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Killer Instinct Tier List : Update! September 2022

Killer Instinct Tier List

Killer Instinct is a game that was released in 1994 for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and arcades. The game features eleven different characters. To help you choose the right one for your game, you can use this Killer Instinct tier list. This list is a table that ranks each character from best to worst. Read on to learn more. Listed below are some of the Characters in the A tier.

Characters in the A tier

If you are unsure about which character to play next, you can check out our character tier list to help you choose the best fighter. Our list starts with the worst and works its way up to the best. Each tier has its own strengths and weaknesses, so make sure you check each one before you play. Listed below are the best characters in each tier:

The A tier is the best choice for players who want to play a character without wasting their time on unsuitable characters. These characters are usually the first choice of many people as they’re easy to level up and offer great stats. Characters in this tier are recommended for beginners and are also helpful for players who want to compete against high-tiered characters. Listed below are some examples of characters in the A tier.

Characters with meter

The killer instinct meter is a common feature in all characters, regardless of game mode. It is represented by a yellow bar underneath the character’s health bar. The meter fills as the character takes damage and executes combo breaks. When it reaches its full amount, the meter will glow red on the character’s portrait. To activate the killer instinct mode, the player can press HP+HK to trigger the mode, which lasts 15 seconds.

Characters with instinct

As a player of the video game Killer Instinct, you may be wondering how to choose your next fighter from among the various characters available. To help you choose, we have made a Killer Instinct character tier list. The list goes from worst to best based on individual performance and player skill. Each character is ranked according to their kill rate and other factors. In order to submit your own character tier list, simply log in to the site and publish your tier list.

The characters in Killer Instinct are ranked from lowest to highest. This list is based on players’ skill levels, and is not an official ranking. However, it can help you decide which characters to train or which ones to avoid. Beginner players may find the list useful. Intermediate and advanced players can also refer to it to make the best choice of characters. These characters are great options when high-tiered characters aren’t available.

Killer Instinct Tier List Guide | Best Characters 2022⇩

Here are the Killer Instinct top characters, sorted by their ability and strength.

S Tier – Killer Instinct Tier List

With the least amount of loose matchups, Killer Instinct Tier Reddit S characters are the best in the game at the moment. Know more and choose them as they’ll surely give your competitors hard time in your battles.

A Tier – Killer Instinct Tier List

Killer Instinct Tier List Maker – A tier characters are capable to perform well in the game, And also tier – A characters can easily match tier – S characters through good skill.

B Tier – Killer Instinct Tier List

Killer Instinct Tier List Snes – B tier characters are good picks for any battle. Some characters are easy to learn, and can easily defeat any tier if you play well.

C Tier – Killer Instinct Tier List

These tier – C characters are also good choices but don’t stand out as much as the higher tiers but are also very fun to enjoy the gameplay.

D Tier – Killer Instinct Tier List

These tier D characters are considered worst because they have really bad match-ups and are really hard to use against pro gamer’s. However, they can still be fun to use casually.

Killer Instinct Tier List | Best Characters Details⇩

To learn more about Killer Instinct’s best Killer Instinct character characters, here are their Killer Instinct details.

Rash – Killer Instinct Tier List

Rash is a character that Killer Instinct considers one of the most memorable. Rash has it all, including amazing overheads and staggers, lows and hard-to-break combos, as well as remarkable damage output, even when he doesn’t have a meter.

Rash is the right choice if you desire unmatched combination and mobility.

Aria – Killer Instinct Tier List

Aria is able to sense the meter, have great pressure and do amazing damage when she does. Aria is the most difficult character to break.

Aria’s body switching abilities make it difficult for opponents to predict the playstyle and win. Aria’s body switching abilities make it even more dangerous.

Fulgore – Killer Instinct Tier List

Fulgore it’s also the best choice fulgor’s blade dashes, lasers, fireballs, are just a few of the many moves he performs that make this character one of the best at controlling the war on his side. Fulgor can be both a Zoner and Rush character. Both are difficult to combat.

It gets better, Fulgore’s teleport is one of the most broken in-game abilities, as he becomes invisible and teleports to an opponent, which works well with mix-ups. Fulgore is the perfect character for you if you are looking for a character with few weaknesses or none.

Omen – Killer Instinct Tier List

Omen’s mobility is at its best in the game. It can move on land well and fly best. Because of its high mobility, the Omen can control an opponent anywhere on the screen using Meter Lock and Left/Right mix.


This is our motto Killer InstinctTier List to help you choose the best characters for your game. You can also find Killer Instinct Golden Tier List Characters details to learn more about your favorite characters.

Characters with mobility

The Killer Instinct Tier List lists the top characters in the game according to their ability, mobility, and overall strength. While these characters are not as strong or powerful as the top characters, they can still beat any character in the game, especially if their settings are the right ones. Here are the top five characters in the Killer Instinct Tier List. These characters are easy to learn and are very useful when playing against high-tier characters.

With four jumps, Gargos has a good aerial normal and is an excellent zoner. However, she is very susceptible to pressure attacks. If you’re looking for a versatile character, consider picking up Tusk. He’s a good choice if you like playing minions. And he’s fun, too. But be warned – these characters have very different play styles.

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