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LEC Schedule 2022: Update!Teams, Scores, Results

LEC Schedule 2022

The LEC is coming back after the end of the 2021 season, so the next question is, what will the LEC schedule look like? We’ve compiled some information that will help you get prepared for the season. Keep reading to learn more about the Spring Split and Summer Split, the LEC XPO and Worlds, and more. Regardless of how you feel about the league, the future of the LEC is exciting.

LEC Summer Split 2022

The LEC Summer Split 2022 will begin on June 17th, and the top three teams from the spring season are set to battle it out for the final spot in the League of Legends World Championship. The top three teams haven’t made any roster changes, so they will likely face each other in three single-game series. In addition to Vitality, MAD Lions and Excel will also be in the mix, with the winner of each series advancing to the grand final.

The tournament will feature prize money of EUR200,000, with the winner receiving 80,000 euros. The top three teams will qualify for the World Championship 2022, featuring the best League of Legends players in the world. The tournament will take place in the countries of the USA, Canada and Mexico, and will be broadcast in English and Chinese. After the Summer Split, the winners will be announced. This is a fantastic opportunity for players and fans of the game to get some top-tier competition.

LEC Spring Split 2022

After the first half of the LEC Spring Split 2022, it’s time to focus on the second half. This split will feature six teams and two playoffs. SK Gaming and Astralis are both in the bottom half of the standings. Neither team is playing at the level it would like to be, so their playoff chances are extremely low. However, there are some good teams in the LEC that may surprise you.

There’s also an interesting playoff bracket, with Excel Esports making its first appearance in the LEC. Team Vitality narrowly misses out on the playoffs, but they’ll have to play the top seeds in order to advance. After all, the team that won the Spring Split last season is one of the best in the world. And if you haven’t checked out the brackets, it’s worth checking out the LEC’s Spring Split 2022 schedule.

image 163 scaled lec schedule summer

LEC XPO 2022

The pre-event for the LEC Summer Finals 2022 is LEC XPO 2022, a fun-filled event that will feature teams from the LEC, partners, and representatives from the local and regional communities. This event will be the biggest celebration of the LEC in its history, with plenty of activities, events, and special guests. Here are some of the highlights of LEC XPO 2022.

The LEC will hold its Summer Finals outside of its Berlin studio in Sweden this September. The league had previously planned to hold the Summer finals at the Malmo Arena, but was forced to cancel it because of the COVID-19 virus. The finals will feature the top three teams in the lower bracket, and will end with the grand finals. Riot has not released any further details on the schedule for LEC XPO 2022, but there is still time to purchase tickets.

LEC Schedule 2022

LEC Schedule

The LEC Schedule for Summer 2022 is here

LEC Schedule Week 7 (5th to 6th September).

Day 5th September LEC Schedule –

LEC Summer Results 2022

All LEC Summer 2022 Results are here

LEC Summer Standings 2022

Here are the standings of LEC Summer 2022

LEC 2022 Teams & players

Ten teams will take part in the LEC 2022. There have not been many big roster moves between the 2 splits, but that does not mean there haven’t been any.

Team BDS made various changes after a disappointing LEC debut, benching support LIMIT and top laner Adam. Nisqy in-game moved over to MAD Lions following a split on the bench, while Xerxe and Vizicsacsi are back in the LEC Summer 2022 with Astralis.

Here is the full list of players and teams competing in LEC Summer 2022.

  • G2 Esports – Caps, Flakked, BrokenBlade, Jankos, Targamas
  • Rogue – Larssen, Comp, Odoamne, Malrang, Trymbi
  • Fnatic – Humanoid, Upset, Wunder, Razork, Hylissang
  • Misfits Gaming – Vetheo, Neon, Irrelevant, Shlatan, Mersa
  • Team Vitality – Carzzy, Alphari, Haru, Perkz, Labrov
  • Excel Esports – Nukeduck, Patrik, Finn, Markoon, Mikyx
  • MAD Lions – Nisqy, UNF0RGIVEN, Armut, Elyoya, Kaiser
  • SK Gaming – Sertuss, Jezu, Jenax, Gilius, Treatz
  • BDS Team – NUCLEARINT, xMatty, Agresivoo, Cinkrof, Erdote
  • Astralis – Dajor, Kobbe, Vizicsacsi, Xerxe, JeongHoon

LEC 2022 Summer Split

The LEC Summer Split is the 2nd split of the 40 years of Europe’s rebranded professional league: LEC (League of Legends European Championship). Ten teams will compete in the round-robin group stage, best-of-ones.

LEC Summer Split Format –

  • Ten teams will take part
  • Best double round-robin setup
  • Matches are best-of-1
  • The LEC Summer Playoffs will be played by the 6 top teams

How to Watch LEC Summer Split 2022

The LEC 2022 tournament is available to watch on Youtube or Twitch. You can also view it on if you pin the tweet by the LEC.

Riot account holders who stream through Twitch receive various rewards for engaging in the community during LEC live events. Many gamers prefer to stream through this channel instead of choosing lolesports. Youtube.

You can also purchase tickets to LEC 2022 for twelve euros through their official website.

This split, featuring European teams that are well-known for their in-game abilities, is certain to thrill thousands of viewers.

Final words

This LEC Schedule 2022 guide should be useful. This post covers the LEC Summer 2022 schedule. We also discuss standings, results and teams. How to watch?

LEC Worlds 2022

The LEC Worlds 2022 schedule includes a lot of changes. For one thing, the playoffs will now be held in Madison Square Garden, which has hosted a number of major traditional sports events. However, the final four will move to State Farm Arena in Atlanta, the home of the Atlanta Hawks. In fact, the Worlds 2022 schedule has already changed slightly compared to previous seasons, but the changes will still be significant.

In the previous two years, there were no regions from the LEC competing at Worlds. The LEC will have two representatives in the first stage of the tournament, and the LCL will be absent. The LEC Worlds 2022 schedule will feature two representatives from each region. However, the LPL and LCK can send four teams each to the tournament. As a result, the LEC Worlds 2022 schedule is a much smaller affair than previous Worlds.

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