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Elden Ring Lich Dragon Fortissax Helpful Location Guide 2023

Elden Ring Lich Dragon Fortissax Location Guide

If you are trying to find the Lich Dragon Fortissax in Elden Ring, you’ve come to the right place. This guide will show you where to find the legendary dragon, as well as a good way to get the best loot and earn rewards from it. You will also discover where to find the Lyndell Catacombs and the Consecrated Snowfield.

Elden Ring Lich Dragon Fortissax

The Lichdragon Fortissax is the legendary boss in Elden Ring. It is a gigantic black dragon with four wings and lightning attacks. You can find it in the Deeproot Depths after giving Fia the Cursemark of Death. You must defeat this boss to complete Fia’s questline and finish the game. The good news is that defeating it is relatively easy.

In order to summon the Lichdragon Fortissax, you must first complete Fia’s questline in the Deeproot Depths. You can then proceed to the Lichdragon Fortissasx location. If you are unable to find Fia, you can also find her in the Divine Tower of Liurnia.

The Lichdragon Fortissax is a legendary boss in World of Warcraft. If you kill it with your friends or spirits, you can get over ninety thousand runes, as well as a legendary weapon known as the Lightning spear. Another legendary weapon you can equip is the Death Lightening incantation.

Lichdragon Fortissax attack animation

Elden Ring Lich Dragon Fortissax

The Lichdragon Fortissax is one of the most iconic bosses in the Elden Ring. It summons two lightning spears and stabs the area around it. These spells are the most damaging, so you should dodge them if you can. This powerful boss fight is available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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Lichdragons are able to breathe fire in a variety of ways, so you’ll need to learn what each type of attack looks like. First, you’ll need to see how they move. Then, you’ll need to study the animation carefully. You’ll want to watch for the ‘fire breath’ animation. This animation will change if you’re trying to dodge this attack.

Lichdragon Fortissaxs’s attack animation changes based on its range. A crouching position is used to avoid being hit by fire breath. Then, it leaps up into the air and shoots a fire breath. Often, this is telegraphed, so you should wait for the Lichdragon Fortissax to land before attacking.

Lichdragon’s repositioning claw attack

This boss is one of the toughest enemies in Warcraft III. Fortunately, you can cheese him with the Rock Sling. This attack scales with Intelligence, and is most effective when used alongside a Mimic Tear Ashes skill. Use the incantation directly toward the Lichdragon Fortissax while it is distracted by your Mimic Tear Ashes.

This attack deals massive damage, but can be avoided by moving backwards or performing two preemptive rolls. You must be careful to dodge this attack to prevent it from connecting with an opponent. If you do not dodge this attack, you can be stunned or knocked to the ground.

This attack is very difficult to dodge. The Lichdragon stands on his hind legs, then swings his arms to the right and to the left. As it swings its arms, it causes several bolts of lightning to break out of its body.

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Elden Ring Lich Dragon Fortissax Location

image 87 lich dragon fortissax

You could find Lich Dragon Fortissax on the Deeproot Depths. Nevertheless it gained’t spawn there instantly, you’ll have to full a quest for Fia, the Deathbed companion, and unlock a selected ending inside. Talked about under are all of the steps to get to the Lich Dragon Foritssax location.

  • You’ll be able to start with Fia’s questline after interacting along with her on the Roundtable Maintain.
  • Head over to the Deeproot Depths to unlock a second meet with Fia.
  • Earlier than you attain Deeproot Depths, be sure you have the Cursemark of Demise. You could find it close to a corpse on the high of the Divine Tower of Liurnia.
  • You’ll be able to attain Deeproot Depths via a hidden tunnel on the boss room of Mohg or defeat the Valiant Gargoyle in Siofra Aqueduct.
  • As you attain there, defeat Fia’s champions to speak to her.
  • After getting defeated her champions, you possibly can relaxation on the Grace of Website over there to save lots of your location.
  • Then, discuss to her and choose the “No, I wish to be held” possibility.
  • After that, choose the Discuss in secret possibility.
  • Give her the Cursemark of Demise to obtain the Radiant Baldachin’s Blessing.
  • Exhaust all her conversations till she says That is Goodbye.
  • As you exhaust all of her conversations, relaxation on the website of Grace and examine if she’s asleep.
  • As soon as she’s asleep, Work together with Fia and Choose Sure to Enter the Deathbed Dream.
  • Then, you’ll teleport to the Lich Dragon Fortissax’s location throughout the dream of Fia.
  • With this legendary boss, you possibly can summon spirits or your folks to take it down.
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  • Upon its defeat, it would drop over 90,000 Runes and a Remembrance of Lichdragon.
  • You should utilize or duplicate the Remembrance to get Fortissax’s Lightning spear or the Demise Lightening incantation.

Phase 2 of the Lichdragon’s attack

Phase 2 of the Lichdragon’ attack in Elden Ring involves two different types of attacks. The first one involves its long red lightning sword, which it can summon. The second one involves it dashing downwards. The timing of the lightning sword attack is a bit complex, as the Lichdragon will be doing two different things at once.

The Lichdragon also summons two lightning spears that can stab an area. This attack deals the most damage. Players should lock on to a target and dodge the lightning spears to survive this phase. The Lichdragon can be a tough enemy, so the best course of action is to be vigilant and avoid his attacks.

The second phase of the Lichdragon’s attack is visually jaw-dropping. It uses its massive battle area to unleash a number of different attacks. Because of the telegraphed nature of its attacks, it’s important to remember the attack points. The Lichdragon also makes use of Lightning Shock Waves and the Ancient Dragon’s Lightning Spear. The Lichdragon will use these to deal huge damage, but they can also be dodged with good positioning.

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