Mango Cookie Toppings Build 2022 – Cookie Run Kingdom

Mango Cookie Toppings Build 2022 – Cookie Run Kingdom

Mango Cookie Toppings Build 2022

If you’re looking for a Mango Cookie Toppings build, you’ve come to the right place. This build features Tough Cookie, a big damage boost with no extra costs, Mana Boost (which increases mana regeneration and gives you more skill spamming time), and Power Surge, a massive damage boost. This build is perfect for taking down strong opponents. And, it’s fast, too, which means it’s very easy to level up.

Epic toppings

Toppings are a popular part of Epic Mango Cookie. Players have many different options to create a delicious dessert. These delicious creations can cause a lot of damage, but they can also boost the ATK of allies for a short time. They can be obtained as rewards in events or as balloon expeditions. Each of these toppings costs coins to equip, and the cost can quickly add up.

Swift Chocolate Topping is an excellent addition to support and heal cookies. This recipe can increase your teammates’ healing and reduce their cooldown time, making it easier to use buffs more frequently. It can be obtained from Special Cookie Gacha or the Witch’s Oven. For this build, the best cookies to use are Charge, Bomber, and Defense. You can also get Swift Chocolate Topping by upgrading your Heroic and Defender cookies.

Rare toppings

In the game, you can use Toppings to upgrade your characters. There are two types: Epic and Rare. Epic Toppings give you better stats, while Rare ones only give you two extra stats. However, if you have a few pieces of the same Topping, you can upgrade them to get better effects. If you don’t have the coins to buy Epic Toppings, you can always equip the Rare versions.

You can upgrade Toppings from the shop by collecting Topping Pieces, which you can use to upgrade them. This gives you more options, such as more chances to get random bonuses. You can also use the Topping Pieces to buy rarer Toppings that are cheaper. This will give you a more balanced cookie build. It’s important to make sure that the Topping pieces you buy are of high quality.

Solid Almonds

This guide will help you find the best toppings in Cookie Run Kingdom. You can find the best cookie tier list in the game and the best toppings build 2022. Choosing the right toppings will allow you to improve the effectiveness of your recipes and get more money. Here are the best cookie tiers for 2022:

This build is ideal for those who want to maximize the DMG resist of their cookies. Solid Almonds are mostly used for Charge and Defense cookies. Five of these cookies activate a set effect, which provides a 5% DMG resist. Swift Chocolate is suitable for Support and Healing cookies, as it helps healers use their buffs more often. When you use 5 of these cookies, they will grant an additional 5% cooldown reduction.

Swift Chocolate

If you love baking cookies, you’ll love the Swift Chocolate mango cookie toppings. This new game is a great way to improve your cooking skills, and it’s also very addictive! The game requires you to mix and match different ingredients to create delicious cookies. The goal is to serve as many cookies as possible before time runs out. You’ll need to think outside of the box to come up with new combinations that will keep your customers coming back for more!

Depending on your character, you’ll want to use the Toppings to get the best effect from your cookies. Epic Toppings are the best, while rare Toppings are less beneficial. This list is not exhaustive and is only meant to provide you with ideas on which Toppings to use on your characters. It’s best to use the top five Toppings to get the best effect from your cookies.

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mango cookie toppings build

Mango Cookie Toppings Build >>

The complete Mango Cookie recipe is available here.

  • Searing Raspberry or X5
  • Swift Chocolate reduces CD X5

The best Mango Cookie Toppings build sets in Cookie Run Kingdom are the Searing Raspberry Toppings ATK DMG Build X5 or Swift Chocolate Toppings Cooldown Build X5.

Searing Raspberry Toppings build X5 gives more ATK DMG output for the middle line Mango Cookie. The cooldown build decreases the CD skill, allowing Mango cookies to quickly unleash the skill during the in-game fight.

Both two-topping builds can be used in Mango Cookie’s Cookie Run Kingdom.

Skill Info of Mango Cookie Toppings Build >>

  • Cookie Run Kingdom Mango Cookie waves a wave of DMG (tropical mango juice) to all enemies. Allies also get a faster increase in ATK with the sweet, fresh waves.
  • Base Cooldown 15 sec
  • Single hit DMG is 57.0% and +0.8% DMG per level
  • ATK for 7.0 seconds is +10.0%

Game Story of Mango Cookie Toppings >>

The story shows the sun shining above the serene palm trees of Tropical Soda Archipelago. Cookie Run Kingdom Mango Cookie, a warm and welcoming host, will make you feel welcome.

Mango Cookie, a mix of ripe mangoes and in-game dough is tenderhearted. Mango Cookie enjoys every moment of game life, whether he is exploring the islands or spending time on the emerald coasts.

He will sometimes take a restful nap in his hammock under the shade of palm trees when the sun reaches its peak. Mango Cookie is an in-game hypercha whenever Cookies visit the archipelago.

Conclusion >>

We hope you enjoy our Mango Cookie Toppings Building post. This post covers everything you need to know about the Cookie Run KingdomToppings Mango Cookie Building Project. If you have any questions, please comment below.

Black Raisin Cookie

If you have an itch to bake, you can try a Black Raisin Cookie Toppings Build. The new flavor is a tasty mix of black raisin and searing raspberry. This unique blend of flavors will make your baked goods taste like a piece of heaven. If you are looking for a cookie recipe that can withstand the test of time, look no further. This cookie is a great choice for any baker.

Black Raisin Cookie Toppings Build is a great way to make your vanilla cookies even better. These cookie toppings increase the stats of your baked goods and give you a better chance of winning. All you need to do is equip the appropriate toppings into their respective slots and enjoy the bonuses! You can unlock up to 5 different types of toppings for each cookie. Slot effects are also achieved if you equip the same type of toppings on two or more cookies at once.

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