Lost Ark Gray Hammer Mokoko Seeds

lost ark gray hammer mokoko seeds

The Mokoko Seed is one of the many items you can find in Lost Ark. This item will reward you with different rewards depending on where you find it. While you can find some Mokoko seeds near the Mokoko Village, many of these are hidden in the Gray Hammer Mine dungeon. The mine contains twelve seeds that you can find there, but many are hidden in secret passageways that are difficult to access.

Lost Ark Gray Hammer Mokoko Seeds

To obtain the fifth Mokoko Seed, players need to return to the room where they found the first seed. Then, they must destroy the wooden platforms and barrels on the left side of the room to find a secret passage that leads to the next area. Next, players should search for the Mokoko Seed in the shadows. Place the firefly lamp on the pedestal to reveal the pathway to the fifth seed.

The next goal is to find the Mokoko Seeds in the Gray Hammer dungeon. They are rare collectibles that can be traded for special rewards. The first Mokoko Seed is located in the upper right corner of the room after you take the lift downward. Once you have found it, you will need to kill several enemies and fight the Raging Darkness Cragolith boss to obtain the next one.

Once you have obtained the Mokoko Seed, you need to take a lantern and place it near the altar and near the golden bridge. To get this Mokoko Seed, you need to place a lantern near the two previous ones. Once you’ve placed the lantern near the first Mokoko Seed, you can proceed to the fifth one. The next two are located near the altar. The final seed is behind a wooden cage.

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