What Would Happen Lord of The Rings If Pippin had a Gun?

The question that many readers of Lord of the Rings have is this: “What would happen to Pippin if he had a gun?” The answer to this question lies in the plot. The characters of the book, and the movie in general, are all very believable, but what if Pippin had a gun instead? We might have to rewrite the entire plot to make it work, but the plot is incredibly interesting.

Lord of the Rings What Would Happen to Pippin If He Had a Gun?

Lord of The Rings If Pippin had a Gun

In the film, Pippin would have shot Sam. That would be a great way to ruin the continuity. The actors, however, would have been so much better without the gun. The actors who played Samwise Gamgee and Pippin wouldn’t have had a gun, so the song that Pippin sings to Denethor may not even have existed.lord of the rings if pippin had a gun

In the books, Pippin is a young orphan and a hobbit. He is the son of two older brothers, Merry and Faramir. He is also a great hunter. In the film, he is sent by Elrond to hunt down the White Riders. He is a powerful and fearsome elf. He has a keen eye for a ring and a gun.



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