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Lost Ark Gate Of Harmony – How To Use in 2023?

Lost Ark Gate of Harmony – How to Get the Key of Balance

Before you can complete the Lost Ark Gate of Harmony quest, you must obtain the Key of Harmony. This item unlocks a series of rewards once you complete the event. It can be obtained by completing cooperative sailing missions in Vern, Arthetine, and Anikka. Note that the Key of Harmony is sometimes incorrectly translated as the Key of Balance, but it still works for the event.

Co-op event in Lost Ark

Whether you’re a solo player or are looking for a co-op challenge, the new Lost Ark game features some exciting events. Getting to the mysterious Gate of Harmony is a fun way to test your teamwork skills and earn some awesome loot. But before you can get there, you’ll need to find the Key of Balance. It’s a special item you need to access the Lost Ark Gate Of Harmony and unlock the treasures it holds.

You’ll have to sail to the city of Port Krona, which is in the middle of North Vern and Arthetine, to reach the Lost Ark Gate Of Harmony. Once there, you’ll be greeted by two different creatures. You’ll then have to kill these creatures, which will spawn all over the place. Once you’ve killed all of the creatures, you’ll be rewarded with a chest containing the Key of Harmony.

The best way to access the Lost Ark Gate Of Harmony is by playing the game’s co-op mode. In order to participate in the event, you’ll need to have at least one player on your team. The Gate of Harmony is located in the North Vern area, so it’s best to head there first.

Lost Ark Gate Of Harmony

Ways to earn Harmony Shards

There are multiple ways to earn Harmony Shards in Lost Ark Gate of Harmony, but the most reliable method is to complete island quests. This is especially true for the Serenity Isle, Toto Silver Island, Panda Island, Dreamgull Island, and Shadow Island. These locations reward Harmony Shards as well as Treasure Maps, which are used to unlock dungeons with other players. It is also possible to purchase Harmony Shards in Mari’s Secret Shop.

Completing daily and weekly quests can also help you earn Harmony Shards, but you can’t count on these for guaranteed rewards. Instead, try to earn other rewards that can help you with your quest. Alternatively, you can create your own guild and recruit members. Once you have formed a guild, you can follow the steps given in the guild’s guide to earn Harmony Shards.

Completing shadespire towers is another great way to earn Harmony Shards. While this method can be time-consuming, it is important to note that it rewards Harmony Shards, which are crucial to leveling up your gear. By completing shadespire towers, you can earn up to 20,000 Harmony Shards in a single run.

Island quests

Gate of Harmony Island quests can be challenging if you have a large group of people with you. In order to complete them, you have to find three Makako seeds that you can trade for more powerful rewards. The first two are located on the west side of the island while the third is on the cliff’s edge.

Gienah’s Coins will make up the majority of rewards from the Chest of Harmony. These coins are used for a number of items, including the Lost Ark Pirate Coins and the Lost Ark Roar emote. You can also find Gold and Gienah’s Coins from the Treasure Map, although these drop only occasionally. Getting them isn’t a difficult process, but you do need to prepare.

To start the quest, you must travel to Port Krona, located in the middle of Arthetine and North Vern. From here, you will be able to see the Gate of Harmony, a huge round gap in the sea. There, you’ll have to split into two teams and complete a mission. In this quest, you’ll be tasked with killing sea creatures that are attempting to get to the Chest of Harmony.

How one can Use Key of Stability & Gate of Concord in Misplaced Ark?

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To make use of the Key of Stability and Gate of Concord, you must first take part within the co-op occasion. You want to take action each day at sure occasions of the day. You want to participate within the Gate of Concord occasion.

This specific occasion is situated Someplace within the Huge Sea. As soon as you discover the stated location on the map, you must journey to it. As soon as right here, you must enter the gateway on the time of the occasion.

When you accomplish that, you will see your self cut up into two teams. You will want to maneuver round taking pictures at swimming issues. You want to maintain doing so for some time. After a while, the occasion will finish. Nonetheless, whatever the end result, you will see a chest on the finish of the occasion. You want to use your Key of Stability to open this chest. Doing so will let you purchase Gienah’s Coin and gold amongst different rewards.

So there you have got it. That is all you must know concerning the Key of Stability and Gate of Concord and find out how to use them within the recreation. As you’ll be able to see, utilizing them will help profit you fairly properly.

Chaos dungeons

You must have the Aura of Resonance to enter a Chaos Dungeon, which affects the amount of loot you can receive. This energy can be earned daily at 6:00AM server time. Once you have enough energy, you can access the Chaos Dungeon, which can earn you secondary items and equipment.

You can queue for a Chaos Dungeon by interacting with the Chaos Dungeon statue, or you can play the game with friends via matchmaking. There are different tiers of Chaos Dungeons, and the higher your Tier, the more items you’ll be able to collect. Depending on the difficulty, you can either solo or team up with friends. However, if you’re just starting out, you might want to wait a while before attempting a Chaos Dungeon.

The tier level of each Chaos Dungeon determines the amount of gear and armor you will be able to get from them. As you progress through the dungeons, you will receive gear of all different types, upgrade materials, Harmony Shards, and Disorder Crystals. There are also vendors within the dungeons where you can buy certain items. These vendors accept the currency that you earn by completing dungeons.

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