Kingdom Guard Heroes – Breaking Them Down By Element

Kingdom Guard Heroes

The Heroes of Kingdom Guard are broken down by element. There are 4 types of elemental heroes: Water, Fire, Wind, and Earth. There are 21 SSR heroes in total. Some heroes have unique abilities. Iron Fists, for example, enlarge when their energy is concentrated and release an electric shock that slows enemies. Other heroes, like Werewolves, communicate with wild wolves and summon ferocious beasts. All three of these abilities are multi-functional, but Regeneration Hero is the only one with a specific ability for archers.


There are several Kingdom Guard units and heroes available in the game. Each plays a specific role, and some heroes shine in specific combat situations. While there’s no need to upgrade your defense line-up, understanding your kingdom guard heroes and their specializations can help you improve your strategy. Read on to discover how each unit plays an important role in the game. Also, find out what units can best work together. We’ve listed the best units and heroes for Kingdom Guard below.


The Kingdom Guard uses various units and heroes in its central combat system, and these heroes each have their own strengths and weaknesses. Many people think that building their team with high-level units will allow them to quickly clear levels, but this is simply not the case. In addition to the unit types, you will also need to consider their specializations. Here are some tips for maximizing your team’s effectiveness. First, know how to merge two units of the same level. When two units are of the same level, they will automatically level up.

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The Kingdom Guard game uses units and heroes to engage in central combat and wipe out enemies. While many people think that a high-level unit can clear every level, there are many other factors to consider when building your team. Here’s a list of the best Kingdom Guard heroes. Then, make sure to level them up with Kingdom Guard Exchange Codes. These can be purchased from the market for additional summons and gold. But before buying them, make sure you understand the basics of their strengths and weaknesses.


In the game, Kingdom Guard, you need to upgrade your heroes, barracks, and summons to defeat the enemy. There are various types of heroes, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. There are upgrades for each hero, so there are many options available. You can also use Kingdom Guard Exchange Codes to obtain more summons. These can be purchased in the Game Center. There are different levels of upgrades in Kingdom Guard, from beginner to advanced.


You can obtain a Kingdom Guard heroes reward in several ways. These ways include slaying a villain, winning the Princess Marriage Tournament, and rescuing a damsel in distress. The standard reward for a hero is marriage to a princess and half of the kingdom. The best way to get the Standard Hero Reward is to defeat a powerful villain. However, if you have more than one hero, you can get duplicates of the same hero.


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