Lost Ark Tournament Champion’s Plate Use

Using it to spawn Champions

The Tournament Champion’s Plate is a high-level crafting material in the game. It can be used to craft quests, high-level items, and the Season 1 Item Level 260 weapon. You can obtain this plate from a merchant NPC in Port City Changhun. It is currently unavailable on the European and North American servers. If you’re wondering what you can do with this plate, read on!

Loss of Ark tournament champion’s plate

In the game, a new item called the Tournament Champion’s Plate can be obtained by winning an event in Changhun on Anikka. This item binds to your character, but its use is unclear. It is not traded with NPCs or sold to vendors. So, what is the best way to use this item? Read on to find out! Hopefully, this information will help you find the right answer!

The Tournament Champion’s Plate is an item that players can use to craft high-level items. This item is only available in the Korean version of Lost Ark, but there is an NPC in Port City Changhun that will exchange it for weapons. If you’re not able to trade the Tournament Champion’s Plate for the weapon in the Korean version of the game, don’t worry! You’re still in the early stages of the game, and you may find this item useful in the future.

Legends of Lost Ark event

Using it to spawn Champions

In Legends of the Fallen Ark, the Tournament Champion’s Plate is an item obtained by defeating the NPC Pahan. After obtaining this plate, it binds to your character. However, it’s not immediately clear what it does in the game. There’s no gold bag symbol to indicate that the item was not trashed by a vendor. Here are some uses for the Tournament Champion’s Plate.

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Using it to spawn Champions

You’ve probably been wondering about using the Tournament Champion’s Plate to spawn Champions. In the EU/NA version of the game, you can’t. You need to get an NPC to exchange your Plate for weapons. The Korean version of the game has this NPC, but it doesn’t exist in the NA/EU version of the game. Perhaps the developers will add it later. Until then, you can keep your Tournament Champion’s Plate in your inventory, where it is safest to store it.

The Tournament Champion’s Plate is an in-game item that will allow you to spawn Champions when you win a duel with the right equipment. It can be found in your Storage in each major metropolis. You can also use it to craft high-level items and quests. Alternatively, you can use it to store the Plate in your storage. There are also future updates planned for the game, and these will add new high-level items, quests, and equipment.

Using it to control FIFA 22

You can use the lost Ark Tournament Champion’s Plate in FIFA 22 to make items that are high-level or to complete quests. If you want to get a weapon level 260, you can get it from a merchant NPC in Port City Changhun. However, this item is only available on Korean servers. You can also exchange it for other crafting materials. The Tournament Champion’s Plate is not available on other servers, including North American or European.

The Tournament Champion’s Plate is a rare item in FIFA 22, which can only be obtained from the NPC Pahan. When obtained, it binds to your character. It doesn’t appear with a gold bag symbol, which suggests that it’s junk. This makes it difficult to figure out exactly what it’s useful for. But don’t worry. It’s still useful to know how to control FIFA 22 using this item.

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As mentioned earlier, the Tournament Champions Plate is an item that you’ll receive when completing the story of Lost Ark. The purpose of this trophy is still unclear, but it’s useful to keep in your inventory as you wait for future updates. It’s possible that future updates will introduce new high-level items, gear, or quests that you can use the plate for. That’s why you should always keep the plate safe.


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