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Latest Maplestory Training Guide 2022 – Easy Levels 1-275

Maplestory Training Guide 2022 – Unbalanced Time in Maplestory

A Maplestory Training Guide 2022 is a useful resource to help you advance in the game. You can use it to find the best strategy to complete specific areas and challenges. This article will cover topics such as Gold Beach, Swamp, Lachelein Night Market, and Unbalanced Time. It will also show you how to level up faster.

Gold Beach

The Gold Beach is a place on Victoria Island. To get there, take a regular taxi from any town. Or, you can use the portal in Sleepywood to get there. If you’re on a regular server, you can use NX to buy the item in the market. Either way, you will save time by not having to travel around the map.

The Gold Beach map has multiple maps and is considered the best place to train in Maplestory, especially between levels thirty and 40. There are many types of mobs on this map and all give the same amount of EXP. In addition, you can train your Violent Clam Slimes on Seaside 2. If you want to train in the town, you can also visit Six Path Crossway.


Maplestory Training Guide 2022

If you’re looking for a good training spot, the Silent SWamp is the place to be. This area is ideal for players who are level 60 or under. There are four small platforms with a hidden portal at the end that can take you back to the top of the map. If you’re level 70 or above, you can also train at Orbis: Stairway to the Sky I. There you can clear the map in a short amount of time, and the area is home to three kitten mobs and two cloud springers.

The Sacred Power is similar to Arcane Force, but you need to spend time daily increasing it. To level up to 179, you will need to have at least 50 Sacred Power. The Stone Collossus theme dungeon is also an excellent choice for players between 150 and 165. The map is very compact and has a great spawn rate. In addition, it features little busywork, and has only a few platforms.

Lachelein Night Market

Lachelein Night Market in Maplestory is a quest you can do in Maplestory. It can be done from level 220 to 225. In this quest, you must kill purple music boxes to collect coins. Then, you can exchange the coins for the Lachelein symbols.

Hidden Street Unbalanced Time

To make the best use of your time, you need to learn how to judge your progress and decide where to push further. This guide will help you decide whether you should revisit locations that you have previously visited or press on with the next challenge. Each location has been weighted for ease of access, useful items, important quests, and other factors.

The first thing you need to do is to locate a location where you can train your character. One such place is the Hidden Street Unbalanced Time in Ludibrium. This map contains Dual Ghost Pirates. It has several platforms for you to jump on, and there is a hidden portal in the top left corner. To access this location, you must have the Ludibrium Warped Path of Time and the orange portal.

Arcane River system

The Arcane River system in Maplestory introduces Arcane Symbols and Arcane Power. Both of these items are required to defeat enemies and enter maps in the Arcane River. These items drastically reduce damage. A Maple Guide can help you to discover these items and their locations.

You can also train on the ruins of Henesys in the Temple of Time, which is accessible from the world map and the directions. The Arcane River system in Maplestory works in conjunction with the Star Force system. Each map requires a certain amount of Arcane Force to be able to progress. As a result, it is important to train at the proper level before moving on to the next map.

Reboot Vs. Normal Servers

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Monsters perform better on Reboot servers than normal servers. Instead of going to the recommended level (mentioned above), you will need go to every training spot 2 to 4 in the Reboot server.

Only one character can be added to your account at the recommended level. This will provide link skills and legion buffs.

You can also access the training spots if you’re playing on the regular server with multiple buffs or strong leveling items.

MapleStory Maps – Where Can You Find Them?

It is easy to find maps in Maplestory. To locate a map in Maplestory, press W to open it. Next, type the desired map into the search bar at the top. Double-click the map to reveal more information.

This method is not able to find all maps. Maplestory contains some hidden maps that cannot be found unless you follow the instructions. If you don’t know what these secret maps are and how to get there then keep reading this post.

Hyper Teleport Rock

Hyper Teleport rock is a great way to make Maplestory more accessible for the uninitiated. If you are playing it on the Reboot server, don’t forget to buy it. Maplestory players on the normal server will be able to get Hyper Teleport Rock by using the daily gift events on days 1 and 15.

After you have purchased Hyper Teleport Rocker, all you need to do is double-click the map on the world to be teleported to your chosen location.

Maplestory Training & Levelling Guide – 2021

Level 1 – 10

  • Map: Class Tutorial
  • Mob (s), NA

We have already mentioned all Maplestory training spots and their locations but now let’s find out how to reach there instantly. The Maplestory training spots are not specific between levels 1 and 10.

