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Lost Ark Amethyst Shard – How To Get Amethyst Shards in 2022?

How to Buy an Amethyst Shard from the Lost Ark

Completing achievements is the best way to get Lost Ark amethyst fragments. These achievements can only be unlocked if you complete certain tasks, such as having at least 50 friends on the chat room. After achieving this goal, you will be awarded with 1,000 amethyst pieces. This isn’t the only way to get amethyst. Completing certain quests is another way to get amethyst.

Mokoko Seeds

You must visit Tortoyk Island to find Mokoko Seeds. This is the only place where you can find these rare gems. These gems can be obtained by speaking with a Mokamoka (a Mokamoka is a resident on the island).

Mokoko seeds can be found in Lost Ark at three locations. The Musical Forest area is the first, and it starts at the “Tor’ guard’s station. Look for the signpost to your right once you have reached this area. On the north side, near a bamboo tree, you will find the second mokoko seed.

Another way to locate them is by looking for mokoko seed in the Lost Ark Map. These collectibles are more than 1,235 in total, with many hidden from plain sight. Some collectibles may have specific requirements, such as the ability to play a particular song or wait for an NPC’s move.

Each item has an NPC vendor. The number of items collected by these NPCs will determine the rewards you receive. These rewards can range from crewmates to combat stat boosts, or even permanent crewmates. Some rewards can be fun like personality traits.

If you follow the steps above, earning Amethyst Shards will not be difficult. There are many merchants within the game. One can be found in any major city with a Portal Stone. One merchant is known as Mysterious Man.

Armored Raptor

If you’re looking for a cool mount that you can ride in the game, then the Armored Raptor of Lost Ark Amethyst Shard may be for you. This mount is optional, but it is worth considering. The Armored Raptor is a cross between Jurassic Park and Game of Thrones. It comes with full armour, a spiked helmet, and a spiked helmet.

Twitch Rewards allows you to get the Armored Raptor Mount in the game. The rewards can be divided into three parts, a mount, a Crystalline Aura and shards. These shards are used to buy items from the Amethyst Shard Exchange NPC (located in the game’s Product Inventory).

Prime Gaming users can use the Amethyst Shard in order to purchase a Raptor Mount. You will receive a Crystalline Aura effect from this mount, which increases your character’s life quality. Crystalline Aura will give you half-priced shipping tickets, which will decrease your travel costs. You will also feel more connected to NPCs with the Crystalline Aura. The Crystalline Aura will give you two additional Bifrost slot and reduce the time required to perform certain abilities.

Prime members of Amazon Prime can earn the Amethyst Shard as a reward for playing their game. Prime gamers can earn a Raptor mount or a Crystalline Aura every month.

How to get Lost Ark Amethyst Shard

As I have mentioned, Lost Ark Amethyst Shard is very useful. rare & valuable currencyIt’s a game. It will enable you to do cool stuff like awesome. Cosmetics, mounts and other goodies. These currencies do not match what you would earn by playing the game. Other than Amazon & Smilegate hosting EventsThere are not many ways to get Lost Ark. Here are some of the ways you can achieve Lost Ark. 5500 Shards at Lost Ark.

  • Complete the Prologue & reach Level 50 – 1000 Amethyst Shards.
  • Arena Match – 2000 Amethyst Shards.
  • Amazon Prime Account – 500 Amethyst Shards.

These are just a few of the many ways that you can obtain Amethyst Shards. With a 5.5K Amethyst Shard, you can get many cool things.

  • Rapport Supplies Crate
  • 3 Battle Items Chest
  • Arkesia Paper Mask Selection Chest
  • Mount: Gold Combat Wolf
  • Sail Glyph — Vigor of the Gold
  • Crystalline Aura
  • Dog Tricks

Rapport Chest

Rapport Chests can be a great way of building rapport with NPCs. Lost Ark. They can be found in log-in rewards and epic or legendary gift bags. Each item in your Rapport Chest earns you 2,000 points that can be used to advance through the game.

Mari’s Secret Shop has a variety of rapport chests. To purchase a chest, however, you will need blue crystals. These gems are easily farmable by engaging in various activities. You might consider other methods to make these gems, as they aren’t very cheap.

You can also earn Amethyst Shards by completing Achievements within the game. Many of them will reward you with Shards. You can earn 1000 Shards by adding 50 people to the “People Persons” Achievement. These rare gems can only be obtained if you also locate an Amazon/Twitch Prime Gaming Pack.

Prime Gaming members can get Lost Ark rewards by buying it at the Amazon store. Prime members will get the Relic Raport Chest and Crystalline Aura. This reduces the amount time a character spends in Triports. Prime members will also get an Amethyst Shard Pack. This is a premium currency which they can trade to Arkesia residents.

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