KEKW emote. It’s similar to popular gamer emotes such as Pogchamp and ResidentSleeper. The KEKW emote combines some common Twitch gamer lingo.

What does KEKW in Twitch Chat mean?

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The KEKW meme is a synonym for laughter. It can be used to laugh at something on Twitch. It’s a FrankerFaceZ emote that signifies laughter.

Where did the KEKW Meme & Emote Originate?

KEKW is based on the famous meme of Juan Joya Borja’s (El Risitas) infectious laughter during a TV interview. The clip of him laughing at jokes became viral because of his laughter. KEKW is a Spanish meme called the laughing man, or Laughing Man.

World of Warcraft however is the source of the name KEKW. A Horde player can type LOL and an Alliance player will interpret it as KEK. Twitch added W words like LULW to make it KEKW.

How to use and pronounce KEKW

If a Streamer fails a mission, you can reply with KEKW. If they make a joke, you can send it to chat.

The source of the word is the Korean word KEKEKE. To make the original shorter and KEK more understandable, W was added. Many viewers use KIKU (or KEKYou) instead.

Twitch: KEKW Popularity Explained

AdmiralBulldog, xQc and others stream KEKW on Twitch and other streaming platforms. It became super famous online because they started using it and now it’s widely being used since 2019. The KEKW meme/emote will allow you to express your feelings on something funny.

It stands for FrankerFaceZ

KEKW stands to “FrankerfaceZ”, and is the emote which represents laughter on The Twitch chat. It was introduced to the game in September 2019 and quickly gained popularity. After AdmiralBulldog and xQc started using it, its popularity soared. FrankerFaceZ claims that the emote has been used by almost 130,000 channels.

Originating in Spain, the KEKW emote was used to laugh at a funny moment. Juan Joya Borja was a Spanish comedian who gave the emote its name. She began to laugh after being interviewed by Ratones Coloraos TV.

KEKW was used originally in a Juan Joya Borja (Spanish comedian and actor). It has become a standard sign of humor and is used on Twitch to show embarrassing or funny behavior. There are many memes that have been created from it.

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