Knocking on the Dungeon Door Manga (2022)

In this Knocking on the Dungeon Door Manga Series, an adventurer named Hyeonbok Kim suddenly wakes up in a dungeon, where he meets a host of monsters and falls into the pit. The adventurer is forced to fight them on his own, but he quickly finds friends and develops a rare talent for magic. Throughout the story, he learns lessons about friendship and bravery.

Knocking on the Dungeon Door Manga Review

Knocking on the Dungeon Door Manga

After Knocking on the Dungeon Door Manga rescuing the others, Kim HyunBok begins clearing the dungeon on his own. He awakens his powers and starts taming the monsters, but he soon learns that he is not really an adventurer. He soon discovers that his friends, Kai and Chris, have also managed to regain memories and are now trying to save him. The adventurer must solve all of their problems by knocking on the dungeon door, but he must figure out who to trust.

In the meantime, the protagonist must clear the dungeon alone, but he awakens his abilities and begins to tame the monsters. He also meets Chris, Kai, and Kessle, who have regained memories. In this series, Kim HyunBok must use his newfound power to save the world from the monsters that are threatening to take over the world.

Knocking on the Dungeon Door

The Knocking on the Dungeon Door servant woman heard the wailing cry from the dungeon. Having seen the wailing, she was a little surprised. She hurried over to put her tray on the stone table. After placing her tray, she turned to the dungeon door and knocked. The servant woman left the room without making a sound. The path to the dungeon was darker, and the light flickered in places. Suddenly, the voice from the abyss sounded like a wailing child. The servant woman fainted and hid in shadows.

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knocking on the dungeon door

The first Knocking on the Dungeon Door encounter with the dreaded troll is not easy, but Hyeonbok Kim has a knack for solving puzzles and is not afraid to test her limits. A dungeon is the perfect place to learn new skills. In Waterbirth Island, for instance, there are three paths: a straight, a narrow and an unending one. The dungeon is divided into three distinct parts. Each path is unique in its own way.

As time goes by, the trolls and monsters become more aggressive and more difficult to fight. The trolls begin to eat the humans they fight, but HyunBok is determined to survive. With the help of his friends, he learns how to defeat them and gain the ability to use magic. The trolls will then be more likely to attack the other players and re-take their territory.




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