Follow the job tutorial quests to get to level 10. You will be level 10 after you complete this quest.

Level 10 – 20

  • Map: Golem’s Temple: Golem’s Temple 3
  • Mob(s): Flaming Mixed Golem
  • Level: 19
  • HP: 350 (Normal) / 525 (Reboot)
  • EXP: 39 (Normal) / 54 (Reboot)

There is no better place than to trainFlaming Mixed Glems from level 10 to 20. This is where I recommend you train new Maplestory characters. This map has two great things: you don’t have to move very much to attack monsters, and you get a lot of EXP per mob.

To reach Golem’s Temple: Golem’s Temple 3, you will have to walk right from Henesys.

Level 20 – 30

  • Map: North Forest Green Tree Trunk
  • Mob (s). Curse the Eye
  • Level: 27
  • HP: 650 (Normal) / 1,300 (Reboot)
  • EXP: 50 (Normal) / 75 (Reboot)

Once you have reached Maplestory’s level 20, you can simply move towards the Curse Eye. This is located at North Forest Green Tree Trunk of Ellinia. This map is larger than the one before it and contains many monsters that you can attack.

You must first reach the Ellinia to find the portal. Next, use the global map to navigate to the next destination.

Level 30 – 40

  • Map: Gold Beach: Gold Beach Seaside 2,
  • Mob (s). Violet Clam Slime
  • Level: Scaling up from level 30-59
  • HP: Scaling from level 30-59 (Normal & Reboot)
  • EXP: Scaling from level 30-59 (Normal & Reboot)

Gold Beach is unique in that it has many maps to explore. They are also the best place for training at levels 30-40. Maplestory’s most popular map is because all mobs at this location offer the same amount of ExP.

If you are looking for a mob called Violent Clam Slimes I recommend that you train at Gold Beach: Gold Beach Seaside 2. You will need to visit Six Path Crossway to talk to Pilot Irvin to get to the map. It can be found two portals from Gold Beach, which is where the uninformed may not know.

Level 40 – 45

  • Map: East Pantheon – Enchanted Forest
  • Mob (s). Gravi Stonegar
  • Level: 41
  • HP: 8,242 (Normal) / 24,726 (Reboot)
  • EXP: 155 (Normal) / 294 (Reboot)

Gravi Stonegear is a mob that trains in East Pantheon’s Enchanted Forest. When you get there, you will find multiple mobs having more HP than regular mobs but they provide more EXP per mob in exchange.

Instead of waiting for level 40 or 45 you can simply go to Gravi Stonegar when you are level 35. Your character must be strong enough to get there. You will need to first go to Pantheon via Six Path Crossway Interdimensional Portal. Then, head straight to Pantheon using the portal on the right. Once you have reached Pantheon, use the worldmap to find the rest.

Level 45 – 55

  • Map: Burnt Land Wild Boar Land Wild Boar
  • Mob (s). Terrified Wild Boar
  • Level: 55
  • HP: 8,000 (Normal) / 24,000 (Reboot)
  • EXP: 187 (Normal) / 355 (Reboot)

The map Burnt Land: Wild Boar Land is too long as compared to other maps in Maplestory. It has numerous Wild Boars andWild Boar Terrifieds. It has a high spawning rate, which makes it highly sought-after. This map is the most popular for training from Level 45 to Level 55.

To reach this map, you will need to head to Perion first and then go through the portal and then use the world map to get the rest of the way.

Once you reach level 50, Easy Zakum will be unlocked. This is the weaker version the boss Zakum. As a reward for defeating it, you’ll receive a lot EXP.

Level 55 – 60

  • Map: Excavation site Military Camp 1
  • Mob (s).  Skeledog, Mummydog
  • Level: 62
  • HP: 12,600 (Normal) / 50,400 (Reboot)
  • EXP: 256 (Normal) / 614 (Reboot)

Excavation Site Military Camp 1 has a thin map that features a teleporter at the top. This feature allows you to return to the top. Although it may be thin, it is the best map for training any character. It does not require you to have mobility or AoE skills to quickly clear the map. Skeledog or Mummydog will be found in this area.

You can stay on this map until you reach level 65 instead of the recommended 60 levels. As we have mentioned above, it is one of the hidden maps that you can’t found on the world map.

This map can be found at Excavation Site ExcavationIntermission Area in Perion. Once you have reached the top of the tower, go inside the gate by walking up.

