Madden 22 Face Of The Franchise (FOTF) Mode Explained | Helpful Guide

Madden 22 Face Of The Franchise (FOTF) Mode Explained | Helpful Guide

Madden 22 Face of the Franchise Mode Explained

Madden 22 Face of the Franchise Mode Explained – Find out how to level up your player class and get more XP in the game. As you level up, you will see your stats go up as you use Skill Points and complete gameday goals.


In Madden 22 face of the franchise, you get to choose which team you want to play. You can also play as just the offense team, and leave the defense simulation to the game. If you want, you can even skip the special teams. The game also lets you customize your own characters.

The game allows you to boost individual players, so you can make them the difference-makers in the game. You can also boost your team as a whole to increase their stats. Besides, you can even use skill points to boost your stats. You can even win MVP and Rookie of the Year awards.

The game’s gameplay also looks like it will feature many new features, including a 360-degree pass system. You can also now hold the left and right triggers to combine moves and make fakes. This new feature will help you play a wide receiver more efficiently, as you will be able to use stutters, fakes, and cuts at full speed. Another feature you can use is the new press-defense mechanic, which will help you protect your teammates. This mechanic is similar to on-ball defense in basketball video games.


Madden 22 Face Of The Franchise
madden 22 face of the franchise

Face of the Franchise is the narrative story mode in Madden 22, and as such, there are many cutscenes to watch. It contains over ten times as many cutscenes as the standard mode. The good news is that skipping these cutscenes will not penalize you.

Standard Madden 22 Face Of The Franchise

The NFL part of the Face of the Franchise mode is rather formulaic. Players have to earn 30,000 legacy points to obtain G.O.A.T. status, and then they can unlock various other achievements. Players can check their ranks in the main menu. They can also play in the Yard to practice their skills.

Franchise mode is a long overdue upgrade, but there are still some things missing. It doesn’t have the weekly wrap-up show and special presentation of previous games. It also doesn’t have the NFL Draft, and players can’t create their own teams. Despite its shortcomings, the Franchise mode is an important aspect of the Madden experience. EA promises more updates in the future to fix these issues.

Boosting stats

In Madden 22 Face of the Franchise, players can boost individual players’ stats in order to increase their team’s overall rating. While this strategy works best for teams, it can also work for individuals who can make a difference on the field. Among the biggest goals players should have is to win the Rookie of the Year or MVP award. The game’s Achievements are based on these types of awards.

There are several ways to boost the stats of your team. One way is to level up your player class. It gives you temporary stat boosts that will last for a few hours. Another way is to complete gameday goals. By completing them, you will earn REP, which will help you to build your player brand.


In Madden NFL 22, players can choose from several positions in the NFL. Players can be a quarterback, wide receiver, linebacker, or a defensive back. In addition, players can choose from various Classes and three Superstar Abilities. Players can even mix and match Superstar Abilities from different Classes.

The franchise mode in Madden 22 has several interesting features, including a portable avatar, customizable attributes, and perk loadouts. The game will also feature a 99-point overall ranking, and the ability to start over at a different position. Although players are unable to start at the top of the rankings, they are still able to create careers of 12 or more seasons.

The game also includes several new playable positions, including a new cornerback. Players can also choose from five different positions to customize their team.

Madden NFL 22: Face of the Franchise (FOTF), Mode Guide for Beginners

Image 277 Madden 22 Face Of The Franchise
madden 22 face of the franchise

The story mode Face Of The Franchise is unique to the game. Madden will follow you from the moment your character chooses a college to when you are drafted in NFL. There will be many decisions you have to make along the way. These decisions will determine how your career progresses.

There will be many cutscenes to help you get through this. Several cutscenes will lead to conversation options. Each choice will affect the direction that Madden NFL 22 Face Of The Franchise takes you. You will need to ensure that you make the right decisions. You will need to be attentive to cut scenes. You can skip all cutscenes if you’re feeling brave enough. You will still have to make the decisions in the cut scenes. So, roll a dice maybe?

You will also be assigned missions to complete along the way. These missions will contribute to your overall game progress. These missions will have a significant impact on your career. This is the gist of the game. Scroll down to learn more about the mechanics of this mode.

Madden NFL 22: Face Of The Franchise: Picking a college

The decision of choosing a college for FOTF is easy. It also doesn’t affect much of the gameplay abilities. It doesn’t have any control over your jersey number or other visual aesthetics. This is an added mechanic to authenticate the experience. You have the option to choose from one of these options:

  • Clemson
  • Florida
  • LSU
  • Miami
  • Michigan State
  • Nebraska
  • Oklahoma
  • Oregon
  • Texas
  • USC

The position you choose will have an impact on your future in Face Of The Franchise. This is an important decision and will have a significant impact on FOTF.

Picking a position

The game offers you four options for position choices: running back, quarterback, wide receiver and linebacker.

This is where Madden NFL 22 Face of the Franchise gets really interesting. You will only have limited control over your player if you choose Linebacker or Wide Receiver. This means that you will have less control over your character’s gameplay. You will just be able to dictate the play of your player and that’s it. The rest of the team’s decisions will be completely taken over by the AI.

You will have more control over the game if you choose one of the other options. Quarterbacks and Running backs control the pace of play and the style of play for the team. You have a better chance of being selected for a higher draft pick if you choose one of these positions. This decision can have a significant impact on your game.

