How to Lost Ark Change Guild Leader

Lost Ark Change Guild Leader

The Lost Ark game does not yet feature a Lost Ark Change Guild Leader, but it is definitely on the horizon. While it isn’t available in the NA/EU version, it’s highly likely that it will be introduced later. There are several advantages to being a guild leader, though. First, you can make better use of your guild members’ skills. Guilds can open special abilities that boost a player’s stats. Second, they can help you find groups for end-game content.

How to Change a Lost Ark Guild Leader

To change your guild leader, first, you must join a different guild. You may join a different guild, but you must first change your settings. Click on the guild’s name to change it. Alternatively, you can delete the guild altogether. Once you’ve done so, you’ll need to wait four days before your guild’s next standby interval. If the guild is already active, you can transfer the management to your new guild chief. You’ll be able to see the guild name and the guild leader’s title.

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The game has a guild system. You can join a guild if you’re looking for one. Guilds also have guild leaders and deputies. Using the guild system is a great way to meet new people in the game. If you’re interested in joining a guild, there’s a list of all guilds. Just make sure to find one that’s right for you. You’ll find it easier to make friends in the game if you join a guild that’s close to your level and interests.




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