Level 60 – 70

  • Map: Swamp: Silent Swamp
  • Mob (s).: Copper Drake
  • Level: 66
  • HP: 16,000 (Normal) / 64,000 (Reboot)
  • EXP: 302 (Normal) / 724 (Reboot)

You will find the Copper Drakes mob at Swamp: Silent Swamp, Sleepywood. This is an excellent place to learn from levels 60 through 70. It doesn’t matter where you play Maplestory. You won’t be able to find the map by yourself.

You can find this map on the Swamp: Humid Swamp map. There you will be able to attack Copper Drakes if you have difficulty finding it. If you are strong enough, you can stay on the map until you reach level 75.

Level 70 – 75

  • Map: Orbis: Stairway to the Sky
  • Mobs:
    • Mob 1: Cellion
    • Level: 71
    • HP: 22,000 (Normal) / 99,000 (Reboot)
    • EXP: 382 (Normal) / 955 (Reboot)
    • Mob 2: Grupin
    • Level: 71
    • HP: 22,000 (Normal) / 99,000 (Reboot)
    • EXP: 382 (Normal) / 955 (Reboot)
    • Mob 3 Lioner
    • Level: 71
    • HP: 22,000 (Normal) / 99,000 (Reboot)
    • EXP: 382 (Normal) / 955 (Reboot)

Orbis is home to multiple mobs, including Stairway To the Sky I. Cellion, Grupin and Lioner are the names of these mobs. Two cloud springers are available that can be used to quickly clear the map. This map has an amazing spawn rate which makes it easy to defeat all mobs.

In order to reach this map, you will need to head to Orbis first and then take the portal, and then use the world map to get the rest of the way.

Level 75 – 85

  • Map: Ice Valley
  • Mob (s). White Fang
  • Level: 81
  • HP: 54,000 (Normal) / 243,000 (Reboot)
  • EXP: 780 (Normal) / 1,950 (Reboot)

Ice Valley II is another map you’ll need to explore in Maplestory. It can be found in EI Nath. White Fangs is the mob you’ll encounter on this map. This map is considered to be the best for leveling up Maplestory.

In order to get to this map, you will have to take the Danger Zone Taxi in El Nath to Ice Valley II.

Level 85 – 100

  • Map: Sunset Road: Sahel 2
  • Mob (s).
    • Mob 1: Sand Rat
    • Level: 89
    • HP: 86,000 (Normal) / 387,000 (Reboot)
    • EXP: 1,145 (Normal) / 2,862 (Reboot)
    • Mob 2: Scorpion
    • Level: 90
    • HP: 90,000 (Normal) / 405,000 (Reboot)
    • EXP: 1,188 (Normal) / 2,970 (Reboot)

Once you reach level 85, you can head to Sunset Road Sahel 2, located in the Nihal Desert. There you’ll need to train against Sand Rats, Scorpians. You won’t find a better place to train up until you reach level 100 than here.

The bottom is the only place where the monster can be found, and it extends from one side of the map to the other.

To get to this location, you will have to walk two maps to the left from the portal, which is located in the middle of Magatia.

Level 100 – 105

  • Map: Final Mission: Zakum’s Altar
  • Mob (s). Normal Zakum
  • Level: 110
  • HP: Arms – 700,000 each / Body – 7,000,000
  • EXP: Arms – 44,800-67,200 each / Body – 360,340

Normal Zakum, a mob you unlock once you reach level 100. Notably, you don’t even need to have any upgraded gear or link skills to eliminate this boss. Talk to your EI Nath instructor to get to the mob or use their boss menu.

Normal Zakum will only be 105 levels higher than normal if you activate a Rune. If your character uses the burning event, you will be able to go up to a higher level in just one run.

Level 105 – 115

  • Map: Minar Forest Sky Nest 3
  • Mob (s). Blood Harp
  • Level: 107
  • HP: 904,550 (Normal) / 1,356,825 (Reboot)
  • EXP: 6,165 (Normal) / 7,398 (Reboot)

The mob that you will encounter at Minar Forest Sky Nest 3 in Leafre isBlood Harps. This is where you’ll need to meet the star force requirement. Failure to meet this requirement will result in you not being able to defeat Blood Harps.

To get to this map, first go to Leafre, then take the Danger Zone Taxi Entrance Dragon Forest, then proceed through the portal to the right. Finally, you can use the worldmap to find the rest of your way.

Monster Park unlocks when you reach level 100. It is a special place that can only be visited once per day. Both entrances give you significant EXP.