You’ll also need to select and choose a class. This will affect the type and character you create in the game. This will have an impact on the overall gameplay style.

Being Drafted in FOTF First Overall

It is an incredible flex to be drafted as the initial overall selection in Madden NFL 22 Face Of The franchise. It is a huge flex. However, it takes effort to be drafted first in real life. Luckily, these steps don’t require you to train rigorously.

It’s up to you to ensure that you make the right choices. This includes choosing the right conversation options during cutscenes. People don’t like cocky or proud players on their teams. When interviewing or speaking with people, always choose the humble and wholesome option. Don’t be arrogant, but confident.

Your playing position is another thing that will ensure you are first overall. For this reason, make sure your playing position is Quarterback

You have the best chance of being picked first if you are a Quarterback. After selecting a college, there will be many college drills you can participate in. Your college will win the College Football Playoff if you are successful. This will increase your chances of being first overall.

The notifications that pop up when you make a conversation selection are an indicator of how your draft prospect looks. These pop-ups read “Draft Stock Trending Up” or “Draft Stock Trending Down”. These pop-ups can be seen in the upper left corner.

The Nike Event

Before you are drafted in Madden NFL 22 Face Of The franchise, one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make is the Nike Launch Event. Nike is a long-standing and well-known sponsor of the NFL.

You will have a better chance of being selected if you participate in any of these events. The Nike Launch Event is the best as it gives you access to The Yard temporarily. To increase your Draft Prospective score, you’ll need to do well at these events.

If you wish to go the easy route and get drafted to a team with a higher rank, all you need to do is make the worst decisions possible as well as to fail in training sessions. This will reduce your draft potential number. The tradeoff is that your ranking will be lower and you’ll have poor stats.

Madden NFL 22 Face of the Franchise: Increasing your Ratings & Stats

You will earn a lot of XP by progressing through FOTF. This XP will help you level up your player classes. A high rating can increase your chances to be the first overall pick, which is not so difficult in the game.

The best way to increase your rating is to raise your class level. This will ensure that you earn more XP. Skill Points can be used to enhance specific stats within class customization.

Your gameday goals are another thing that can help you raise your rank. These are tasks you will complete before or during games. To activate these gameday goals, you must make the right decisions during the game. This includes making the right decisions in interviews and cutscenes.

You will need to make difficult choices. In order to win a game, you will need to make some tough choices. As the rank is more likely to be awarded to you and your team, we recommend going for the dub. 

Side activities

Madden NFL 22: Face Of The Franchise also offers side activities. You should complete these tasks to earn a higher rank.

You should also grab every opportunity to play in The Yard. This will let you practice the game and help you get better at it. Make sure you play in the class you selected. This is very important as it will only be beneficial if you are playing in your chosen class. The Yard defaults to the Magician Class. You should always switch classes. 

How to win Most Valuable Player, (MVP), and Rookie of Year (ROTY).

Two of the greatest achievements in Madden NFL 22: Face Of The Franchise will be winning the ROTY and MVP trophies. After the regular season ends, you will be eligible to win both accolades and awards.

You can’t guarantee success in these categories unless you succeed at the game. It is important to be at the top of your game during the entire season, and even into the postseason.

If you’ve chosen a wide receiver or linebacker, this will mean that you won’t have any control over the team. This will make things difficult for you, especially if the draft takes place on a low-ranking squad. AI cannot be trusted. You might be able, if you are drafted to a highly-ranked team as a wide receiver/linebacker.

You have the best chance of securing both these trophies by running backs or quarterbacks. You must make the right choices in your gameplay. Tom Brady won a championship with a torn MCL, surely you can do this, can’t you?

Keep having fun in Exhibition mode. This will give you an idea of the best strategies for your team. 

Overall Recap of Madden NFL 22, Face Of The Franchise

These steps will give you a quick overview of everything you need to do to be successful in FOTF.

  • How to choose a college and what position you want to play:Your career will be determined by your playing position. Pick either Quarterback or Running Back if you want the individual glory. You can choose to be a wide receiver or a linebacker.
  • Make the right choices when interviewingYour career will be shaped by your choices in conversation and interview options. It’s always a good idea not to take the easy route.
  • As First Overall Drafted: Every rookie’s dream ever! You should put it at the top of your FOTF list. It increases your chances to get ROTY.
  • Ratings to be boosted:A highly-rated player is a must. This will provide you with good stats that will help you move your team up the rankings. There is a chance that you will be drafted to an inferior team.
  • You could win MVP or ROTY!It is a wonderful feeling to win MVP and ROTY in your very first season. Your place among the greats by becoming the GOAT. A rare group will have you as a member of the MVP team in your rookie season. This is a huge flex. You have the best chance of winning FOTF by becoming a Running Back/Quartback.

Career mode

In Madden 22‘s Career mode, players can choose to play as any of the four positions on the football field. Each position offers three different body builds and each one has advantages and disadvantages. The player can choose to play as a wide receiver, a tight end, a running back, or a defensive lineman. In addition, players can customize their character by choosing a Superstar Ability. In addition, players can level up their classes to improve their skill ratings and earn skill points. They can also unlock unique gear for their Yard.

Getting drafted first overall in Madden 22 Face Of The Franchise is not easy, and it takes effort. While it does not require a rigorous training, it will take some hard work. You’ll have to make the right decisions and choose the right conversation options. Remember, no one likes arrogant and cocky players. If you want to get the most out of your Madden 22 career, be humble.

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