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Lost Ark Chaos Shards – What They Are & How To Get Them in 2023

Lost Ark Chaos Shards

The Lost Ark Chaos Shards are not farmingable. Unlike the Harmony Shards and Perception Shards, you can’t farm these. But they are used to craft dream instruments and Bifrosts, and can be sold at the Luterra Castle for 250 Shillings.

Harmony Shards

There are two ways to get Harmony Shards from Lost Ark. One is to use the Bloodstone Exchange. You can find the Bloodstone Exchange in the Exchange Store, and from there, you can exchange it for Harmony Shards. You can also get Harmony Shards by completing quests in the Blackfang’s Den.

Another way to get Harmony Shards is to earn them by doing dungeons in Lost Ark. Some of the dungeons in the game will give you Harmony Shards if you complete them at the end of a run. Those dungeons can also yield Purification Fragments, which can be exchanged for Harmony Shards.

Another way to earn Harmony Shards is to complete quests on islands. The best places to farm Harmony Shards are Serenity Isle, Toto Silver Island, Panda Island, Dreamgull Island, and Shadow Island. However, this method requires a high iLevel and can be very time-consuming. The reward is worth it, as you will get Harmony Shards as a reward.

Perception Shards

Lost Ark Chaos Shards

Perception Shards are special currency in the game that can be used to purchase rare goods from the vendors in Chaos Dungeons. These items can be used to upgrade gear or obtain engravings. They are incredibly useful at the end of the game. There are several ways to earn them, including grinding them in the Chaos Gates and completing Chaos Dungeons.

There are many ways to obtain Harmony and Perception Shards. One of the easiest and fastest ways to farm these rare items is to perform activities that involve the use of Harmony Shards. These activities involve defeating enemies in a limited amount of time and reward you with items and shards. You can also find different sizes of the Harmony Shard Pouch.


There are many ways to obtain Leapstones in Lost Ark. You can farm them from Tier 1 Chaos Dungeons and Guardian Raids, as well as by completing daily quests. These Leapstones are also exchangeable for honing materials. You can also obtain them by participating in events, such as the Lost Ark Challenge.

Lost Ark players can also earn Perception Shards from completing Chaos Dungeon missions. Then, they can use them to purchase items from a vendor. They can also exchange for other items, such as Harmony Leapstones and Disorder Shards. The latter are important for leveling up your gear and taking on high-end challenges.

You can also purchase Harmony Leapstones from other players, such as villagers. However, the cost of these can be prohibitive when bought on the Auction House. Fortunately, players can also purchase them from Mari’s Secret Shop using Blue Crystals.

Exchange NPC

There are two ways to get Lost Ark Chaos Shards, one is by farming and the other is by buying them from vendors. Buying Chaos Shards from a vendor will cost you 250 Silver each, which is a low price, and it will allow you to buy them in bulk. These vendors are located in the combat area of every town, and they look like small bags with an icon next to them.

Another way to earn Lost Ark Chaos Shards is to spend your time completing the Chaos Dungeon. You’ll receive daily rewards by completing the dungeon twice a day. You can also exchange these shards for Harmony Shards at the Bloodstone Exchange NPC in North Vern. However, you must be a guild member to be able to exchange your Bloodstones.

What are the Lost Ark Chaos Shards?

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Awakening Chaos Shard or Chaos Shard An item that is Each time you use your Awakening ability, it is used. These shards can be used frequently because they have a higher consumption cost.

How to obtain Awakening Chaos Shards for Lost Ark

They can be bought from any General Merchant in this game.

  1. Any city with an active airport is a good choice. General MerchantIt. General Merchants are usually found in major cities and towns.
  2. You can also search for General Merchants by opening your World Map.
  3. Once you’re in the city Interact with the merchant.
  4. This will make it possible to Shop.
  5. The Buy Section will show you an item called Awakening Chaos Shard. It Costs 250 silver.
  6. Based on the amount of silver you have, and how many Chaos pieces you need. Buy them.
  7. It is possible to buy multiple shards instead of purchasing one shard each time.

As long as you have enough Chaos shards, you can use Awakening whenever you want.

Are Chaos and Perception Shards one in the same?

While this may seem silly, new players can easily get confused by the number of Shards available in this game. Below is a quick explanation about the different uses of these shards.

  • Chaos Shards:To use Awakening abilities, you can consume them.
  • Perception ShardsYou can exchange them for Harmony Shards and Jewelry, Stone Fragments or any other item.
  • Harmony Shards:They can be used for upgrading your weapons or armors.
  • Disorder CrystalsYou can exchange them for Harmony Leapstones, Engraving Books, or other items.

Best way to get them

Chaos Shards are an item in Lost Ark that is required to use some special skills. Without one, you will not be able to use the Awakening skill. These specialized items can be acquired from General Merchants. They can be found in most cities, and you can buy them for 250 silver each.

There are vendors in each city that sell these shards. These vendors can be found in the fight spaces of each city. They are usually near Chaos Dungeons, Guardian Raids, and Abyssal Dungeons. You can buy Chaos Shards in bulk if you need them frequently.

Another excellent way to get Lost Ark Chaos Shards is to complete the Tower. This activity is quite time-consuming, but it will reward you with harmony shards that you need to level up gear.

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