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Lost Ark Tragon Ship? How To Get It In 2023?

Lost Ark Tragon Ship

If you want to purchase the Lost Ark Tragon Ship, you will have to complete several quests. The first quest you need to complete is the one with the name “The Tragon, the Predator of the Seas.” After that, you will have to complete the daily task of “Return to the Pit.” Once you complete these tasks, you will be able to use the Tragon.


The Ashtray of Lost Ark is one of the fastest ships in the game. Its high base speed and durability make it an excellent ship for fast travel. However, it has many requirements. To craft it, players must complete daily quests, progress their quests, and visit islands. Reaching level 50 and completing the Ratik quest in Rothun are the two most important steps. Afterwards, players need to gather the materials required for crafting the Ashtray.

The ship is the main ship in the Lost Ark game. To obtain it, players have to complete a quest in the Eye of Hypnos in the Sea of Givena. In addition, they have to complete Una’s daily task, “Return to the Pit.”


Lost Ark Tragon Ship

The Astray is the best traveling ship in the game, but it can take a while to get. Before you get the Astray, you can build up to other great traveling ships, like the Estoque and Eurus. These ships are good choices to use when you want a speedy ship that can travel through all types of weather.

In order to obtain this ship, you must first visit the Eye of Hypnos in the Sea of Givena. Then, you can get the daily quest The Tragon, the Predator of the Sea. Complete these quests until you’ve reached the third reputation level.


The Eurus ship is an extremely fast boat in the game. It is obtained after completing a quest called “Ride like the wind”. To get this ship, you must travel to the islands of Tortoyk, Turtle Island, and Revelry Row. Once you have done so, you can then use your new Eurus ship.

The first step to get Eurus on Lost Ark is to get the Eurus reputation. To do this, you must complete Una’s Task. To do this quest, you must go to three islands and walk into the orange circles. You need to do this daily until you gain enough reputation. This will help you to unlock the ship in the shortest amount of time.

Another way to get Eurus on Lost Ark is to go on the Astray Una quest. This quest will grant you a bonus to your reputation. If you want to get the Eurus in a hurry, you can try to use multiple characters. One character can complete the quest and another character can work on the Astray Una quest at the same time.


If you are wondering how to get Lost Ark Tragon Ship Brahm, you can do so by completing a quest. This quest is called “Melody of the Sea” and you can open it by pressing F5. Once you have completed it, you will get the Brahms ship with a unique stats and Siren Seas resistance. This makes it especially useful in the endgame waters.

The Brahms ship is one of the many ships available to you in Lost Ark. It is a beautiful ship and can be obtained through daily quests. You can find these quests on the first island that you need to get.

Tips on how to Get Lost Ark Tragon Ship?

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Observe these steps to unlock and get Lost Ark Tragon Ship:

  • You have to journey to Hypnos’s Eyes island and full all of the purple-colored quests.
  • After you have accomplished all of the quests, you’ll unlock a each day Una’s job that’s “taking part in by the pirate guidelines”.
  • In case you are unable to see this job even after finishing the quests, full the yellow-colored questline to unlock Una’s each day job.
  • The duty includes an invite from an Enviornment Supervisor Logan for protection matches.
  • Settle for his invitation to enter protection matches.
  • Then, find these protection matches and attain the Hypno’s Eyes. Enter a protection match and win the battle.
  • Your repute degree will increase for each protection battle you full.
  • Carry on grinding on these protection matches till you attain repute degree 3.
  • You’ll have to full over 30 protection matches to unlock Lost Ark Tragon Ship as a reward.
  • As quickly as you full these protection matches, you’ll develop into the longest-reigning protection champion in historical past and obtain extra rewards.
  • You’ll discover a reward of Lost Ark Tragon Ship on repute degree 3.
  • Full this Una’s job to battle a protection match and earn the Tragon Ship as a reward.
  • Lost Ark Tragon Ship has a base pace of 18 and is just about proof against Tempest seas.
  • Together with the Tragon ship, additionally, you will obtain 36,000 pirate cash and a braveness potion.


To get the Tragon ship in the Lost Ark video game, you must first visit the Eye of Hypnos in the Sea of Givena. This will unlock the daily quest The Tragon, Predator of the Sea. Once you complete this quest, you will be rewarded with the ship.

The Tragon ship is available to players after leveling up their goodwill to level three. It is a mechanical ship that is built for battle. You can get it after surviving 30 defense matches at Hypno’s Eyes. You can upgrade the ship to be more resistant to Tempest Seas and Sandstorm seas.

This ship has a base speed of 20 and a durability of three thousand. It’s fast and offers plenty of durability, and it won’t miss any content. Another option is the Ashtray, but it’s going to require a bit of grinding.

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