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What Would Happen Lord of The Rings If Pippin had a Gun?

Many Lord of the Rings fans have a question: “What happens to Pippin if you give him a gun?” The plot answers this question. Both the movie and the characters are very plausible. But what if Pippin owned a gun? The plot is fascinating, even though we may have to rewrite it.

Lord of the Rings, What Would Pippin Do if He Had a Gun

Lord of The Rings if Pippin had a gun

Pippin would have shot Sam in the film. It would have the potential to disrupt continuity. The gun would have made the actors look so much better. Pippin and Samwise Gamgee wouldn’t have been able to carry a gun so Denethor might not have heard the song.lord of the rings if pippin had a gun

Pippin is described as a young orphan and hobbit in the books. He is the older brother to Merry and Faramir. He is also a formidable hunter. Elrond sends him on a hunt to find the White Riders. He is a fearsome and powerful elf. He can see the difference between a gun and a ring.




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