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KOF 2002 UM Tier List Update King of Fighters

KOF 2002 Ultimate Merge Tier List

Those who have played KOF 2002 Ultimate Merge have probably wondered how to get the best character in the UM Tier List for the various classes. Luckily, that is now possible, thanks to our updated guide. In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about Yuri, Ralf, King, and Kusanagi. We’ve also included information on how to get the best character for each class, including a team comp guide!

KOF 2002 UM Yuri

The KOF 2002 UM Yuri tier list features the fighters who can defeat the main enemy, the King. This list is divided into three tiers based on the difficulty level. UM Yuri is the strongest fighter on the first tier. This fighter can also perform karate techniques and uses her speed and strength to his advantage. This fighter is also known as the “Flying Swallow”.

Yuri’s uppercut flies into the air on contact with her opponent. Although this move is not great during ground combat, it is a solid dp move that is also effective as a combo ender and link. Its weak version comes out faster and only does one hit, whereas the strong version does two hits. This move is an excellent choice for KOF fans who don’t want to use fancy kicks to beat their opponents.

KOF 2002 UM Ralf

The Ralf tier list in KOF 2002 is based on the DM version of the character, but a few important tweaks have been made. These changes have allowed Ralf to be more versatile and more difficult to kill, while also improving his attack. Read on for more information. KOF 2002 UM Ralf Tier List

KOF 2002 UM is a game that reunifies characters from previous games, but is not a main story. While the game’s main purpose is fighting matches, it also features a Dream Match mode. This version is also called “Unlimited Match,” a name that distinguishes it from the NEO GEO version, which was released exclusively for arcades and the SNK console. The PS2 version, released in 2010, is the most recent game to feature this new mode. The game also introduces new characters like Orochi Iori, a lone female character, and new game modes.

To play as the KOF Ralf, you will need to master his skills in the UM mode. This mode is the main damage-dealer of the game and can be extremely rewarding, but you still need to land the first hit to score a combo. As a beginner, learning neutral and fundamentals should be your top priority. Even if you have a higher rank than your opponents, you should still play as your character.

KOF 2002 UM King

The KOF 2002 UM King Tier List is an updated character comparison for KOF ’02. This new edition of the game features 58 playable characters and a reworked game speed. Unlike its predecessor, KOF ’02 UM offers extreme switching and speed. Characters such as Kim, athena, may lee, and Angel have been given a thorough overhaul, and their tier lists have been updated to reflect this.

During the battles, Vice belittles his opponents and tells them to surrender. In contrast, Athena, who is a top damage-dealer, favors a sword and heart-shaped buckler. She can also use clubs and arrows, as well as magic wands. If she cannot use a weapon, she carries a Desert Eagle. In addition to these weapons, she can also use a fusion of a magic wand or even a sword.

KOF 2002 UM Tier List (Best Fighters)⇩

image 43 kof 2002 um tier list

SNK fans are the most committed fighting game community members to continuing supporting their beloved old titles, especially since most of them now include throwback netcodes for modern hardware.

South Korean player Kapramon recently created a tiered list of 60+ characters based on submissions from top Asian players for The King of Fighters 2002 Unlimited Match Rankings.

In total there are only three characters who claim to have S+ level rank K’, his unnamed clone, and Kula Diamond (sporting his alternate skin).

Talking of clones: Kyo has four playable versions. Her normal version and the evil Kusanagi are at S level. Kyo-1 is slightly lower on B+. Kyo-2 is slightly lower.

This tier list does not only include numbers for ranking but also numbers for ratio tournaments. These are special competitions in which characters are assigned a number to play in a team game with a limited selection. Can.

CupRamon believes this list might work best with a ratio cap of 20, so choosing a fighter like K’ at 10 would drain half the power of the entire team.

There is no ranking lower than five so he will only be able to pick two B-tier characters for his competition.

The UM series of the second title is a fully upgraded version of KOF 2002, a masterpiece of the King of Fighters series that deserves pride alongside KOF ’98. Based on The Nest’s Chronicles, the title contains the most characters of any title in KOF history.


After a long year, KOF 2022 UM is still one of the top game players. This post will highlight the best in-game Fighters. KOF 2002UM Tier List also includes the King of Fighters tier listing from Reddit. We hope you enjoy this KOF UM Tier List 2002. Thanks for reading the entire article.

KOF 2002 UM Kusanagi

If you’re a fan of the KOF franchise, you can enjoy the game more fully by using the KOF 2002 UM Kusanaga Tier List. This list is generated by Reddit users. This is the latest version of KOF, and it includes the most popular characters from the game’s past. Here is a quick look at what makes the Kusanagi Tier List one of the best in the series.

To begin, let’s take a look at the game’s main character. Kusanagi was the first ninja to be unlocked in the game. This ninja fighter’s intro is a homage to the anime film Akira. In the game, Kusanagi shares the voice actor Tetsuo. As a result, his intro features Tetsuo, and the pair use a special attack against characters equipped with weapons.

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