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Easy Way To Look For Other Murals Genshin Impact 2023?

How to Look For Other Murals in Genshin Impact

How To Look For Other Murals Genshin Impact? If you’ve played the free-to-play video game Genshin Impact, you’ve probably heard about the many different murals that can be found throughout the game. These murals are part of an optional side quest, and players often talk about the locations that you can visit to find them. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of all the locations where you can find them.

Locations of all five murals in Genshin Impact

How To Look For Other Murals Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact includes 5 murals, which you must find in order to complete the world quest “The Other Side of Isle and Sea.” To locate each mural, you must take a photo of each one with your camera. If you miss one, you must go back to the location and take another photo. The missing photos will be listed in the “key items” section of your inventory.

The first mural is located on the north-east side of Shirikoro peak. To access it, you must go through the first Relay Stone puzzle. Then, take a left turn. On your way, you’ll come to a wall with a bird marking. Once you’re there, open the wall and take a photo of the mural.

The next mural is located on Tsurumi Island. It can only be accessed after the server has been reset. Once you’ve completed the Octave of the Maushiro quest, you’ll need to use the door mechanism on the other side to enter the shrine. Then, you’ll find the entrance to Shirikoro Peak.

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To get the elusive fifth mural, you must complete the quest “The Golden Slumber”. This is the first of five murals you need to collect. The rest are in the other locations. You can find these murals on the Twinning Isle by doing other quests.

Quests that require taking photos of murals

In Genshin Impact, you’ll have to take pictures of murals to complete certain quests. One of them is called “Take a Photo of Ruin Murals.” The objective is to take photos of six different murals located in various ruins around the game’s world. The first mural you need to take a picture of is on the island of Tsurumi. You’ll also need to take photos of murals located in the Shirikoro Peak.

In the second quest, you’ll have to take photos of a mural to progress. In this quest, you’ll need to look up in order to take the photo. Luckily, there is an in-game camera that you can use to take photos of murals in Genshin Impact. Just open your Paimon’s menu, then click on the camera icon in the left corner. Once you’ve taken one photo, you’ll be prompted to take another. Alternatively, you can equip the Special gadget from the bag icon in the top right corner of your game screen.

Another way to complete this quest is by visiting the Golden Apple Archipelago. The Golden Apple Archipelago has a number of unique quests and can be completed in a short amount of time. One of these quests, called “The Other Side of Isle and Sea”, requires you to find and take pictures of five different murals. You’ll need to take one picture of each mural in order to complete this quest.

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How To Discover Different Murals Location In Genshin Influence?

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All of the murals are positioned on totally different islands and there’s no specific order that you should observe whereas looking for them. Once you see the murals, be sure that to look at them and click on an in-game {photograph} of them. Discovering all of them will reward you with 40 Primogems, 6 Mystic Enhancement Ore, 3 Hero’s Wits, and 30,000 Mora.

Minacious Isle Mural

Once you land on the teleport level of the Minacious Isle, glide east till you attain the rock formation there. On the left aspect of this rock formation, you can see the mural on one of many rock partitions. Click on an image of the mural within the recreation.

Damaged Isle Mural

Damaged isle mural is difficult. You’ll have to remedy a puzzle to get to it. From the teleport waypoint, glide within the southwest path o the rock formation. There you’ll come throughout the Dodo King’s Painted Wall. You’ll first have to interrupt down this wall. Use your Wind-Blessed Harpastum to interrupt the wall don after which remedy the puzzle to get to the mural. Will probably be in your proper.

Twinning Isle Mural

From the teleport waypoint, go to the southern a part of the island. You’ll discover a passage between two rock formations that can lead you to some Hilichurls that you’ll have to defeat. They are going to are available two methods so be ready. Then you can see the mural on the wall there.

Anonymous Island Mural Location in Genshin Influence

To get right here, go to the twinning isle teleport waypoint. From there you possibly can glide to the middle island. There, from the seashore, you possibly can entry the mural.

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Anonymous Isle Mural in Genshin Influence

For this anonymous isle, you’ll have to go there between 10:00 and 14:00 in any other case the island might be lined in fog and also you won’t be able to take an image of it. To get to the island, go to the twinning island and sail your approach utilizing the Waverider to the anonymous island. When you attain the island, you’ll fon the mural between 3 treasure chests.

Ways to find them

Genshin Impact is a game that involves collecting key items and looking for other murals. There are five different murals in this game, and you can find them all by using a map. The game is available for the PC, PS4, iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch.

The first way to find another mural in Genshin Impact is to head to the Twinning Isle. The mural is hidden in a cave on the island. To find it, players must first teleport to the island’s shore and then proceed to the large peak to the right. Then, they must battle opponents to unlock the mural. The second way to find a mural in Genshin Impact is to go to Broken Isle, which is located west of the Twinning Isle.

The final mural is on a nameless isle between Broken Isle and Twinning Isle. To decode these murals, players must talk to a scholar named Sayid. The scholar can be found at the Knights of Favonious Headquarters in Mondstadt. After deciphering the murals, Sayid will explain the story behind the Golden Apple Archipelago islands and reward the player with 40 primogems and three hero’s wits.

You can also find illusionary murals on some of the structures in the desert. These murals only appear at night. If you activate them in the daytime, they will be distorted and won’t offer any interaction. But when you activate them twice, a chest will appear with rewards.

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