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Lost Ark Harmony Leapstone – How To Get & Farm The Concord In 2023?

How to Get a Lost Ark Harmony Leapstone

A Lost Ark harmony leapstone can be obtained by completing certain questlines in the game, known as Island Quests. These questlines are located in specific islands and can only be completed once. These quests will grant you with a single harmony leapstone, which can then be purchased or sold for gold.

Una’s Tasks

Una’s Tasks in Lost Ark are the daily quests players can complete. They spawn daily and once completed, they provide players with upgrade materials. These materials are used to purchase various Unique Items. Although Una is the primary character, you can use any other character to complete Una’s Tasks.

Una’s Tasks are daily quests that unlock as soon as a player reaches level 50. They can be completed three times a day. Using an augmentation item will increase this limit to four daily tasks. Taking on Una’s Tasks is a great way to get experience and increase your roster level.

In Lost Ark Harmony Leapstone, players can also earn Harmony Shards by completing Una’s Tasks. Each Una’s Task grants a varying amount of Harmony Shards. These tokens can be earned in any of three ways. During the day, players can complete up to three tasks to gain a set amount of Una’s Shards. These tokens can also be used to buy items in the game shops. In addition, they can be traded for Sylmael Bloodstones and Merchant Ship. PvP players can also earn Harmony Shards when they engage in PvP battles. The game will reward PvP players with Una’s Tokens as well as reward them with other rewards when they reach certain ranks.

Completing island quests

Lost Ark Harmony Leapstone

The Lost Ark game includes many island quests to complete. You can complete these quests to earn items. For example, you can earn a Mokoko Seed by gathering Fragrant Pollens or transporting Sacred Spring Water. You can also get a Chest of Clear Sound by playing Serenade of Love 80 times. These quests will give you Silver if you complete them properly. Alternatively, you can find other items in the game by fishing and opening chests.

Completing island quests is an easy way to earn some rewards. To begin, you should speak to the Gardener on Harmony Island. She will give you a list of island quests to complete. Each island will have a different reward, so you need to work together to complete them all.

Completing Island Quests will earn you Harmony Shards, which you can use to increase your item level. You can also use Harmony Leapstones to boost your gear to tier 1. These are found in Chaos Dungeons, Guardian Raids, and Mari’s Secret Shop. You can also purchase them using gold in the Auction House, but they can get expensive. Also, since you need a lot of them, you will probably need a few extra honing supplies to get them.

Completing Chaos Dungeons

Completing Chaos Dungeons is a great way to earn harmony shards. You can find two rewards each day by doing this, and you can run as many as you like, as long as you have enough energy. The Chaos Dungeons can be done with up to four players. The concept is fairly straightforward: complete each dungeon by killing monsters, filling the progress gauge. Then, use this progress to open a portal to a new zone. Remember to always be careful not to run out of time, though, or you’ll lose the chance to complete the dungeon.

If you’re still running out of Aura of Resonance, you can use the catch-up mechanic to try again. Completing the same Chaos Dungeon twice on the same day will give you 50 Aura of Resonance and double the loot. However, this mechanic only works for the first two Chaos Dungeons you complete each day.

The way to Find And Get the Concord Lost Ark Harmony Leapstone

image 307 lost ark harmony leapstone

It is possible for you to to farm Concord Leapstones by the Chaos Dungeons in Lost Ark. One other place to seek out these stones is within the Guardian Raids. You possibly can run in these two areas daily to get the stones. Regardless that these places don’t give the stones in lots each time that you just full a dungeon, they’re the one method to farm the identical in. You could get a superb quantity of stones the first time that you just clear the dungeon however you gained’t get as fortunate after.

Different methods to get Concord Leapstones are by shopping for them from NPCs, as a reward by occasions, and extra. Listed here are the entire methods that you could get the Concord Leapstone in Misplaced Ark:

  • Guardian Raids
  • Chaos Dungeons
  • Purchased from the Sylmael NPCs for Sylmael Bloodstones
  • Purchased from the Chaos Dungeon NPC vendor
  • Mari’s Secret Store
  • Shadespire Tower Rewards
  • Ghost Ships
  • Public sale Home
  • Decrease Tier Islands (Jap Islands within the ocean)

It’s also possible to at all times undergo the in-game Misplaced Ark occasions to see if there are further supplies that you could be want within the recreation. Aside from the leapstones, you might discover a ton of different stuff that you just want within the recreation.

Which Distributors Can You Purchase Concord Lost Ark Harmony Leapstone From?

You possibly can simply purchase Concord leapstones from the next:

Chaos Dungeon NPC vendor

  • Price: 60 Notion Shards
  • Weekly Restrict: 20

Sylmael NPC Distributors (Tiella, Anais, Le’verille and Avril)

  • Price: 50 to 30 Sylmael Bloodstones
  • Weekly Restrict: 4 to eight

Mari’s Secret Store

  • Price: 15 Blue Crystals for 15 Concord Leapstones

Farming Lost Ark Harmony Leapstone Shards

There are many ways to farm Harmony Shards in Lost Ark. You can do daily tasks, complete Island Quests, and do Chaos Dungeons. However, completing Chaos Dungeons is not very time-efficient and will only give you a few Harmony Shards. Instead, you should focus on farming Harmony Shards for their high value.

To farm Harmony Shards quickly, you can do a lot of island quests. Some of the islands that you can visit are Toto Silver, Serenity Isle, Panda Island, and Dreamgull Island. Once you have obtained enough Harmony Shards, you can sell them at Mari’s Secret Shop.

While running the Chaos Dungeons is a great way to farm Harmony Shards, there are some advantages and disadvantages to farming these shards. For one, the enemies get more difficult as you progress through each floor. Getting more Harmony Shards will also help you upgrade your gear. You can also find shards by dismantling items.

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