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Maps For Mapsio in 2023

Mapsio’s Red Rider is the map. You can use the Red Rider to defeat your enemies. To kill the Red Rider, you can use the Stone of Scone to your advantage. The Relentless trait can be obtained by fusing the Stone of Scone with a Belphegor. To rank up your batton pass, you can also use the Psy Amp Ring.


Mapsio has a medium range which means that it does moderate Psy damage against all enemies. You can use it with both characters, and it is a great choice for solo play. Although it deals high Psy damage, has great range, and is quite weak in comparison to other damage spells, To make your party stronger, however, you should use a strong character. To kill Magarula, you should begin with Joker and Mafreila. To grind Mementos, you can also use Brain Jack and Mafreila.

Mapsio characters of high rank should possess at least two PSY skills. It’s a good choice for game play in the middle-late hours. Mapsio deals the same amount of damage as Psy magic spells but it is more difficult to cast. It can also cause enemies to become stunned and more vulnerable to your attacks. The best combination of both will work for you. Kushinada and Kaiwan can be combined to increase your leveling. 




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