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Majoras Mask Project 64 Cheats Levitate (2023)

This is Majoras Mask Project 64 Cheats Levitate and Hacks you can use for free download in 2022. To levitate, you must have a Zora link, which is found in South Clock Town. The mask is hidden in a bag owned by Elvis. Once you find it, use it to kill bad guys. The bomb mask can be obtained on the first night of the game. The old lady will come out of a gate at midnight and tell you a story about a man stealing her bag. Once you strike the guy with your sword, he’ll drop the bag and thank you for the mask.

Majoras Mask Project 64 Cheats How to Levitate

Majoras Mask Project 64 Cheats Levitate

You can Majoras Mask Project 64 Cheats Levitate using the NTSC or PAL versions of the game. Make sure to check the version before you use a cheat. If it’s for the North American version, you should use NTSC codes and vice-versa. If you have a cheat for one region, it won’t work in the other. To change the cheat, just change the version you’re playing.majoras mask project 64 cheats levitate

To Majoras Mask Project 64 Cheats Levitate using the NTSC version, you must collect all four diety masks. You can obtain these by speaking with children who have diety masks. The first two need one, the second two require two, and the fourth child requires four. You can get the necessary amount of masks by talking to children inside dungeons. When you’re finished, speak to Majora and he’ll give you the Fierce Diety’s Mask.

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Majoras Mask Project 64 Cheats Guide

The first Majoras Mask that you can get is by completing the game’s Levitate mission. In order to obtain this item, you must find a zora mask, which you can get by talking to an old lady at midnight. Once you have this item, you can throw it at bad guys or blow up walls. The zora mask is also a part of the game’s storyline.

majoras mask project 64 cheats

Another Majoras Mask Project 64 cheat involves a simple method. You can use Levitate by putting the C-button in front of the value. This method will allow you to transform instantly, and it will also let you talk to Elvis. In order to obtain another majoras mask, simply visit the east clock town bar and talk to Leita. She will give you the same amount of masks as you have.

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In order to use the Levitate, you must speak to Elvis and have the zora link in front of you. You can also talk to Leita and ask for the same amount of masks. You can also collect all the masks in the east clock town area using this method. You can even unlock new ones without talking to other people. This Majoras Mask Project 64 cheats guide can help you unlock the most powerful characters in the game.



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