Level 115 – 125

  • Map: Hidden Street Unbalanced Time
  • Mob (s). Dual Ghost Pirate
  • Level: 119
  • HP: 2,186,175 (Normal) / 3,279,262 (Reboot)
  • EXP: 10,530 (Normal) / 12,636 (Reboot)

Hidden Street Unbalanced Time is yet another hidden map in Maplestory. It is located in Ludibrium.  You will have to train againstDual Ghost Pirates on this map. This map boasts multiple platforms, a teleporter at bottom, and is considered to be amazing.

You will need to visit Ludibrium Warped Path of Time to get to this map. Once you reach the top of the map, enter the orange portal.

Level 125 – 135

  • Map: El Nath, The Cave of Trials
  • Mob (s) Bain
  • Level: 136
  • HP: 4,578,750 (Normal) / 6,868,125 (Reboot)
  • EXP: 19,107 (Normal) / 22,928 (Reboot)

From level 125 to level 135, you’ll need to train against Bains at El Nath The Cave Of Trials III. What makes this map is everyone’s favorite is it has an incredible spawn rate and provides awesome EXP per mob. It has a teleporter to the right, which is a difference from other maps.

To get to this map, you will have to go to EI Nath and then have a talk with your instructor at the Chief’s Residence and request them to send you to Zakum. It can be found on the map just to the left from the Zakum entrance. Easy Horntail is unlocked when you reach level 130. It’s one of the most important bosses to level up in Maplestory.

Level 135 – 145

  • Map: Minar Forest Black Wyvern’s Nest
  • Mob (s). Dark Wyvern
  • Level: 141
  • HP: 5,671,500 (Normal) / 8,507,250 (Reboot)
  • EXP: 22,782 (Normal) / 27,338 (Reboot)

There is no better spot than Minar Forest Black Wyvern’s Nest in Learfre to get yourself trained against Dark Wyvern between level 135 to 145. You must eliminate Dark Wyverns as they provide incredible EXP per mb.

To reach this location, you’ll need to take Danger Zone Taxi to Entrance Dragon Nest. You can then use the world map for navigation.

Normal Horntail will be unlocked once you reach Level 135, giving you an amazing amount of EXP. Normal Horntail can be hard to beat if you are not strong enough and have decent gear.

Level 145 – 155

  • Map: Minar Forest, The Dragon Nest Left Behind 2
  • Mob (s). Skelosaurus, Skelegon
    • Mob: Skelosaurus (Star Force)
    • Level: 153
    • HP: 9,126,000 (Normal) / 13,689,000 (Reboot)
    • EXP: 33,882 (Normal) / 40,658 (Reboot)
    • Mob: Skelegon (Star Force)
    • Level: 147
    • HP: 7,128,000 (Normal) / 10,692,000 (Reboot)
    • EXP: 27,558 (Normal) / 33,069 (Reboot)

After you have reached Level 145 you will need to continue your explorations in Minar Forest to reach the Minar Forest The Dragon Nest Left Behind. Skelegons and Skelosauruses are the two monsters you’ll encounter there.

Mobs can take longer to be eliminated than other levels because they instantly scale up their HP. The amount of EXP per mob gives is incredible and that’s the reason why this is the best place to train yourself between level 145 to 155.

To reach the location you must take the Danger Zone Taxi from the Entrance to Dragon Nest. You can also walk the remainder of the route by using the Horntail boss’ teleporter.

Level 155 – 165

  • Map: Time Lane Detour to Oblivion
  • Mob (s). Chief Oblivion Guardian
  • Level: 166
  • HP: 21,489,000 (Normal & Reboot)
  • EXP: 55,374 (Normal & Reboot)

Time Lane Detour To Oblivian 4 you’ll need to train against the Chief Oblivian Guardian between Level 155 and 165. It is an amazing map and most players stay there until Level 170, rather than the recommended level of 165.

Players can reach this location easily by using the Hyper Teleport rock. Those who don’t have Hyper Teleport Rocker can also get there by completing some of the Pink Bean prequests that will take you through Temple of Time. Keep completing competing quests until this map is reached.

Head to the Leafre Station, talk to Corba, and then fly all the way to your right. Talk to Temple Keeper once you arrive to start Pink Bean requests.

Level 165 – 170

  • Map: Knight Stronghold Armory II
  • Mob (s). Official Knight E, Official Knight D
    • Mob 1: Official Knight E (Star Force)
    • Level: 176
    • HP: 30,380,000 (Normal) / 45,570,000 (Reboot)
    • EXP: 74,577 (Normal) / 89,492 (Reboot)
    • Mob 2: Official Knight D (Star Force)
    • Level: 174
    • HP: 28,482,000 (Normal) / 42,723,000 (Reboot)
    • EXP: 70,485 (Normal) / 84,582 (Reboot)

Once you have reached level 165, it is time to visit Knight Stronghold Armory 2. It is located in Henesys Ruins. This map will require you to fight Official Knight E or Official Knight D. It is not easy to defeat these mobs. They are very powerful and can provide a lot EXP if they are eliminated.

