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Lost Ark Cerberus Mount – How To Get The Cerberus Mount in 2022

Lost Ark Cerberus Mount

This mount is a very special mount in the Lost Ark video game. It can sense the dead and jump forward. This mount is rare and can only been obtained by completing a very specific quest. This mount can double dodge and has an expiration time of 12 seconds. This mount is unique and only available in the Lost Ark game.

Cerberus is a canine with three heads.

The Cerberus Mount is one of the most sought-after cosmetic items in Lost Ark. It is a three-headed canine with a strong leap and another ability to sense the dead. This legendary mount is well-known for its fierceness and reputation. There are many options for Cerberus mounts. You can also choose the color that best suits your character.

The free version of the game does not include the Cerberus mount. It will only be available in the Platinum Founder’s Pack. For a brief time, however, the mount will only be available as part of the Founders Pack. You can then purchase it separately in the in-game store. It can also be earned by participating in various activities within the game.

It comes with a double dodge

The Dodge ability of the Lost Ark Cerberus Mount surpasses that of any other mount in the game. It is the longest-disabled Lost Ark mount, and it can dodge farther than any other mount. It has an exceptional dodge ability and takes 12 seconds for it to cool down. This mount is great for avoiding enemies.

All mounts have a base speed of 60. However, Cerberus mounts have a double dodge that increases their speed. This mount is much faster than any other in the game. Its skill and dodge are the key to its speed. The mount can cover a considerable distance in a relatively short amount of time.

It has a cooldown of 12 seconds

Lost Ark Cerberus Mount

In Lost Ark, you can obtain several different mounts. The Cerberus mount allows you to ride Hades’ legendary guardian dog, the Cerberus. You can purchase the Founder’s Pack to get it. The mount can only be obtained by purchasing the Founder’s Pack. You can also wait until March 10 to get the Founder’s Pack separately if you do not want it.

Lost Ark Cerberus Mount has a cooldown time of 12 seconds to 24 seconds. It is a versatile mount. You can double jump with it! If the mount is not unlocked, you will be able to use the spacebar to activate its jump skill.

Lost Ark Cerberus Mount is quite rare

There are many mounts to choose from in Lost Ark. They can be obtained free at Twitch drops or events. However, you can also buy them in Store for royal crystals which can be used to purchase in-game items. You’ll always have a variety of mounts to choose from.

Cerberus mounts are expensive at 81,000 gold. You can farm Golden Terpeion for 13 Ignea Tokens if you are looking to buy a cheap mount. This mount can sense the dead and provide extra speed.

How to get the Cerberus Mount from the Misplaced Ark

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You will get the Cerberus Mount on this recreation by buying the Platinum Founder’s Pack.You can’t obtain it by using any in-game forex that you could grind, as I mentioned earlier. The pack costs $99.99 so it is quite expensive. The Cerberus Mount Choice Chest is one of the many items you will get from this chest. Here’s how to unlock the mount.

  1. Purchase the Platinum Founder’s pack.
  2. The Chest is Opened. It can be used to make a variety of items.
  3. Now, Select the Cerberus Mountain chest and click on the preview.
    • Here are seven options for mounting:
      • White Cerberus Mount x1
      • Grey Cerberus Mount x1
      • Blue Cerberus Mount x1
      • Black Cerberus Mount x1
      • Orange Cerberus Mount x1
      • Indigo Cerberus Mount x1
      • Purple Cerberus Mount x1
  4. Do keep in mind you don’t get the entire above-mentioned Mounts. It is possible to only pick one of each.You will be unable to choose from the opposite mount options if you declare one.
  5. From the given decisions, declare a Mount. To get the Cerberus Mount on this recreation, you will only need to do that.

In case you are unsure if you should purchase this pack only for a mount then don’t fear you get different objects with it as effectively. These are all of the objects you get within the Platinum Founder’s Pack:

  • Platinum Welcome Chest x1
  • Crystalline Aura (30-days) x1
  • Hero’s Ascent Improve Chest x1
  • Lawmaker Set x1
  • Platinum Complimentary Pores, skin Set x1
  • Cerberus Mount Choice Chest x1
  • Cat Pet Choice Chest, x1

Tips for how to Journey Cerberus

You may be able to travel the Cerberus Mount once you have made your declaration.

  1. To open the Mounts menu press Alt + V
  2. Mount it by clicking on Cerberus.

Lost Ark Cerberus Mountain is very expensive

It is one the most popular mounts in the game. However, it is not free. It can only be purchased with the Platinum Founders Pack. Those who are interested in the mount shouldn’t spend more than eight hundred dollars. You can purchase the Platinum Founders Pack for ninety-nine dollar, which only comes with one mount.

The Cerberus mount, one of 150 in the game’s game, is exclusive to the Platinum Founders Pack. There are more than 150 mounts in the game, which you can find through game play. The Cerberus mount, however, is an exclusive item that must be bought if you are interested in purchasing the game.

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