image 439 List of World of Warcraft Temtem Tiers

List of World of Warcraft Temtem Tiers 2023

List of World of Warcraft Temtem Tiers, 2022

A World of Warcraft Temtem Tier List will give you the best options for team building. These options can be learned by playing the game or watching replays. Also, you should be aware of tournaments and the competitive scene in which these characters are found. This information will help you pick the best team.


Seismuch is a Temtem starter and a strong, hard-hitting physical character. It is capable of becoming a heavy hitter and can use Earth techniques to gain defensive boosts. It also comes with great setup tools, such as Heat Up or Seismunch’s Worck.


One of the most beloved pets in World of Warcraft is the Gyalis. This pet is an Earth elemental and is very effective in combat. The Gyalis has great strength and a strong synergy to Toxic Plume. While the S-Tier is still in its infancy, it contains many powerful temtems.


Nessla is an Electric-type Pokémon with a very high Attack and Special Attack. Its attacks aim to inflict status effects and it also has strong Defibrillator abilities that isolates and damages opponents, interfering with their ability to use synergy abilities. It can also use both electrical and water-based attacks.


Saipat, a World of Warcraft dual-class hero, has amazing attack and health stats. You can unleash a wide range of melee, water and toxic fire attacks. This versatile hero is able to fill in gaps in PVE as well as PVP’s elemental coverage. However, she is limited in PVP counters and does not have a lot of special defense.


Volarend, a Toxic/Wind Temtem, lives on an island just outside Kupeleleza. It evolved from Zephyruff, and can take advantage of its ability to get quick hits with its moves. The Temtem has the ability learn Toxic Plume. This allows it deal Poison to opposing teams. This poison reduces the Attack stat of the enemy team.

Saipat’s transformation into Saipat

Saipat stands out from the other classes in World of Warcraft by a few key features. It is unique in its base stats, type of damage boost, location, evolution, and other characteristics. This species is also unique to the Temtem races. This tier listing is only for reference and does not constitute endorsement by the Licensors.


The new Raids were released in the World of Warcraft Tier List 20,22. These new raids cover Vanilla’s Molten Core through the Shadowlands Sepulcher of The First Ones. Based on votes and user submissions, the new World of Warcraft Tier List has been created. You can submit your own Tier List here.

image 439 List of World of Warcraft Temtem Tiers

World of Warcraft Temtem Tier Listing

S – This is the most popular and influential tier. It can be used to build a competitive team. However, the A Tier is second in player quality. For PvE, the S Tertiary is better than the A Trey. This tier has low HP starting. The A tiara is the best option for players who want to build a competitive, strong team.

Temtem Counters- The Toxic type can be a great counter to Temtem. Although it is useful early game, it is weak to Wind. It is a great choice for competitive play as well as PvE. It’s important to note that Volarend is still in Early Access so not all Tem types are available.

Temtem Competitive Tier List

Three tiers make up the Temtem competitive list: S, A, or B. The most popular tier is the S ter, while the A t is more powerful. This is the place where you’ll find many Temtem characters, including legendary creatures. Although the A t is superior, the S.t has better overall player qualities. The B t is too strong for casual players.temtem competitive tier list

The Temtem competitive Tier List is based upon base stat total. If you want to become more powerful, you will need to use higher-level Tems. A B-tier Tem is a good option if you aren’t into competitive play. The strongest team will be the smallest, so don’t worry if your team doesn’t have the best creatures.

Seismuch is an excellent Temtem starter and is physically strong. Seismuch’s large stature makes it an excellent hitter. Its Earth techniques provide a defense boost and are a great setup tool for Heat Up. Finally, the signature move of this creature is Seismunch’s Worck. A plump is an option if you’re still in the early game.

Sakus’ matchups

World Of Warcraft Tier List 2022 Sakus’ type matches are determined by the character’s current status. If a character is equipped with four pieces of the tier set and two legendary items, then the damage profile for the Sakus’ type will depend on several factors. Burst damage and offensive cooling downs are important aspects. A strong offensive cooldown can be very helpful, especially for bosses who have many adds.

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