Lost Ark Swear Fealty Or Resist Reddit

Lost Ark Swear Fealty Or Resist Reddit

Lost Ark Swear Fealty Or Resist Reddit

The classic Lost Ark questline has an exciting twist: in the throne room, players must choose between Swear Fealty and Resist. Resisting means that you will have to fight Scherrit in the game, which is a fun and challenging experience. If you resist, you’ll be rewarded with a free hit, and a reduced health bar, but you’ll have to endure the fight with the game’s’real’ consequences.

The quest is quite difficult, with several different paths you can take. You’ll have to stomp through countless enemy armies, coordinate your attacks, give signals with drums, and ultimately decide whether to Swear Fealty or Resist. The choice is particularly important because the game gives you two different options: you can betray your friends or align yourself with demonic powers.

While most of the game is devoted to combat, looting, and grinding, it is also a RPG with choices and consequences. The Glorious Wall quest presents the player with an important choice: do you swear fealty to Scherrit or resist him? In both cases, a nighttime battle is inevitable. And while both options lead to a great storyline, players must decide which option will give them the greatest chance of winning.

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Despite this dilemma, many players will find the game’s high fantasy action to be extremely rewarding. Although the story is unlikely to win any awards, it does provide the basis for the rest of the game. The game’s content is also overwhelming, with so many options available. Exploring Arkesia will bring many decisions, with most of them involving saving a rival or destroying the demonic army.




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