Hyper Teleport Rock is your best option to get to the map. If you don’t have it then you will have to go through the Gate to The Future in Temple of Time. Irrespective of what option you choose to get there, speak to Chief Alex and complete two quests titled “Scouting the Stronghold” and “Piercing Defenses”.

After completing the quests, you can head to Knight Stronghold Armory 2

Level 170 – 185

  • Map: Inside the Mothership Corridor H03
  • Mob (s).  Gray  Luxury Saucer
  • Level: 180
  • HP: 34,344,000 (Normal) / 51,516,000 (Reboot)
  • EXP: 74,577 (Normal) / 89,492 (Reboot)

Inside the Mothership Corridor, HO3, you’ll need to battle Gray Luxury Saucers at Levels 170 to 185. This map is very important in many ways. It has an amazing spawn rate that allows you to eliminate all mobs in no time.

Similar to the other map, it’s a star force map. However mobs here have higher HP and offer more EXP. Because you can unlock Future Perion once you reach this level, most players will stay on this map until they are level 180.

You will first need to travel to Omega Sector, then follow the portal to the left. Keep going until you reach Boswell Field IV. Use the Intergalactic Transmitter at Boswell Field IV to continue your journey through the Mothership.

Level 185 – 200

  • Map: Twilight Perion: Forsaken Excavation Site 2
  • Mob (s). Sinister Rocky Mask
  • Level: 195
  • HP: 12,632,600 (Normal) / 63,163,000 (Reboot)
  • EXP: 59,075 (Normal) / 159,502 (Reboot)

The first thing you need to do after reaching level 185 is heading to Sinister Rocky Masks, which can be found at Twilight Perion: Forsaken Excavation Site 2. This map has an unbelievable spawn rate making it one of the best maps to train against Sinister Rockey Masks.

You should upgrade your gear before you go on this map. The mobs are quite powerful and can cause massive damage to your character.

To reach this map, first head to Henesys Ruins and then follow the world maps to get there.

Level 200 – 210

  • Map: Lake of Oblivion: Weathered Land of Rage & Hidden Fire Zone
  • Mob (s).  Raging Erda & Soulful Erda
  • Level: 201
  • HP: 46,056,000 (Normal) / 110,534,400 (Reboot)
  • EXP: 101,389 (Normal) / 233,194 (Reboot)

After you reach Level 200, you’ll be granted access to Arcane River. This system is similar to Star Force. You will need a specific amount Arcane Force in order to do normal damage to opponents.

You should not train your character at any map with a higher Arcane Force requirements. It is better to find another map that meets your requirements if you cannot fulfill the Maplestory training spot requirement.

Two mobs will be faced after you reach Lake of Oblivion: Weathered Land of Rage.  Between Level 200 to 210, there is no better training spot than Lake of Oblivion: Weathered Land of Rage in Maplestory to yourself trained against Raging Erda & Soulful Erda.

After completing the Arcane river intro, you’ll need to go through the Gate of the Present.

Level 210 – 220

  • Map: Slurpy Forest: Slurpy Forest Depths & Torrent Zone 1
  • Mob (s). Angry Flyon, Ripe Wolfruit & Green Catfish, Blue Catfish
  • Arcane Force Requirement: 100 Arcane Force
    • Mob 1: Angry Flyo
    • Level: 213
    • HP: 129,519,600 (Normal) / 271,991,160 (Reboot)
    • EXP: 265,808 (Normal) / 611,358 (Reboot)
    • Mob 2: Ripe Wolfruit
    • Level: 213
    • HP: 129,519,600 (Normal) / 271,991,160 (Reboot)
    • EXP: 265,808 (Normal) / 611,358 (Reboot)

Once you have reached level 210, it is time to move on to Chu Chu Island, the next area of the Arcane River. Forest: Slurpy Forest Deeps is the best place to train for Level 220 – 225. The mobs that you will fight at this map are Angry Flyon, Ripe Wolfruit & Green Catfish, Blue Catfish.

