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Latios Vs Latias in Pokemon GO – Which Is Better in 2023? Helpful Guide

Latias Vs Latios in Pokemon GO

Latios Vs Latias in Pokemon GO is an interesting matchup between two dragon-type Pokemon. Although both have different types, they are both weak to different types of attacks. While Latias is weak to Bug and Ice types, it can also be vulnerable to Fairy, Ghost, and Dark types.

A good Latias VS Latsios battle requires at least two high level players. However, it is possible to beat it with three players if you can beat the Raid. In addition, it is possible to use Wind and Rain to boost Latias’s Dragon and Psychic type moves, as well as boost Latias’s Electric type counter. Fog and Snow can also be beneficial when fighting Latias.

Latios Vs Latias

As far as stats are concerned, Latias VS Latsios in Pokemon GO is a fairly even match. While both Pokemon have similar stats, Latias has slightly higher Defense and Offense. That means Latias will generally win this match.

Latias and Latios will be back in Pokemon GO as part of the Special Raid Weekend event on June 12 and 15. The fight will take place from 8am local time on Friday to 10pm on Monday. Latios were last seen in the game in January. Reshiram will also be back for five-star Raid Battles.

Latios is a good Pokémon with great speed and a decent moveset. It is not the best choice for Master League play, but it does have a great deal of PVP potential. Latios can be evolved to Mega form for three times, but it will cost you 300 Mega Energy the first time and 60 Mega Energy each time. It can also be used as a Raid Boss in Tier 5 Raids. Its vulnerable types are Bug, Ice, and Fairy. It has a max CP of 3,812 and is a great choice for any player looking for a competitive PvP battle.

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Mega Latios and Mega Latias are both incredibly powerful, but they will return to their standard forms when defeated. Mega Latios also has a rare attack called Luster Purge. The two Legendary Eon Pokemon share a Dragon/Psychic dual-type, but both are weak to Bug, Dark, and Fairy attacks.

Mega Latios will be available to battle in Mega Raids on May 3 and May 10 (local time). Mega Latias is one of the strongest Pokemon in the game and has over 80,000 CP. It can also be found shiny at the catch screen!

Mega Latios has a high CP, which makes it vulnerable to Ice and Bug-type moves. However, it is fairly resistant to the other six types of Pokemon GO moves. Mega Latios needs at least five or six players to defeat.

Mega Latios are two of the most powerful Dragon/Psychic Pokemon in the game. Both have Dragon Claw charges and Dragon Breath quick attacks. However, Mega Latios is bulkier and has more CP, which makes it a better choice for battles.

The game’s countdown timers are not properly working when players beat Mega Latios. This issue is currently being investigated by Nintendo of America. The company also responded to the problem via Twitter. They are currently working on a fix for this issue.

Pokemon GO Latias VS Latios guide

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The Eon Duo is still available as of the writing of this article Latias & LatiosThese are the Only Legendary PokemonThat is possible Mega EvolveIn Pokemon GO. They are able to outclass other Legendaries, making them worth having on your team. Latias & Latios are a pair and as such have similar stats with a few differences. In other words, LatiasBetter DefenseWhile LatiosBetter Offense.These are the stats for both Pokemon.

  • Latias:
    • Attack – 228
    • Defense – 246
    • Stamina – 190
  • Latios:
    • Attack – 268
    • Defense – 212
    • Stamina – 190
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It may appear that Latios is slightly more successful than Latias when looking at the stats. Keep in mind, however, that AttackIt is not the only stat for a Pokemon. More Defense,A Pokemon can take more hits. Latias has a greater spread of stats than Latios. A few tests will show that Latias is more likely to win than Latios. Let’s consider the Mega Evolved stats of the two.

  • Mega Latias:
    • Attack – 289
    • Defense – 297
    • Stamina – 190
  • Mega Latios:
    • Attack – 335
    • Defense – 241
    • Stamina – 190

Here Mega LatiasIt has been a Spread balancedStats Mega LatiosHas a more Offense spreadThis almost makes it a Glass Cannon. One of the Eon Duo can be used to your advantage. In most casesThen I recommend it. Latias.If you’re looking for an All-out StratThen LatiosYour choice. Both have their own strengths and weaknesses. Depending on your playstyle, one may work better than the other. Since they are Legendaries & have Megas, they are worth having on the Team.

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