Best of Lumber Loon Decks

Lumber Loon Decks

Lumber Loon Decks are great for a variety of reasons. The ability to freeze is one of the most popular, but a good deck must be more than just a beautiful look. Regardless of the reason, there are many ways to get the most bang for your buck with a Lumber Loon deck. In this article, we’ll look at some of the best options. We’ll also talk about how to build the best deck for your unique situation.

Lumber Loon Deck

The Lumber Loon deck combines powerful spells with a fast and agile lane push. The ice spell slows down troops while the freeze effect slows towers. The knight is an excellent melee troop with moderate HP and damage. The balloon is the win condition. Musketeers back up high-hp troops and can spawn an army of skeletons. Finally, the Lumberjack is a great all-around deck that can destroy a number of troops in one shot.

The Lumber Loon Deck is one of the two most powerful decks in League of Legends. While the Musky Cage Snowball combo is incredibly effective, you should also consider the Lumber Loon Deck, which is more affordable. This deck can wreck towers with a single push and can punish overinvestments. If you use the Musky Cage Snowball combo, you can also take out Golems and Pekkas. This is a truly OP deck that should be played in your first league.

While Lumber Loon Decks may be vulnerable to the ice spirit, they are not immune to the tesla spell. With the balloon’s high damage per second, the Lumberjack can quickly destroy crown towers. The Lumberjack’s Rage spell also gives it additional damage. The Electro Wizard is an excellent counter to the charge attacks of the Lumber Loon deck. The Knight can also tank for the Electro Wizard, stun it, reset all attacks, and protect its troops from low-hit point units.

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Lumber Loon Decks

Best Lumber Loon Deck

If you aren’t interested in reusing the same obnoxious card again, you may want to look into the Lumber Loon deck. Although this less powerful cousin of the Goblin Loon is just as effective, it can be easier to play because it cycles faster. Be careful not to overinvest, though: the freeze mechanic can punish you. Fortunately, you can choose from a wide range of lumber loon decks.

The Balloon is a key win condition, and this is especially true against towers. Using a Lumberjack, a Freeze spell, and a Knight as your tank will help you deal with the incoming attacks. However, the Electro Wizard will keep your troops alive while your Balloon does its damage. A Knight may also be paired with a Lumberjack to tank for the Electro Wizard and clear air swarms.

Another lumber loon deck involves baiting the enemy with a Balloon and Fire Spirits. These cards can help you push the lane with minimal effort. As the lumber loon is one of the cheaper elixirs, the best way to play this deck is to use it against your opponent. A Lumberjack with a Balloon can also be very effective against a counter-attack deck. But be careful, as this deck isn’t for the faint of heart.

Lumber Loon Freeze Deck

The Lumber Loon Freeze Deck is a specialized beatdown deck that relies on a single big push to defeat opponents. Unlike other beatdown decks, it can also be aggressive and focuses on destroying opponents with one big push. The deck starts with a lumberjack, who pushes the balloon. If you have enough Lumberjacks in your deck, you can use them to back up a bunch of high-hp troops, including the Goblin Gang. The Lumberjack can also be used to attack with a snowball, which is an incredibly powerful tool for destroying a large number of troops with one shot.

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While this deck isn’t a perfect match for Golem decks, the main reason is its air defense. It can break through a golem deck’s air defense, and the Balloon can be used to heal troops during defense. Another good reason to play this deck is that it can be effective in defending against golems, which don’t have any air dps units of their own. Until you have your own Lumber Loon Freeze Deck, you’re basically limited to a balloon deck.

The Lumber Loon Freeze Deck has one very powerful win condition. Its balloon can damage towers and damage their defence. In addition, it has a powerful inferno dragon that can melt heavy tanks. Lumberjack and balloon can be combined to make it difficult for your opponents to defend. These are extremely powerful decks. You should use them wisely. So, you’ll be rewarded for taking the risks.


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