Only after you have completed the Vanishing Journey storyline quest, can you reach Chu Chu Island

Level 220 – 225

  • Map: Lachelein Night Market Chicken Festival 2 & Nightmare Clocktower 2F
  • Mob (s). Gallus & Dreamkeeper
  • Niveau: 222
  • HP: 197,219,720 (Normal) / 335,273,524 (Reboot)
  • EXP: 322,473 (Normal) / 741,687 (Reboot)

When you reach level 220, the best place to train your character against Gallus & Dreamkeeper is
Lachelein Night Market – Chicken Festival 2 is located at Lachelein. Notably, you’ll get an amazing amount of EXP if you defeat the mobs.

Only those who have completed the Chu Chu Island storyline quests will be able reach Lachelein.

Level 225 – 240

  • Map: Arcana: The Forest of Earth & Cavern Lower Path
  • Mob (s). Earth Spirit & Befuddled Spirit
  • Mob: Earth Spirit
  • Niveau: 232
  • HP: 270,291,200 (Normal) / 459,495,040 (Reboot)
  • EXP: 408,778 (Normal) / 940,189 (Reboot)

Lachelein will be your next area. Arcana can be found in Maplestory in the Arcana River. Because of its high spawn rate, players tend to stay here until Level 250, which 10 levels above the recommended level.

Some players will skip the Morass area because it isn’t as good as Arcana Maps. After reaching Arcana: The Forest of Earth & Cavern Lower Path, you will have to train against the mob Earth Spirit & Befuddled Spirit.

You will need to complete the Lachelein quest to get to the location.

Level 240 – 250

  • Map: Esfera: Mirror-touched Sea 2 & Mirror-touched Sea 7
  • Mob (s). Aranya & Keeper of Darkness
  • Level: 244
  • HP: 431,142,000 (Normal) / 732,941,400 (Reboot)
  • EXP: 509,964 (Normal) / 1,172,917 (Reboot)

As we mentioned, most players skip Morass altogether and begin training in Esfera at level 244. If you don’t know how to get to Efesra then don’t worry, just keep reading this post.

You will need to complete storyline quests at Morass to reach Esfera. Once you have successfully reached here, you will have to train yourself against Aranya & Keeper of Darkness at
Esfera: Mirror-touched Sea 2 & Mirror-touched Sea 7, respectively.

Level 250 – 255

  • Map: Tenebris: Labyrinth of Suffering Inner 5
    Mob (s). Dark Miscreation, Dark Construct


    • Mob 1: Dark Miscreation
    • Level: 244
    • HP: 591,261,000 (Normal) / 1,005,143,700 (Reboot)
    • EXP: 640,971 (Normal) / 1,474,233 (Reboot)
    • Mob 2: Dark Construct
    • Level: 244
    • HP: 591,261,000 (Normal) / 1,005,143,700 (Reboot)
    • EXP: 640,971 (Normal) / 1,474,233 (Reboot)

As soon your level reaches 250, I highly recommend heading Tenebris: Labyrinth of Suffering Interior 5  and train againstDark Miscreation and Dark Construct. The mobs that you will fight on this map will surely give you a significant number of EXP.

Notably, you can only access Tenebris: Labyrinth of Suffering Interior 5 map, when you have already completed storyline quests in Moonbridge.

If you have not yet unlocked Moonbridge, you will need to complete storyline quests in Esfera.

Level 255 – 275

  • Map: Limina: End of the World 1-5
  • Mob (s): Ascension, Foreberion
    • Mob 1: Ascendion
    • Level: 262
    • HP: 655,470,200 (Normal) / 1,114,299,340 (Reboot)
    • EXP: 700,242 (Normal) / 1,610,556 (Reboot)
    • Mob 2: Foreberion
    • Level: 263
    • HP: 666,329,400 (Normal) / 1,132,759,980 (Reboot)
    • EXP: 710,121 (Normal) / 1,633,278 (Reboot)

After reaching Level 255, you will have to head to the training spot located in Limina. To get to Limina, you will need to complete storyline quests in Labyrinth of Suffering. There are numerous maps to get yourself trained in Limina but what most of the players prefer is Limina: End of the World 1-4.

Concept dungeons

There are two types of concept dungeons in MapleStory. The first is the level 70 bubble known as Orbis Garden, which is easy to access, but important due to its theme dungeon. The second type of concept dungeon is the level 80 bubble known as the High Concept Dungeon.

MapleStory players can use a Maple Guide to enter the theme dungeon. This dungeon will give them permanent totems and increase their strength. This type of dungeon is relatively short and takes about an hour to complete. It also has some bugs, so be sure to check the Maple Guide for details.

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