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LEC Schedule 2023 (Playoffs, Results, Teams) (Spring)


LEC Schedule 2022

LEC Schedule 2022

The LEC is making some changes to its schedule for the next year. This includes Super Weeks, but without Lock In. Instead, games will count towards the World Championship in 2022. Most teams are likely to make roster changes, but a few players like Rekkles are also expected to join the LFL. In addition, there will be a return to two games per week, which is similar to last year. In addition, several other teams will make changes to their schedules, too.

The LEC schedule for the 2022 season is available here. The start date of the spring split is January 14, which is the same day as the LCS Lock In tournament. The LEC normally starts a week after the LCS, so this will be a preseason event for the season. However, it should be noted that teams will be rehauling their rosters from the previous year and building teams to compete for the LCS title and Worlds contention.

The LEC Summer Split is set to begin September 17th, with games lasting three full days. The schedule for the summer split in 2022 will be exciting, and G2 should have an especially good showing. This year, the team has performed well, and it could very well qualify for the World Championship in 2022. In addition to the LEC Summer Split 2022, the teams will be playing in the Spring Split, and the finals will be held in early September.

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You can find the LEC Schedule 2022 here to help you get to the top spot. This page contains information about the LEC Spring Playoffs and their results, schedule, and teams.

LEC Spring 2022 playoffs will begin on February 27th. 6 out of 10 teams have qualified after the regular split, which ended on March 7.


Fnatic & Rogue are clearly the teams to beat for the 1st & 2nd seeds. But G2 Esports (Team Vitality), Misfits Gaming, Excel Esports, and G2 Esports cannot also be overlooked.


In the game, Team Vitality’s superstar laden roster had actually rough-split but managed to qualify for the playoffs in 6th position over LEC Summer 2021 winner MAD Lions, with just one victory separating the 2 teams.

Here’s everything you need to know regarding the entire schedule, including playoffs, teams and results. You can also find out where to watch live matches.

LEC Schedule 2022 >>

image lec schedule

Here’s the complete LEC Schedule for 2022

Match Date Time (CET).
Team Vitality vs MAD Lions 14 January 6.00 PM
SK Gaming vs Rogue 14 January 7.00 PM
G2 Esports vs Excel Esports 14 January 8.00 PM
Misfits Gaming vs Astralis 14 January 9:00 PM
Fnatic vs Team BDS 14 January 10.00 PM
Rogue vs Misfits Gaming 15 January 5.00 PM
Team BDS vs Excel Esports 15 January 6.00 PM
SK Gaming vs MAD Lions 15 January 7.00 PM
G2 Esports and Astralis 15 January 8:00 PM
Fnatic vs Team Vitality 15 January 9:00 PM
Misfits Gaming vs. Team BDS 16 January 5.00 PM
Excel Esports vs Team Vitality 15 January 6.00 PM
Rogue vs Astralis 15 January 7.00 PM
SK Gaming vs Fnatic 15 January 8.00 PM
MAD Lions vs G2 Esports 16 January 9:00 PM

Here is the schedule for Week 1 of LEC Spring Split 2022. The opening match of the 1st week, dubbed the Superweek, unexpectedly is not between people’s favorites Fnatic (FNC) or G2 Esports (G2).

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In the first match, Team Vitality will face MAD Lions. Fans will have their 1st look at super-team VIT’s mighty lineup featuring top-laner Barney (Alphari) Morris, mid-laner Luka (Perkz) Perković, and attack damage carry (ADC) Matyáš “Carzzy” Orság.

VIT brought back Alphari from the North American LCS (League Championship Series), for this split. On the other hand, rift made several roster additions.


LEC Spring 2022 Playoffs >>

LEC Spring Playoffs 2022 will be the 2nd stage of their spring season 2022. LEC winners are eligible for the Mid Season Invitational 2022.

The format for the games is double-elimination. Teams are seeded in the lower and upper brackets depending on their position during the regular season.

  • The 4 top in-game teams are seeded into the upper bracket
  • The fifth-placed side will take on the sixth-placed side from the lower bracket

The first seed has the option to choose between the third or fourth seed in Round 1. Rogue, top seed, has chosen Misfits Gaming as their 1st match. In-game winners with the lower seed in Round two of the upper bracket drop to the lower bracket (Match 4), while those who lose in Round one with the higher seeds drop to Round 3 of the lower bracket, (Match 6).


The lower bracket will end in a semifinal match. The victorious team will then face the winner in the grand final match.

All matches will follow the format of best 5. The winner of the playoffs will be named the LEC 2022 spring champion and will receive an invitation to the Mid-Season 2022 Invitational.

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LEC Spring Results 2022 >>

LEC Playoffs will be held from 26 March to 10 April


26th March (Upper Bracket) >>

Misfits Gaming 1 — 3 Rogue

27th March (Upper Bracket) >>

G2 Esports 1 — 3 Fnatic

27th March (Lower Bracket Round 1) >>

Team Vitality 3 — 2 Excel Esports

2nd April (Lower Bracket Round 2) >>

Team Vitality 0 — 3  G2 Esports

3rd April (Lower Bracket Round 3) >>

G2 3 — 0 Misfits Gaming

2nd April (Semifinals) >>

Fnatic 2 — 3 Rogue

9th April (Semifinals) >>

G2 Esports 3 — 0 Fnatic

10th April (Finals) >>

Rogue 0 — 3 G2 Esports

Teams qualified for LEC Spring Playoffs 2022 >>

Rogue 14-4 1st
Fnatic 13-5 2nd
Misfits Gaming 12-6 3rd
G2 Esports 11-7 4th
Excel Esports 9-9 5th
Team Vitality 9-9 6th

Conclusion >>

We hope that you enjoyed this LEC Schedule article. We covered everything you need to know about the LEC Schedule and Playoffs, as well as Results and Teams. You can also watch the live match online Twitch YouTube.

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