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Tips on how to Look Around Mingyun Village in Genshin Impact 2022? helpful Guide

The Tree Who Stands Alone Walkthrough – Look Around Mingyun Village In Genshin Impact

If you want to complete the quest The Tree Who Stands Alone in Genshin Impact, you’ll need to look around Mingyun village. The objective requires you to find a large red tree and a shovel in its base. When you find this item, you’ll complete The Tree Who Stands Alone quest.

The Tree who Stands Alone

The Tree who Stands Alone in Genshi Impact is a World Quest that rewards players with Primogems and other rewards. It is a difficult quest that can give you free rewards or help you discover lore secrets. In this walkthrough, we’ll walk you through the steps to complete the quest. First, you’ll need to speak to the ghost of Yuan Hong. Once you have spoken to him, you’ll need to find his lost will and examine his lost notes.

Genshin Impact is a highly entertaining open world fantasy RPG that features lots of quests. One of the most important quests is The Tree who Stands Alone, which you can unlock by speaking to Yuan Hong’s ghost. Yuan Hong can be found in Mingyun Village, next to the notice board.

The quest begins in Mingyun Village, an abandoned mining area. Talk to Yuan Hong to find the will. Then, head to the nearby cave where you can find the lost notes. Once you’ve read them, you’ll be spawned with the rest of Yuan Hong’s will. This quest can be difficult and requires multiple attempts. You’ll need to get the will and ascension materials before you can go on. You will also need to defeat the Treasure Hoarders in the area to unlock the quest.

You can also go for World Quests. These will allow you to get some extra insight about the village, and they give you valuable items and Mora. In addition, you’ll get access to several Primogems as you progress through the game. After completing these World Quests, you’ll also be able to use the Liyue Shrine of Depths key. In this quest, you’ll find four parts of the father’s will, each hidden in four locations around the village. The first one is located in the cave south of the hut. After you find it, you’ll receive a luxurious chest as a reward.

Finding a gjost-like figure in mingyun village

In Genshin Impact, there’s a ghost-like figure that you must find in the village of Mingyun. It is part of the quest, “The Tree Who Stands Alone,” and is located in the south section of the village. In addition to the ghost, there are several other interesting things to find in the village, including a book of lost notes, a bulletin board, and a cave.

To start the quest, head to Mingyun Village, located in the Liyue region. A ghost will greet you there, reading a dialogue to you from a will. After reading the dialogue, your objective will change to search around the village. The first step in this quest is to locate a book that you find in the house near the ghost. This book is located on one of the boxes, and you can read it to advance the quest.

This quest can be extremely difficult to complete, so it’s best to consult a guide before starting the game. Genshin Impact has a guide that will walk you through all of the locations and make it easier for you to complete this quest.

Mingyun village is a mountain area that contains several abandoned ores mines. Its inhabitants have been moving to the Chasm and Harbor, but there are some strange happenings in Mingyun. Hilichurls are known to move to abandoned villages, and they have clustered around a broken bridge connecting the Guili Plain. While the villagers are unsure of their fate, Chongyun is compelled to investigate.

Genshin Affect: Tips on how to Look Round Mingyun Village to Full The Tree Who stands Alone Quest

To finish The Tree Who Stands Alone quest in Genshin Affect, you’ll have to look across the Mingyun Village to search out 4 items. Since it may be difficult to search for 4 items, right here’s easy methods to do it.

Genshin Affect: Tips on how to Start The Tree Who Stands Alone Quest

You possibly can entry the look around Mingyun Village within the Liyue area. The search will start with the ghost of a person studying out some dialogues. The ghost is of an outdated man named Yuan Hong and the dialogues he reads look like from a will. As soon as the ghost completes talking, the duty goal will change to go searching Mingyun Village.

Genshin Affect: Tips on how to Full Look Round Mingyun Village Goal

Step one on the search is to search for a e book. The e book shall be present in the home proper subsequent to the place you interacted with the ghost. Get into the home and the e book shall be situated on some containers. Merely work together with the e book to learn it and progress additional within the quest.

The second a part of the go look around Mingyun Village goal is to search out 4 items of a misplaced will. The overall places the place you must head are marked in blue on the in-game map. Nevertheless, it may be troublesome to get the precise location to go looking whenever you attain these markings. Beneath is an in depth location information the place you must look to search out the items.

First Piece

Head straight down into the water beneath the placement the place you might be standing. You will see that a mine on the fringe of the water physique. Enter the mine and discover the need situated on the ground to the proper facet of the doorway.

Second Piece

Now, head to the following mine after exploring the primary one. You will see that some small baskets on the proper of the doorway. Search behind the hampers and one can find the second piece of the need.

Third Piece

Subsequent, get to the mine marked with the furthest north goal marker. The mine shall be flooded deep inside. Swim by the water to succeed in the opposite finish of the mine and discover will’s piece.

Fourth Piece

The final piece can be within the mine situated on the final goal marker. Comply with the tracks inside the mine to discover a mine cart. The fourth piece of will is situated proper subsequent to the cart.

This can full go look around Mingyun Village goal in Genshin Affect. From right here comply with the additional pointers to succeed in the massive pink tree. Discover the shovel on the base and work together with it to finish The Tree Who Stands Alone quest in Genshin Affect.

Completing the quest

In Genshin Impact, you can complete the quest to look around Mingyun Village. The objective in this quest requires you to search specific locations in the village to find a mysteriously written will. You will have to look for the wills in four different places to complete the quest.

Once you’ve completed the quest, you’ll have a Precious Chest, 300 Adventure EXP, 50 Primogems, and a Liyue Shrine of Depths key. There are four parts to the father’s will, and each one contains different resources and rewards. Fortunately, finding these treasures is not difficult.

After completing the quest to look around Mingyun Village, you can continue your journey by completing the Tree who Stands Alone world quest. You’ll need to talk to Yuan Hong in the village, examine the Lost Notes, and find the Lost Will. Completing this quest will earn you the title of Tree Who Stands Alone, which unlocks a full walkthrough of the game.

Completing the quest to look around Minyun village is a great way to earn Primogems, which can be used to purchase different items or expand your team. The game has many quests you can complete that reward Primogems. One of the best quests to complete in Genshin Impact is the Tree Who Stands Alone quest, which rewards Primogems. You can find this quest in the Liyue region, which will also reward you with Primogems.

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