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Lost Ark Floor 48 – How To Clear Shadespire Flooring 48?

Lost Ark Floor 48 – How to Clear Shadespire Flooring 48

If you’re stuck in Lost Ark floor 48 and can’t figure out how to clear it, you are not alone. YouTube player RaZzi has posted a complete walkthrough of the game. Here are some tips to clear it: Defeat a boss, use grenades, and drink a consumable potion.


The first step in beating Riku’s Lost Ark Floor 48 is to equip Panacea, a consumable potion found in the game’s world. This potion can be obtained by looting chests or crafting them. Once equipped, the player can use the potion to stun the boss for three to four seconds. The Panacea potion can also be used during Floor 48 battles to prevent other enemies from spawning on the stage.

Using grenades

Lost Ark Floor 48

Using grenades to clear Shadespike Flooring 48 is a great way to make quick work of the boss in this level. In addition to doing damage, this method also allows players to heal during the fight. While in this level, you should make sure you have a few grenades in your inventory.

You can use a few different types of grenades to clear this level. These include Flame Grenade and Whirlwind Grenade. However, it is important to remember that the strength of grenade attacks depends on the durability of your equipment.

The Tower is one of the most challenging and rewarding levels in The Lost Ark. The goal is to make your way up the Tower by defeating all enemies on each floor. The Tower is divided into two floors, each with different types of enemies. The Shadespire is the first of the two towers, and it is one of the hardest floors.

Defeating a boss

Defeating a boss on Lostark Floor 48 is a tricky task. It’s not a straightforward fight because the boss will block your basic attacks and abilities. You’ll need to use bombs and grenades to kill him. Defeating this boss will give you the ability to move onto the next floor.

The boss on this floor is spawned after 3 to four seconds. The best way to kill it is to wait until the boss spawns and use grenades. You’ll need to be very careful not to attack the minion that is following the boss, and you’ll need to keep a cool head to avoid being hit by the boss.

The spider boss will be located in the center of the arena, guarding three cocoons. The spider boss uses melee attacks, and will also use web attacks to deal damage. If you get hit by his attack, you’ll be slow for five seconds. You’ll need to be extremely careful to avoid being slowed by his attacks, but you can use telegraph to reposition quickly and deal damage to his minions from behind.

Methods to Clear Shadespire in Lost Ark Floor 48

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There are two methods to beat ground in Lost Ark Floor 48.

  • Utilizing Panacea and supreme (Advisable technique)
  • Throwing grenades on the boss

Allow us to verify each these strategies.

Methods to Use Panacea and Final to clear Shadespire Flooring 48

Earlier than you enter the ground, equip not less than 1 panacea potion as a way to use it in the course of the battle. You may acquire it by opening completely different chests or by crafting it.

  1. Enter ground 48.
  2. Look forward to the boss to spawn.
  3. Whenever you enter the world you’ll be silenced. So that you gained’t have the ability to use any of your assaults.
  4. Look forward to the debuff cooldown to succeed in 3-4 seconds.
  5. Use the Panacea potion.
  6. Lastly, use your final or awakening capability and defeat the boss.

Whenever you use this technique you possibly can defeat the boss in a single shot and end the ground instantly. Because of Gamer Hex on YouTube for sharing this technique.

Methods to Beat Shadespire Flooring 48 by Throwing Grenades

Earlier than getting into the ground, it’s best to carry the chilly and flame grenades with you.

  1. Go to the Flooring 48.
  2. You’re going to get silenced upon getting into this ground, watch for the boss to spawn.
  3. As soon as it spawns wait to your debuff to succeed in 3-4 seconds and use the chilly or the flame grenade.
  4. You’ll once more get silenced.
  5. The longer the battle goes the extra the enemies will spawn.
  6. Hold dodging the enemy assaults by working round till you should use your grenades once more.
  7. Use the grenade as soon as obtainable.
  8. Repeat these steps and you’ll defeat the boss very quickly.

Using a consumable potion

When you are trying to complete the 48th floor of Shadespire Tower, you will find that it is the most difficult floor of the entire game. If you’ve been struggling to clear the floor, you might want to use a consumable potion. You can purchase Panacea from Chests, or you can craft them. In either case, you should make sure to carry a Panacea Potion with you.

A panacea potion is useful for clearing these floors because it can clear any harmful status effects. Then, you can use the Awakening Skill to deal damage to the boss. Alternatively, you can use Frost Grenades to deal damage to the boss. However, you should make sure to wait three to four seconds before using this method.

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